STREAMING: Pentagram “Call the Man”

By: Chris D. Posted in: featured, listen On: Monday, March 7th, 2011


In many ways, the opportunity to stream new music from legendary rockers/proto-metallers Pentagram is both an honor and a surprise. The Virginians, who have been kicking around in some shape or form since the early ’70s, are, to many, on the same level as British gods Black Sabbath or Judas Priest. Sure, the latter have gone on to do great things, make themselves household names, inspire generations of musically-inclined longhairs, but it’s difficult to compare the obstacles — some self-imposed, others bad luck — that were placed in front of Pentagram to just about anyone else. There’s something to be said for Pentagram frontman Bobby Liebling’s diehard view on music and life. The guy just can’t quit.

A testament to Liebling’s (and the rest of Pentagram’s) steely will to live is new song “Call the Man”. Buttressed by Victor Griffin’s otherworldly licks and Greg Turley’s fuzzed-out bottom end, “Call to Man” sounds like it was written and recorded in 1975 when rock ‘n’ roll ruled all and gods were still being born. As for self-described “dinosaur”, Liebling’s never sounded better. The guy can wail like no other at his age (rumors put his time of birth in the Mesozoic).

Without further ado. Here’s “Call the Man”.

“Call the Man”

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Pentagram’s new album, Last Rites, is out April 12th on Metal Blade Records. Order it here.

  • Is unimportant

    needs the Hasselvander touch badly

    • Caravanofskulls

      Ya Hasselvander would have his touch to this but hey they are still on of the best and haved proved it many times even if nobody cared! Bobby still kicks and the current line-up adds right to it! Can’t wait for the new record waited for a few years for it and timing is everything whe it comes to Pentagram. Doom out out and turn it up!

  • Patrick

    Hasselvander ain’t happening. He wants no part of Bobby and makes that point known every time Pentagram is mentioned to him in interviews. The track ain’t bad. Bobby sounds in better voice than he did on “Show ‘Em How”.

    • Caravanofskulls

      I think Show’em How is another piece of the puzzle in the Pentagram story and has it has many awesome moments for sure. That album is something I personally hold close in my collection for many reasons. Bobby kicks on most of that record. I really think the vocal issues that have been pointed out in the past had a lot to do with the fact that he was not getting out and performing as much as he has done recently. But yes there is a huge improvement for sure. It’s been a long wait and the time is right! Keep the flame burning for this band they deserve it!

      • Sharky

        the voice thing was because of the drugs. Now that he is straight, he can sing again

  • Bob

    fucking great!

  • Cindi

    Who would’ve know, back in the late 70’s when Pentagram was playing in the little hole in the wall “The Happy Pickle”. My little brother, Victor Griffin sitting cross legged right in front on the floor, taking in the AWESOME heavy metal of Pentagram, would now be the lead guiter!!! AND my son Greg Turley at that time was only 6-7 yrs old, playing bass for them!!! I am PROUD!!!!I agree, Bobby never sounded better!!! Cindi Griffin

    • Caravanofskulls

      Can’t agree with you more, I remember watching them rehearse a few years back when Bobby came back onto the seen with his last line-up and he sounded great then. I think after having a few years now back on the stage and gigging as hard has they have it shows in his voice and performance for sure. Personally I’m happy that this line-up is involved and pushing the band into a new era once again. Killer line up for sure! I have followed a few incarnations of this band and would have loved to have been there in the glory days but hey I think this music is just as valid for sure.

  • Slimsanjuro

    Review Your Choices and Sub-Basement were the last great things from Pentagram, sorry to say it but Joe Hasselvander is the guy that made them great in the 80s and 90s. However Victor Griffith is making me want to hear this more and more, this seems like it will be better than the loathesome Show Em How, but lets get real and call it how it is, the 70s Pentagram, 80s Death Row, 90s-early-00s, Show Em How-now are all completely different bands, just the same singer.

    • guest

      Hasselvander’s a great drummer and definitely brings something to the table. But as far as him being what made Pentagram great in the 80’s and 90’s is quite a stretch. He co-wrote The Ghoul in the 80’s with Liebling & Griffin on their debut album. He wasn’t in the band when they recorded Day of Reckoning. He wrote 2 songs and co-wrote 2 others on Be Forewarned. The rest of the songwriting on those 3 albums was a 50/50 split between Griffin & Liebling. So to conclude that he made them great in the 80’s & 90’s is, well…you know, c’mon.

  • Ron


  • Sparkyk79

    Awesome…becoming a major fan!

  • Bruce

    This song is really powerful! More than I ever expected. Having Griffin on board really makes this feel like a “band” again. I’ve seen them with Greg Turley na dhis solid and his stage presence is great. This band has done some great things in the pas but now….with this being a real band again……now it the time they will finally turn some real heads!

  • aj bell965

    just killer…a song from the 70s sounds fresh! band is tight, hot and bobby liebling has never sounded better. PERIOD

  • Jason Muxlow

    Oh, that was good.