STREAMING: Malice “Hell Rider”

By: Chris D. Posted in: featured, listen On: Monday, June 11th, 2012


Formed in 1980, California’s Malice is absolutely cult—full-lengths In the Beginning… and License to Kill were both ushered out by major Atlantic Records to lukewarm reception in the mid-’80s—but ask any hesher in the sub-25 age range, and they’ll likely have no idea who Malice was or is. Unless, they bought the mid-aughts re-issues while on an exploratory binge, but let’s not digress too much. Malice’s return to the ever-moving spotlight—with Helstar vocalist James Rivera—will change that, especially now that the thirst for vintage metal is unbelievably unquenchable.

As the first full-length since ’87, Malice’s new album, New Breed of Godz, can be seen as a continuation of the closing track, “Godz of Thunder”, from In the Beginning…. Malice have re-found their fire, for sure. And it seems they’ve started to re-spin Judas Priest in earnest, which is also inline with the re-activated group’s previous Defenders of the Faith-inclined oeuvre. From the opening motorcycle engine rev to Rivera’s histrionic Halford-isms, New Breed of Godz can be viewed as an homage or the album Judas Priest should’ve made post-Ripper.

Sit back, click the arrow, and enjoy the blazing sounds of “Hell Rider”, re-worked and modernized. Ralf Scheepers certainly is.

** Malice’s new album, New Breed Of Godz, iz out June 19th on Steamhammer/SPV Records. It’s available HERE for pre-orderz, which is perfect ‘cauze Judas Priest ain’t coming out with anything relevant in the foreseeable future.

  • Chris Lee

    Dude, they always had a very obvious Priest influence, they were a traditional metal band bordering on power metal I guess! Got In The Beginning on a whim back in 86′ when I was a kid, very enjoyable album! They came close but no cigar they were also the band in the Kirk Cameron movie Vice Versa, and then Metal Blade tried to cash in putting out that Crazy In The Night EP if I recall!? Great band nonetheless, figures Atlantic didn’t have a clue what to do with them!!??