STREAMING: Asphyx “Deathhammer”

By: Chris D. Posted in: featured, listen On: Thursday, February 23rd, 2012


I covered Asphyx in Decibel #89 [Municipal Waste cover] and from that feature, I quickly realized that across Asphyx’s impressive, if somewhat under sung, discography, the Dutch outfit has the word ‘death’ in nearly half of its discography; 3 out of 8, to be more precise. Well, that fact wasn’t lost on drummer/songwriter Bob Bagchus, who said: “It’s coincidental, but it does fit the music. Maybe our next album will be called Deathdozer… But for this album’s title, we were thinking of Deathhammer or Doomhammer. Or do both — make a death-side and a doom-side. But we choose to only do Deathhammer, and that title covers it all.”

This isn’t a revelatory epiphany by yours truly, but the word ‘death’ thematically placed in so many album titles could be viewed in a few ways. A) Asphyx really like the word ‘death’. No problem there. Metal journalists liked and used the word ‘plethora’, well, a plethora of times. B) Asphyx lost their pocket thesaurus and’s servers were strategically down at press time. Or C) Asphyx is reinforcing the fact that they’re straight up death metal. No ifs ands, or buts. What you hear is what you get. To be honest, we’d think it’d be fun if it was option B), but it’s absolutely option C) ’cause in my Decibel #89 feature Bagchus makes no bones about the, uh, plethora of fake death metal out there.

Because you’re awesome and you adore Asphyx oh Decibel faithful, we got the full album stream of Deathhammer. That’s right. Full album, deathbabies.

** Asphyx’s new album, Deathhammer, is out February 28th on Century Media Records. Order it HERE, or face the abyssal bottom of Martin van Drunen’s impressive maw. He eats un-supportive people, but you didn’t hear that from us.

  • Gabriele Frontini

    Extremely cool, aggressive, dynamic and 100% ASPHYX

  • Matthew Flohr

    Where’s track 1, Into the Timewaste??

    • Matthew Flohr


    • GospelOfWorms

      Where is track 10, As the Magma Mammoth Rises? 

  • Enric Martinez

    I find the drums a bit too mechanical and high-pitched, lacking strenght and too loud. I would say that this is a result of the production as this is band with a very good all-round sound and very veteran and skilled musicians.
    It may also be an artifact of the streaming as it tends to compress frequencies… well, I will soon get out of doubts as soon as I can put my hands on the album.

    Love this band.

  • Dafdsda

    loudness war fucks my head … the snare is total shit

    • Brian

      It’s funny…maybe I just wasn’t paying enough attention, but I didn’t notice this until the last song.  The first four minutes of that were almost painful b/c of the snare!

  • Allen Mattsen


  • Сцуко

    Не играет(((

  • Сцуко

    Не играет(((

  • Doomed Man

    The best band in the world !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Amazing album !

  • David Thunderbird

    Pretty fuckin’ amazin’, same ol’ Asphyx! Years go by, but Asphyx remains Asphyx. And it’s cool anyway! Sounds some angry and very exploding.

  • Guessed

    I can live with those drums when the music is this good.

  • Grimreaper33462

    it sounds raw with the snare ,love it

  • Budleyguy

    wicked old school! my favorite album of the year i can tell already haha

  • Vacpanto

    Un son surpuissant et sombre, des chansons vraiment accrocheuses, du doom/death comme je l’aime! Venez en France!

  • J_ringdahl

    proabelly album of the year!! 

  • Andrew Bolotov

    Отличный альбом! Надо бы прикупить себе фирменный CD!

  • Gatofritz1978

    as the magma…. what a song! the rest of the album is a waste of time. the drums sound powerful at the very last song. Anyways I like the rythm of the last a giant march of a beast.

  • Nikospapa97

    maybe is the most fucking nice album of asphyx ever :-)