STREAMING: Anciients “Raise the Sun”

By: Chris D. Posted in: featured, listen On: Wednesday, January 30th, 2013


There’s a time when two Dicks are better than one. But we’re not talking about porn here. Or, some swinger party in Urals. No, sirs. When the universe conspires to bring Chris Dick (me) and Chris Dyck (Anciient guitarist/vocalist) together, it means something. What exactly? Let’s leave it up to the cast of Ancient Aliens to determine the cosmological significance, but one thing is certain: Extraterrestrials definitely didn’t have a part in the great D/i/y/ck convergence of January 2013. No, that would be the fine people over at Season of Mist and the awesome music of Canadian meta-genre outfit, Anciients. You read that right. Anciients with two “i”s.

Why should care about a group of fantastic musicians and songwriters from Hollywood North? The same reason you cared about four guys from Haugesund, Norway or four guys from Huddinge, Sweden or four guys from Atlanta, Georgia or five guys from the Bay Area. Anciients write great music. A patchwork of styles, sounds, and extremes—“apocalyptic riffs, classic hard rock influences and unforgettable vocal melodies,” so says Anciients website—Anciients could be likened to other bands of similar ambition, but let’s make the music do the talking not some daft comparison to bands awesome and ground-breaking.


With that in mind, Anciients had the following to say about the premiere of “Raise the Sun” off the group’s upcoming Heart of Oak long-player: “‘Raise the Sun’ represents what we are all about as a band, musically and lyrically. It contains most if not all the elements that we look for in the kind of music we enjoy. It’s heavy but also melodic; this is how we like things to be. Our sound might be full of contrast and duality, but not for contrast’s sake; rather always for the sake of the song. Lyrically it’s about an Egyptian myth, the ‘Hymn To The Rising Sun’ and Chris’ visualization of said myth… It’s about walking the correct path and achieving a sort of awakening. ‘Raise the Sun’ is one of our favorites from the new record for sure.”

It’s time to jam “Raise the Sun”. Are you ready to rock with your Dyck out? Anciients are.


    So excited about this one! One of the great bands out of Canada’s current best metal scene, Vancouver BC

  • George Navarro


  • guest

    does anyone know how to get the music to actually play? I’ve tried coming back to this page several times for 2 days now and nothing, not one note can be heard. Soundcloud files and youtube and every other piece of audio works for me anywhere else on the internet except for right here, so its obvious its Decibel being dicks to people, once again

  • Scan Boltron

    Great Art and Great music. Im really excited about this record. I hope they come to philly when they tour.