STREAMING: Absu “Abzu”

By: Chris D. Posted in: featured, listen On: Thursday, October 6th, 2011


There was a time when we divined the future out of tea leaves and coffee grounds (tasseomancy), a time when we ritualistically porked one another to achieve a greater sense of being (sex magick), a time when we stacked sticks and let them fall to try to find the right path (Rhabdomancy), and there was a time when we just said “fuck it!” and blasted some righteous occult metal tunes because the tea leaves told us not to fuck ourselves into oblivion while facing north. Oof!

Well, trusted metal folk the time for blasting the new Absu, titled Abzu, is now. It’s true we could (and probably should) get an earful of magickal advice from Absu’s drum/vocal sorcerer Proscriptor McGovern on the best methodology for transcendental flesh-on-flesh fun, but we’ll leave him alone. For now. We’ll just let the music walk the walk.

Absu – Abzu by Decibel Magazine

** Absu’s Abzu it out October 11th, 2011 on Candlelight Records. Get a copy of it HERE.

  • Glorious Johnson


  • jfury

    Makes me want to do keg stands and run through the woods with a flaming pitchfork.

  • Thta

    Fucking awesome!

  • Dylan Jones

    I love this, but I can see all of my friends hating this, particularly the vocals hahaha.

  • alphas_ghost

    Every album better than the next. ABSU will be legendary.

  • Turkey

    I like this but can someone explain that opening Dr. Rockso clown-scream to me? Cringe-inducing

  • Deathss

    Earth ripper doesnt sound like a Sarcófago-version of Death’s Lack of comprehention?

    • Deathss

      … But Absu is a superior Black/Death art they just do quality stuff all over… Hail ABSU!

    • alphas_ghost

      1st part of the vocal rhythm sounds like the chorus from terrible certainty (Kreator song)

  • Alfredo Musmeci

    Abzulutely Genius! (Nah that was easy!)