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Photo: Max Montesi

In the boundless quest to distinguish one’s band from metal’s ever-growing pack, comes another new sub-genre, given birth by Vancouver’s Auroch. Referring to themselves as “Lovecraftian death metal,” the trio is set to release their debut full-length From Forgotten Worlds via Poland’s Hellthrasher Productions. The band’s debut, which follows a spate of five demos that date back to 2008, was actually self-released earlier this year before being snatched up by the Polish label and contains eight songs of the aforementioned Lovecraftian metal. We’ve provided you with a couple of tracks from the album below with the hopes that you’ll give the tunes a whirl, crack your heads open and tell us, “Just what is Lovecraftian death metal?”

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If you find yourself in the area and so moved, check out one of the band’s rare live appearances:
Nov 10 - Logan’s Pub @ Victoria, BC w/ Dire Omen, Burialkult, Acolytes ov Impurity
April 6/2013 - ‘Torment in Fire Metal Fest II’ @ The New Black Centre for Music and Art – Calgary, AB w/ Mystifier + more

[photo credit: Max Montesi]

  • sameshitdifferentday

    There is only one Lovecraftian Death Metal band and its name is Portal.