Top 5 Worst Atheist Songs By Steve Flynn (Atheist)

November 3, 2010

During a conversation with Atheist frontman/guitarist, Kelly Shaefer, we jokingly asked him to come up with 5 of Atheist’s worst songs.

Robot Unicorn Attack Heavy Metal

November 3, 2010

Adult Swim’s Robot Unicorn Attack Heavy Metal is all your childhood (or adulthood, as the case may be) fantasies wrapped into a game for your iPhone. Note: I don’t have an iPhone, but I will play Robot Unicorn Attack Heavy Metal on your iPhone if you have one. The game is simple: You’re a robot…

Five Sick Covers, by Brendan Duff of Pristina

November 3, 2010

Upstart Connecticut noise merchants Pristina have already received the Cosmo Lee invisible oranges-up in our print edition. Now, the band who unleash a gashing rendition of the title track from Today Is the Day’s 1997 classic Temple of the Morning Star [check that shit out here] regales us with five similarly radtastic extreme covers. Today…

Fear, Emptiness, Sarah Palin

November 2, 2010

We here at Decibel try to stay apolitical due to the fact that all stripes of metalheads should be welcomed into the fold to get their fucking faces torn to shreds by brutality. But a keen-eyed reader, W. Jaczkowski, sent us this screenshot with some un-apolitical words for the current mother of a girl who…

Top 5 Worst Atheist Songs By Kelly Shaefer (Atheist)

November 2, 2010

During a conversation with Atheist frontman/guitarist, Kelly Shaefer, we jokingly asked him to come up with 5 of Atheist’s worst songs. Now, normally this is no-go territory for any artist with a high sense of self worth, but Shaefer was a cool dude about it. In fact, he laughed. And then said, “I fucking hate…

White Moth “Smiles Warm Red Light” Video Primiere

November 1, 2010

What do Atari Teenage Riot and Blut Aus Nord have in common? Uh, hard to tell, but Sailors With Wax Wings and Pyramids mastermind R. Loren knows the connection and would probably wax scholastically — existential attributes reinforced by repetition — about it. Turns out when R. Loren isn’t busy with bridging shoegaze/post-punk and black/doom…

Wolvhammer Star In: Yet Another Tour Diary, Except This One’s Maybe Funny and Original II: The Secret of the Booze

November 1, 2010

When they’re not getting down with the Cinnabon sickness at the Mall of America, Minneapolis BM punks Wolvhammer enjoy decimating faces on tour. Drummer/resident smartass Heath Rave will give us the gory, hopefully idiotic details. Thursday, Oct 28 Good morning/afternoon/evening to all of my fellow fans of heavy music (i.e. snobby, opinionated, nerdy shitheads). I’ve…

Valient Thorr Tour Diary, Part 667 (Skipped 666; Final)

October 29, 2010

By Valient Himself (Valient Thorr) Alahoyus. This will be the final transmission of the VALIENT THORR FALL- INTO MADNESS TOURR. Or the VALIENT THORR AUTUMN OF 1000 CHARACTERS TOURR. Or whatever. I like to change the name nightly. We have definitely met some interesting cats out there this go round. When we last left off,…

The Decibel Study Hall of Fame: Reign in Blood

October 28, 2010

Those of you who dragged your asses to the previously formatted Deciblog on a regular basis might be familiar with my 8-year-old son, Sam. At the time, he won a trio of bad-ass Immortal skatedecks, courtesy of Vans and Nuclear Blast, for dropping 75 words about how bad-ass he thought Immortal is. Truth is, he…

Win Lesbian’s “Stratospheria Cubensis”

October 28, 2010

It’s contest time, motherfuckers (no offense). Lesbian, the Seattle psych-metal maelstrom who write the kind of music Satan himself smokes weed to, have released their newest record, Stratospheria Cubensis (Important). It is an incredible leap from their Power Hor debut, both sonically technically, while still pushing their singular sound. Just look what our own Leah…