Justin Broadrick previews “Punchdrunk” from forthcoming JK Flesh album

April 9, 2012

In what should be received as manna from heaven to all those waiting for new Godflesh material, Justin K. Broadrick has released another promo edit from the forthcoming JK Flesh LP, Posthuman. Released through UK label 3by3 on 30 April, Posthuman sees Broadrick resurrect his Techno Animal nom de guerre for another harsh excursion into…

STREAMING: Cripple Bastards’ “Senza Impronte”

April 9, 2012

Extreme music from Italy is usually coifed with keyboards, frilly shirts or over-songwriting. Sure, there are exceptions–as always–but few truly brutal Italian bands take it to the listener direct-like. Of course, Cripple Bastards, arguably the country’s most infamous (all the adjectives that go with infamous like “controversial,” “disgusting,” “revolting,” “uncouth,” etc.) grindcore outfit, have been…

For Those About to Squawk: Waldo’s Pecks of the Week

April 6, 2012

What the squawk? This spring looks pretty barren. Not a whole lot going on at this time. But we’ll plow through it anyway. Fuck the Easter Bunny; let’s make it the Easter Parrot. We’ll start off with The Fatal Feast by Richmond thrash stalwarts MUNICIPAL WASTE. This is vaguely some sort of concept record of…

Interview: Anthrax’s Scott Ian on forthcoming live DVD, touring, and comic book movies

April 6, 2012

Just rocking up at ANTHRAX‘s recent London show to talk about comic book movies and assorted off-topic horseshit, we didn’t expect to have a video camera following us downstairs, backstage, our every move as we squeezed our wheasing, bloated selves onto a sofa to catch 20 minutes with the band’s commanding officer, Scott Ian. But…

KEN Mode: The Best Metal Band in all the Land

April 5, 2012

This particular blog post was originally designed to be a congratulatory stamp for Winnipeg “elitist-asshole metallic noise rock with touches of post-metal, hardcore, sludge and doom” band, KEN Mode as they very deservedly came out on top in the category of Best Metal Album of the Year at last weekend’s Juno awards. To the most…

Brick By Brick: Travis Campbell Commits Heavy Metal Musical Murder

April 5, 2012

The eponymous antihero of the Troma Entertainment joint Mr. Bricks: A Heavy Metal Murder Musical awakens from a night of hot carnal action to find his comely young sweetheart missing and a bullet lodged in his forehead. His reaction is a bit unorthodox: He breaks into song…and then starts cracking skulls with his kiln-fired namesake,…

Philly, Come Hang at the DTV Party Tonight

April 5, 2012

Yes, I’m writing this myself, which is lame, but not as lame as shaving the killer beard you accrue after spending a seven-year coma impressing Kelly LeBrock with your flaccid ding-dong.

Why yes, there was almost a Metallica video game once

April 4, 2012

Back before Metallica wrung out the last of their fans accumulated goodwill with the release of KSP’s boyfriend, St. Anger, there was an idea to do something that would have either mitigated the backlash or increased it ten fold. An unnamed racing/battle game was to be released, inspired by the band, their music and, well,…

Jeff Speed (writer/director) interviewed

April 4, 2012

** Writer, director and videographer Jeff Speed discusses the finer aspects of Municipal Waste’s “Fatal Feast” video and his affinity for ’80s sci-horror. How did you find the location? It’s pretty unique to film a metal video on the set of an old television series, especially one as cult as Firefly. Jeff Speed: I’ve actually…

The “Oh For Fuck’s Sake” in Ohio

April 3, 2012

I grew up in Ohio and even have the state outline tattooed on my miserable excuse for a bicep (with a skull and crossbones inside — YOU FIERCE, BOY!). So it gives me great pleasure to announce — two fucking days after April Fool’s, no less — that sanity has prevailed and the first date…