For Those About to Squawk: Waldo’s Pecks of the Week

December 2, 2011

Every other Friday, Waldo the African Grey Parrot, frontbird of thrash-grind immortals Hatebeak, will get you caught up on the week’s latest “extreme” releases. Hey. As the year winds up, so do the releases; not many labels are pushing too much now. And as the releases wear thin, so do my ironic puns, and all…

Now stream this: AELTER “Dusk-Dawn/Follow You Beloved”, beat-relieved doom/drone from Wolvserpent’s Blake Green

December 2, 2011

Aelter is a solo project of Blake Green, guitarist/vocalist for Idaho drone/doom duo Wolvserpent. When joined by partner-in-crime, drummer/violinist Brittany McConnell, Green’s work with Wolvserpent (formerly known as PussyGutt) marks its territory across the dividing range that separates riff-orientated doom rock/metal with its abstract spiritual kin, drone. Anyone who has been lucky enough to catch…

More Proof That Cats Are Our Overlords

December 2, 2011

File this one under, “How the shit did we not realize this sooner?!?!?” When your precious Floofy goes to clean his/her junk, Floofy is actually HAILING SATAN. Cats can’t throw the horns because they don’t have hands, but they are surely committed to darkness and have devised an evil substitute for the human race’s weak-ass…

And The Headlines Scream…Part II

December 1, 2011

While it may not be a slow day in the world of news as it pertains to extreme music – Pennsylvania “fuckrock” band Gods & Queens are still fuck rocked in Europe; Mexican gore grinders Rottenness are, last I heard, still stranded in Texas on tour after spending the money they allotted to get home…

Red Fang, DEP, Mastodon – Terminal 5, NYC – 11/19/11

December 1, 2011

Sold Out. What a killer tour, at a venue I am starting to like more and more. This was the Relapse-makes-good showcase, no filler or bullshit.

Gods and Queens Seriously Need Your Help

November 30, 2011

Philadelphia Fuckrock band Gods and Queens had a serious mishap in Europe. Here’s Guitarist/Vocalist Jamie Getz: “I’m going to try and make this as short as I can. After all these years of touring in unsafe vans, and doing stupid things, I guess I was over due for this… We had a serious van accident…

STREAMING: Whores “Straight Down”

November 30, 2011

The swamp black water from Georgia’s Okefenokee must have some kind of primordial quality to it. The bubbling earth’s been seeping into the state’s water supply (from the southeast, natch) for longer than history can record. Of course, dudes with beards, flannel button-ups, and guitars (possibly drums) drink said black water and what comes out…

I Drink Your Band’s Signature Coffee Blend!

November 29, 2011

Now that sales of their actual music have gone in the crapper, bands are continuing to find new and bizarre ways to help fans squander their hard-earned cash. KISS were onto this like three decades ago, but it’s taken awhile for some of their contemporaries (and even newer bands) to cotton on to the fact…

This is Not a Hardcore Headline

November 29, 2011

Sure, Twitter has more than its share of detractors. And it isn’t as if the revulsion to 140 characters or less is completely baseless — though Christ knows you all could be a little less self-righteous about it! (Pro tip: approach it like Sudoku.) Nevertheless, ye holdouts amongst the Decibel readership are depriving yourselves of…

MORBID ANGEL: Live in London, November 22nd

November 28, 2011

Morbid Angel are playing a shopping mall tonight. It’s OK, though, ‘cos it’s not like they are opening it, or performing exclusively for the switching on of the festive lights. That sorta shit’s demeaning and they’ve already had a tough year of it. There weren’t too many organs of record with their ass in the…