Album Stream: Firing up the Noise with Montreal’s Cell Press and Cages

At present, I’m sitting poolside at a resort in St. Lawrence Gap, Barbados not giving a fuck about anything beyond sitting beside this pool, going into this pool and making sure I have enough sunscreen to reapply when I decide to extract myself from this pool. As you might imagine, my lack giving a fuck also extends to anything pertaining to…well, just about anything and everything else. However, that’s not fair to Montreal noise rock machine Cell Press and the stream of their debut album, Cages I promised would appear in this space on this day at this time. It’s also not fair to you, gentle reader/listener because Cages is all-out awesome and deserves to be heard by all and sundry, whether they’re digging themselves out of a Quebec snowstorm or watching ocean waves crash into the beach below the balcony I’m sitting on when I’m not sitting poolside. Below is a stream of the album. Here’s a quote from guitarist Sean Arsenian about the record at hand:

“This is our first full-length album and we wanted to come out swinging. So, lucky for us, we’d already worked with the ugly music dream team of Sean Pearson (recording), Scott Evans (mixing) and Carl Saff (mastering) for our first EP and on a record for another band I’m in (The Great Sabatini) to very satisfying results. It was a no-brainer to employ these gentlemen for this volume. We also had extra help recording some stuff from our friend Paul Edwards here in Montréal. All of these guys understand the sorta Brown sound we’re chasing, and their pedigree speaks for itself. All of them have put in work on some very gnarly records. None of the tunes slot too cleanly into any genre box, which suits the lyrical content just fine… I think the words and the music feel like doom-scrolling thru someone’s brain… channel surfing fucked up things they’ve absorbed from the outside world and shitty times they experienced first-hand.”

Cages is due out on March 8th via The Ghost Is Clear Records (vinyl), Ancient Temple Recordings (vinyl), and No List Records (cassette) at and

And here are a couple of videos of album tracks to check out: