Video Premiere: PoonTickler – “Groin Grinder”

As the world around us descends even further and further into abject chaos and horror, there is one fact we the huddled masses can take solace in: Goregrind is pretty cool.

Enter PoonTickler. The Miami-based duo have been tickling eardrums since the release of their debut single “Choking on Menstrual Chunks” back in February. They quickly followed up with another single in May, “I Want an Ass to Fuck My Ass,” which further cemented their legacy as the band the world’s foremost generator of song titles that sound like they were made up to scare evangelical Christians.

Well, the band is back, this time with a video! The aptly titled “Groin Grinder” is a spiritual journey to the center of the mind that incorporates subtle influences from French New Wave of Cinema progenitor Jean-Luc godard. JK, it’s a fetish video. Get your licks in, you sick freaks!