Track Premiere: Brulvahnatu – “IV Talatala”

Being challenged by music can be one of life’s most satisfying endeavors, both for the listener as well as the creator. In the case of Brulvahnatu, this satisfaction is almost tangible. Since 2007 the brainchild of sole member Kib Sreng has navigated the realms of ambient black metal and dense, world-eating death metal, culminating in Shining Nagas Territory, a massive undertaking that spans four LPs and marks the funeral of the project.

This record is more of a journey than a solitary destination, existing within a genuine malevolence rarely seen in modern death/black metal, save maybe Portal. You could use Incantation and Ved Buens Ende as a reference point but you’d hardly be scratching the surface. This isn’t the kind of easy listening death metal or vampyric black metal that is en vogue this season by miles.

Today we present to you “IV Talatala,” the fourth track on this monstrosity and the piece that Kib himself chose as the proper representation to you of this immense, mind expanding obituary to one of the deepest kept and most worthy of a deep dive projects of the last 15 years.

Shining Nagas Territory has been released via Death Hymns Records in a massive 4xLP box set housed in a hardcover slipcase limited to 245 copies. Don’t sleep on this as Shining Nagas Territory is the kind of record that only surfaces once a generation.