Label Spotlight: Sewer Rot Records

Based in L.A., Sewer Rot Records is a brand new underground death metal label owned and operated by Chris and Max from former Demo:listen faves Encoffinized, and their friend Yogi. According to Chris, Sewer Rot began “to help shine a spotlight on all the real true death metal bands.” Chris says, “[We] feel the death metal scene is being overrun by a new style of death metal that’s like a mix of hardcore and death metal riffs and we feel there’s no in-betweens. It’s real death metal or not.”

Chris says: “Our label roster right now is Encoffinized, Goreified, Malignant, Reeking, Entrenched, Soul Devourment, Foul Decay, Engulfer, Saprogenous, Surgeon, Visceral Mass, and Infested.” 


“We wanted to promote and put out our own music [on the label] because it’s just natural if we have our own death metal label,” Chris says. “And for each of the other amazing bands we have on the label. The decision to sign them was because they all personify and embody the old school style of death metal.”


“Goreified . . . [A]ll those guys are our buddies, and we think they sound like General Surgery, or old school Exhumed. Total Gore metal.”


“Entrenched are good friends of ours! Ethan, Frank, and Athony are all death metal freaks and Entrenched embodies the Bolt Thrower sound. Pummeling double bass, sick heavy riffs, and intense shredding solos. We think Entrenched gets better every time we see them play.”

“Soul Devourment [nothing available online right now] is also another project of the Entrenched and Malignant guys, its total HM-2 worship! sick riffs that remind us of entombed and nihilist!”


“Foul Decay we were very impressed with because its one young man from Queens New York. Heavy as fuck, dripping with filth and slime and rot. You’ll be dead in the ground before you’re done listening to his release!”


“Engulfer you should already know/ Heavy as fuck death metal desecration from the sun-scorched state of Arizona. Aidan and Devin are a sick two piece and we are stoked to be able to help them release Plunged into Hellscape!”


“Reeking from New Jersey has a fresh take on death metal that balances the brutal style we enjoy but also melds it with the old school sound. Plus they started as a two-piece just like us so we related to them and resonated with their band a lot. They now have a full lineup and are playing gigs!”


 Chris details the rest of what Sewer Rot has lined up to release in the coming year . . .

“Saprogenous are very good friends of ours. Walker and Ted are brutal death metal freaks and curators of some of the heaviest riffs in brutal goregrind. Don’t sleep on Saprogenous! They are sick as hell.

“Surgeon is actually a recording project between members of Encoffinized and Saprogenous so we felt it natural to put that out.”

“Visceral Mass was a project our good friend Jack Scully started! He is an incredible guitar player and vocalist. He asked Max from Encoffinized to play drums, and we are very stoked to be a part of this project and see it come to life. Be prepared for an intense brutal slab of heavy fucking slamming riffs and drums that draw influence from early Dying Fetus and all the early East coast brutal death metal bands!”

“Infested is a project between Father Mullet from Encoffinized, Yogi, one of the founders of Sewer Rot, and our good buddy Gera that wanted to play filthy heavy early demo day death metal. They should have a sick old school demo coming out mid 2020!”

“Our focus and intention for Sewer Rot is to help and promote all the hardworking bands that are associated with our label, and [to] build Sewer Rot to be a dominant force in the true underground.”

“We thought of the name a long time ago,” Chris laughs, “because our band started off practicing in the sewers!”

Chris explains that right now Sewer Rot is releasing only cassettes, but soon they hope to move on to other formats. “We would like to do record pressings and CDs as well and it’s all in the works!” Chris says. “But cassette tapes are our favorite format. There’s something about tapes that’s satisfying and has the vintage old school aesthetic and feel. Just a little rectangle of music!”

Regarding their first year active as a label, according to Chris, it’s been smooth sailing down in the sewers. “We’ve been lucky enough so far and haven’t faced any problems in the short time we’ve been around. We’ve actually felt a lot of support for our endeavor and that is important because we want the bands associated with us to feel that support as well. If the bands are supported that’s all we want and care about for this label.”

Chris continues: “We wanted to thank Fabian from Death and Shadow records for helping us and giving us a lot of pointers for our physical tape releases!! 2020 look very promising for all the bands involved. Lots of new releases, shows and tours. Be prepared for the year of Sewer Slime!”

“Thanks to all the people who have been supporting Sewer Rot Records,” Chris concludes. “And to all the bands that trust us and have helped build this label so far!”