Video Premiere: Cloak – ‘Tempter’s Call’

Atlanta black ‘n’ rollers Cloak haven’t stayed still since the release of their 2017 debut LP, To Venemous Depths, giving us a few tracks to tide us over. Finally, however, the countdown for a new Cloak full-length begins: Cloak will release their new album, The Burning Dawn, on October 25 via Season of Mist and Decibel has the video for first single “Tempter’s Call.”

Alternating between melody and blackened rock filth, “Tempter’s Call” leaves the listener with plenty to get excited about.

“We have spent the last two years meticulously crafting our new album that we have come to name The Burning Dawn,” Cloak tell Decibel. “This process has changed us by giving way to a very different representation of our art, one that this album embodies completely. It is more of an attack than a reflection, and we feel that ‘Tempter’s Call’ is the perfect introduction into this new chapter. Join us!”

Check it out below.