Track Premiere: Ruin – ‘In Horrific Disgust’

Serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer’s chilling musings on depersonalization probably won’t preface many feel-good hits released this Halloween season. But leave it to Californian death metal cult Ruin to recruit Dahmer’s disarmingly calm voice before splashing through the gore and grime 26 seconds into “In Horrific Disgust.” Maybe it’s tasteless (Ruin would probably proudly agree), but it’s a fitting start. Ruin’s riffs sound like how Dahmer’s apartment smelled, or how a Pissgrave album cover looks. From the curdled vocals to the primitive Undergang guitar tone, the masked maniacs are rotten to the marrow. Ruin’s new single embodies both the rabid blasts and tromping death/doom that make their upcoming Human Annihilation LP one of the most depraved releases of the year.

Ruin’s vocalist Mihail Jason Satan took a timeout from weekday debauchery to offer thoughts on the new exclusive track. “The song “In Horrific Disgust” is another song about murdering human beings, because human beings deserve to be murdered,” MJS shares. “We hope this piece of shit song makes you puke!”

Press play below and sink your teeth into Ruin’s “In Horrific Disgust” before Human Annihilation‘s release from Memento Mori on October 22nd.

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Listen to a splattering of Ruin’s other morally bankrupt releases on Bandcamp HERE