Track Premiere: Outer Heaven – ‘Bloodspire’

Outer Heaven have long been one of the underground’s most promising death metal bands. Their 2015 EP, Diabolus Vobiscum and 4-way split with Gatecreeper, Scorched and Homewrecker have been in heavy rotation since they came out in 2015 and 2016, respectively, but those releases pale in comparison to Realms of Eternal Decay, the Pennsylvania death metal legion’s Relapse debut and first full-length. More technical and complex than anything they’ve done before, Realms of Eternal Decay is Outer Heaven’s best work to date.

Check out “Bloodspire,” the first song to be released from Realms, below. Groovy, gloomy and cavernous, Outer Heaven maintain the doomy undertones that have always been a part of their music while driving forward with neck-snapping grooves and blasts topped off with reverb-soaked vocals.

Realms of Eternal Decay was recorded at Developing Nations with Kevin Bernsten (Skeletonwitch, Full of Hell) and mastered by Arthur Rizk (Power Trip, Pissgrave, Eternal Champion) with cover art by Matthew Sikker. You can find pre-orders hereRealms of Eternal Decay will be unleashed on October 12.