Watch Pyrrhon Vocalist Doug Moore and Composer Charlie Looker Perform with a 17-Piece Chamber Orchestra

Photo: Caroline Harrison

Pyrrhon‘s What Passes for Survival was one of the densest, weirdest death metal albums released last year. At many points, it seemed that What Passes for Survival could just unravel into completely improvised insanity, which is absolutely part of Pyrrhon’s charm.

“Empty Tenement Spirit,” the last song on What Passes for Survival, recently received an orchestral makeover courtesy of composer Charlie Looker, who plays in industrial metal outfit Psalm Zero. A 17-piece chamber orchestra radically changes the sound of the instrumental, to which vocalist Doug Moore contributes vocals in the same style as the album.

And the original song for reference:
What Passes for Survival is out now and can be purchased via the Bandcamp link above.