November 2021

11.05.21  Black Map Melodoria Minus Head

11.05.21  Bornholm Apotheosis Napalm

11.05.21  Churchburn Genocidal Rite Translation Loss

11.05.21  Fans of the Dark Fans of the Dark Frontiers

11.05.21  In Aphelion Luciferian Age Edged Circle

11.05.21  MØL Diorama Nuclear Blast

11.05.21  Moonshine Oversight The Frame – Wormholedeath

11.05.21  Omium Gatherum Origin Century Media

11.05.21  Portrayal of Guilt CHRISTFUCKER Run for Cover

11.05.21  Emma Ruth Rundle Engine of Hell Sargent House

11.05.21  Sarke AllsighrSoulseller

11.05.21  SpiritWorld Pagan Rhythms (Reissue) Century Media

11.11.21  Demonic Temple Through the Stars into the Abyss – Putrid Cult / Dark Horizon

11.12.21  Ars Magna Umbrae Throne Between Worlds I, Voidhanger

11.12.21  Creature Eloge De L’Ombre I, Voidhanger

11.12.21  Darkwoods My Betrothed Angel of Carnage Unleashed Napalm

11.12.21  Dawn of Solace Flames of Perdition Noble Demon

11.12.21  Electric Guitars Freewheeler Mighty Music

11.12.21  Monument of Misanthropy Unterweger – Transcending Obscurity

11.12.21  Timechild And Yet It Moves Mighty Music

11.12.21  Vertebra Atlantis Lustral Purge in Cerulean Bliss I, Voidhanger

11.19.21  Abscession Rot of Ages – Transcending Obscurity

11.19.21  Cherokee Blood & Gold – Dying Victims

11.19.21  Der Weg Einer Freiheit Noktvrn Season of Mist

11.19.21  Destructo Demonic Possession Dying Victims

11.19.21  Exodus Persona Non Grata – Nuclear Blast

11.19.21  Galaxy On the Shore of Life – Dying Victims Productions

11.19.21  Hearts & Hand Grenades Between the Lines – Eclipse

11.19.21  Khemmis Deceiver – Nuclear Blast

11.19.21  The Lurking Fear Death, Madness, Horror, Decay – Century Media

11.19.21  Me & That Man New Man, New Songs, Same Shit, Vol.2 – Napalm

11.19.21  Obscura A Valediction – Nuclear Blast

11.19.21  Pathology The Everlasting Plague – Nuclear Blast

11.19.21  Sacred Oath Return of the Dragon – Wormholedeath

11.12.21  Suffocation Live In North America Nuclear Blast

11.19.21  Swallow the Sun Moonflowers – Century Media

11.19.21  Tyrannic Mortuus Decadence – Seance/Iron Bonehead

11.26.21  Black Label Society Doom Crew Inc. – eOne

11.26.21  Cynic Ascension Codes – Season of Mist

11.26.21  Eternal Evil The Warriors Awakening Brings the Unholy Slaughter – Redefining Darkness

11.26.21  Eternity’s Ends Embers of War – Prosthetic

11.26.21  Hypocrisy Worship – Nuclear Blast

11.26.21  Opera Diabolicus Death on a Pale Horse Season of Mist

11.26.21  Paradise Lost The Lost and the Painless (box set) – Peaceville

11.26.21  Teeth Finite – Translation Loss