Track Premiere: Sannhet, “Revisionist”

Two years ago Brooklyn-based instrumental band Sannhet turned a few heads with their confident debut album Known Flood, a record that showed that it’s still possible to create vocals-free “post-metal” that somehow, miraculously, still feels fresh. By incorporating black metal and prog into the usual morass of sludge, the band showed they’re no slouches when it comes to engaging, dynamic instrumental compositions.
Sannhet will be releasing the follow-up Revisionist on March 3 via The Flenser, and we’re pleased to premiere the title track, which opens the album with a bang. As you’ll hear, the band doesn’t let up one iota, the four-minute track direct and to the point. There’s something here for everyone: aggression for extreme-minded Decibel readers, restraint for folks who might not gravitate towards heavy music. It’s a tremendous song, and we urge you to give it a listen below. You can pre-order the album here.