Women in Metal [#94] – August 2012


Queens of Noise

Cretin, Kylesa, Royal Thunder, Call & Response with Jucifer, Special Feature: Women in the Metal Industry, Q&A with Doro, Job for a Cowboy, Decibel Hall of Fame: the making of Nuclear Death’s Bride of Insect
The Gathering, Monarch!, Helms Alee, Blood Ceremony, Witchsorrow, Mares of Thrace, Dreaming Dread, Wooden Stake, Witch Mountain, Haemorrhage
  • Youssef Elmoukhe

    Huh Cretin? the band got a man turned women….so it doesn’t count

    • Horsecore

      You’re a fucking retard.

    • VKFail

      Welcome to the 21st Century.

      She considers herself a woman, she’s a woman.

    • Bob

       Looool, transexuals in metal…what a joke

  • TheCraigus69

    Cretin seems to be an adequate description for our friend Youssef.  Please take your bigoted, trolling ass opinions somewhere else.

  • http://www.facebook.com/jens.schultz.52 Jens Schultz

    Nothing on Ann Boleyn or Hellion?

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