Eugene Robinson


It’s easy to get the wrong idea about Eugene Robinson. Apocryphal accounts heard second- and third-hand about swift, decisive beatings delivered at Oxbow shows (always by Robinson) stuff the already overstuffed Interhole with more conjecture, hearsay and gossip than most people would care to investigate or process critically, and yet just about everyone who knows the name (“Eugene From Oxbow”) is more than happy to repeat these tales ad infinitum. Make no mistake, though: Each and every one of those beatdowns—like the one in San Francisco back in ’93 that left a bootprint on a would-be de-pantser’s face, and the more recent one involving a member of Amplified Heat in Washington, D.C.—did in fact take place and were in fact delivered (summarily) by Mr. Robinson. The whys and wherefores of such stompings are seemingly always up for debate, especially by those on the receiving end, and even more especially when it comes to the million-dollar nursery school question of Who Started It? But lest we devolve into hearsay ourselves, let’s stick to the facts.

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