Neurosis [#098] – December 2012


Honor Society

Talking Toy Collections with Metallica, Mastodon and the Melvins Decibel Hall of Fame: the making of Killswitch Engage’s Alive or Just Breathing, Lamb of God, Between the Buried and Me
Devin Townsend, A Life Once Lost, Suffocation, Dragged into Sunlight, Satan’s Wrath
  • Jinete

    How´s that Killswitch Engage got to the HOF and no Dark Angel yet? Or Deicide? Or put a gun to the guys in Bolt Thrower for some Realm Of Chaos memories (I know they didn´t like so much that record but…)???

    • DruM

      That’s the thing right? It depends on whether or not everyone involved in a landmark album are willing to talk about the sucker. So, pretty much any record where someone’s dead (for example, Pantera or first 3 Metallica), or where there was a huge feud between a band post-record, there not gonna get covered. Gotta remember, this isn’t so much an attempt to create a list, than it is to tell stories.