ELECTRIC WIZARD [#76] – Feb 2011

  • Emtorkelson1

    I would like this if i ever got my god damn magazine.

  • Benmcguire2003

    same here! seems to be running late!

  • Wings of Fire

    I can’t wait to get this magazine! I saw it on newstands and I was wondering why I have not recieved the magazine (being a subscriber and all). I read the two post before me and I guess Decibel is running beyond schedule with sending the magazine out. Hopefully I recieve the magazine sooner rather than later because I am anxious to read the main article on Electric Wizard!

  • Wayne

    OK, glad to hear I”m not the only one with a late issue.

  • Gammaraygummo

    I didn’t get mine either!

  • Albert

    If anyone has a problem with their subscription, just email contact@decibelmagazine.com. I do know for a fact that there was a slight problem with processing the flexi disc at the post office this month, so that (combined with the holidays) likely has something to do with the delay. All sorted going forward, though.

  • Murk

    The actual magazine does not say “25 Most Anticipated Records of 2011″ on the cover. Whoops.

  • CC


  • anyone

    this needs to get to my mailbox, quick! god damnit. lol