Clutch [#102] – April 2013


What’s on Tap for the Cult Rock Heroes?

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Suffocation, Portal, Sebastian Bach, Botanist, Sister Sin, Inter Arma, Lightning Swords of Death
  • FatHarmonicaGuy

    Clutch on the cover? Fuck those dicks! Clutch are the fuckin’ Blues Traveler of heavy music! They are the fuckin’ Phish of stoner rock! E I E I O motherfuckers!

  • FatHarmonicaGuy

    Hahaha your totally right dude! Clutch are a fuckin’ Jam band! They should change their name to Smuckers cuz all they do is jam!

  • TheDudeFromPhish

    These guys suck they stole all our jam! Fuck these guys and fuck Blues Traveler too!

  • MotorCity

    @bd9245306bdbb0ebd7f55253dccc1bb1:disqus and @4c76cb47df533facda838daf6052f20d:disqus are you guys even serious?

  • hydrobud

    who gives a shit if those two asscclowns are serious ? it’s difficult to think clearly when they are busy rimming each other !

  • John Popper

    man all you turd dumplins need to recognize true mother fucking bad ass talent when you hear it. John Popper

  • Greg Hansen

    Dude you guys need to quit butt pluggin each other and listen to some talent. SO go swallow each others babies and listen to blues traveller when ya do it.

  • chickn40

    Get a life and go listen to your Justin Bieber album. Clutch is fucking awesome.

  • chafu