Exclusive Free Downloads: Hank3 Has a Cow

By: jeanne.fury Posted in: free, listen On: Monday, July 11th, 2011

Hank3 - 2011

Ladies and gentlemen, it’s not every day that the Deciblog introduces you to a whole new genre of extreme music. But today is special. Today, we bring you a new breed of ferocity. Behold…


That’s right, you mooing sons-o-bitches. Cattle core. Speed metal + cattle auctioneer vocals = cattle core. “Why didn’t I think of that?” you’re saying to yourselves. Because you’re stupid and have no vision, that’s why. But to soothe the burn, recognize that Hank3 (also known as Hank Williams III) is the pioneer of this twisted amalgam, and he is, quite frankly, the only one who could pull off such a blazing experiment without turning it into a steaming pile of fertilizer.

These two tracks are off Hank3’s upcoming speed metal album 3 Bar Ranch Cattle Callin, part of a troika of releases set for September 6. The other two albums are Ghost to a Ghost/Guttertown, a double disc of country tunes, and the doom metal Attention Deficient Domination. But it’s Cattle Callin that we decided to explore, if only because it’s so deliriously nuts, it’ll singe your utters and have you reaching for the Bag Balm. In addition to skidmark-inducing metal, the songs features famous cattle auctioneers Tim Dowler and Mitch Jordan. It’s amazing these guys can feel their faces after 20 minutes of work. Download the two exclusive tracks below via SoundCloud. Throwing the horns has never before felt so appropriate.

3 Bar Ranch Cattle Callin “Branded”

3 Bar Ranch Cattle Callin “Tim Dowler – Black Cow”

  • Joel


  • your mom

    Seriously? This sounds like a steaming pile of cowcrap.

  • BillyBob

    This is fucking horrible.

  • hankfan209

    i want to hear the song with tom waits! what the fuck??? 

  • hankfan209

    and by the way, you guys are so closed minded…open up a little and let music in to your life! grow up and realize there’s more than one type of good music out there.
    “oh he’s a little country it scares me, what if my friends hear me listening to something that’s not cannibal corpse?” come one grow some and at least try to enjoy real music.

  • joseywhales

    do yo thang hank this aint for me but do your thang !

  • http://thenumberoftheblog.com/ groverXIII

    I’d rather he stuck to the outlaw country stuff, to be honest.

  • Syn_son

    I am a Hank fan but that stuff was horrible


    I will buy this and anything else III is apart of. Even if I dont plan on listening to it much. All to show support for one of the last true voices in the music industry.He dose the music he wants to do not a bunch of over produced crap full of “hooks” and bullshit.

  • Becca

    Hmmmmmmm…Don’t know what to make of this yet….III is III and he don’t give a fuck!  Bring it III!  Respects!

  • Reidtn1986

    This sounded like crap to me at first, but the more i listen the more I really like it. For real.

    • samson


  • madmitch411

    at first i thought this was horrible. its kinda growing on me now though. i wish he just made another assjack album though. still looking forward to the other 3 he’s releasing in september.

  • Venom_x737

    It’s good to see hank has the balls to try something new vs. The same shit everyone else beats a dead horse with….

  • Dbrown16

    I love III but this sounds like shit!

  • Speedmaster

    Seriously? That sounds like the shit I hear In my head when I’m layin’ in bed trying to sleep at night.

  • outlawthunder79!

    Black Cow rocks!!  I’m far from being a headbustin sludgemetal lovin mf’er.  Matter of fact, I”m a Cope spittin, Wrangler wearing, Bud Light lovin, Resistol wearing cowboy motherfucker……but I love this shit!!!  Hank 3, if you ever read this, I don’t know what your faith is but you damn sure have a God given talent, as your dad and Sr. did.  This will kick ass to listen to in the shuffle with Waylon and Pantera and Bocephues as I’m pullin weeds or shuckin corn or pickin butterbeans in the hot Ga. sunshine out here in the country.  3 is one of the most creative, groundbreaking, underground superstars in the business.  Alot of people don’t get the genius or the man, I can’t wait to meet em in person one day.If he ever wanted to , or ever was, in the Nashville Scene, he’d be one of the most real people that you’d ever come across in the industry.  I love his country shit, it’s the best out there today in my opinion, and i like alot of his rock shit too, a true musician plays what inspires him or her and puts it out to the masses to either love or hate, either way, he’s proud of his work and sound at the end of the day.  I wish Hank Jr. still gave a fuck about his music and sound like back in the days of the New South albumn…. Hank III, I got your daddy’s brand tatted on me and a big ass diamondback on my back with calligraphy that says Outlaw, Love, Pain, and Teardrops…… i want 3 bars or some 3 lyrics off of Stoned and Alone to honor you, because you represent true music, and not the a-typical pop country bullshit that’s played today.   I’m far from a Holy roller, but I know He is real and is all that matters, I’d love to have an ounce of your musical talent, so I hope you give the respects to the Man, because damn son, your a hell of a picker, a legendary songwriter, and shit, it must be a rush to be able to come up with and produce music like this….. to all the haters, remember what 3 said in that song The Grand Ole Opry Aint so Grand Anymore…….

    “To most people that hear this, it seems like I’m talkin shit,  But if you look behind the scenes of whos pulling string well god dammit it’ll make ya sick, Hank Williams still aint reinstated and i’ll tell ya thats fuckin bullshit

    And if king jimmy martin if he was still here he’d tell em all to fuckin suck his dick”

    It may not be for everybody but at least the shit’s real….Try findin that on a country or rock station these days………………

    • Trehn

      butter beans all i can say pussy !!!!!!!!

  • Character

    I really wanted to like this, but… The first track sounded like random noise to me.  Like middle school kids who get their first electric guitars and just turn up the distortion and think they can play.  This doesn’t even work as something abstract and experimental.  Random screaming much louder than the instruments.  It’s just lame.  Makes St. Anger sound like Reign in Blood.

    Second track is a lot better.  Musical and listenable.  And you can hear the instruments a lot better on this one, which is usually a plus when listening to music…

  • Perrins2006

    How do I listen to this? I downloaded it on my app store but the won’t stream!

  • hank 3 sucks

    what in the fucking fuck did i just listen to?

  • maurice

    i love hank 3 , but this is just noise and crap. keep it country, maybe in time he’ll do a cover album of his grand pops stuff, now that would be worth waitin for. keep plugging hank, true outlaw, true rebel, true cowboy from hell.

    • beandogg

      Hank III has covered some of Hank Sr’s stuff. He covers I’m A Long Gone Daddy on Hank Williams Timeless. Also in the country set at his shows he always pays tribute to his grandfather and others such as David Allan Coe, and Wayne “The Train” Hancock. He even covers a few Hank Jr. stuff too. He definetly pays respect where it is due.

  • Skeeterskier

    I like Hank III and all, but this sounds like a bunch of fucking noise to me.

  • Lass666

    Jaysus, my head actually hurts after listening to that : ( So disappointing

  • 300mphmartyr

    this is hawt shiet. seriously. i grew up on “outlaw country” & metal, i luv this guy’s talent & lust4wut-E-duz. especially given the history ‘an all. i play all hank3 & early kid rock @ work, the country fans get their fix, the rivet-heads get their fix, i get both plus my rap fix (hence the early kid rock). everyone’s happy. especially with the hank3 stuff. i’m so addicted.

  • zero

    reminds me of fantomas’ amenaza al mundo.

  • crash75

    i seen ATTENTION DEFICIT DOMINATION last night after good ol HANK 111. IT’S A STONER’S DREAM! sounds in the vian of SLEEP! oh i loved it so doomy. 3BAR RANCH CATTLE CALLIN is out there but i’m gona enjoy it. rather industral, meets hell! wild,man, wild! it’s like a speeded up ministry vinal! I LIKE IT! thanks for the sample boys

  • Glennstarkey


  • Mirandalacroix

    The branded song sounded like shit…like I can’t even fathom what the hell it was, but I loved the cow song, more like that would be cool…rock on Hank your a fucking pioneer.

  • 300mphmartyr

    alotta fokes say hank3 stinks. that’s cuz he’s the shit. can’t wait till sept.06.

  • Fatmunkees

    one word, horrible!

  • 300mphmartyr

    Y duz da 1wk. ‘ol stuff get presedence over da 3 day ‘ol stuff? FIX. so way.

  • Hellbilly

    Hank3 is one the best out there right now, but this is one album I will pass on. Think the sound still need refinement. Looking forward to the other 3 albums.

  • Sweeen

    This Is Really good,  if you can’t appreciate all aspects of sound then you are narrow minded and have no idea what its like to create.

  • RmfG

    i will buy all this shit cause his other albums will provide me a lifetime of joy.  gotta hear this live before i give my final verdict

  • Metal chic

    What the fuck was that. Used to be a Hank 3 fan but I think this pretty much done it. What happened to the good music man??????

  • Metal chic

    I now know why curb kicked you to the curb.

  • Atomized

    he has 3 Albums out Sep 6th… One Country Ghost to Ghost (double disk)
    this one and a Hellbilly album… I Pre Orderd the Country one and look forward to sticking it in my CD player. I have liked Hank III for over 12 years and have seen him live over 14 times… I have even hung out with him, Smoked some good Oregon Bud and Talked about the Misfits… I still have Faith in him. Also he writes and Sings better then his dad. For me he is the most “real” Country Artist out their. also if you know anything about this guy he loves Metal & Punk… Try the double disc Ghost to Ghost before you condem him… Also Fuck Curb Records they have dicked him around so much. Rebel Within is Great and I expect nothing less from him on his “country” music

    From What I Understand This is going to be A “Speed Metal” Album Pharmaceutical is going to be a “Hellbilly” Album and the double disc Ghost to Ghost (Feat. Les Claypool, Tom Waits and a few other) Is going to be country. I cannot wait to get my Fix in The mail… Hank if you read this Thank You for being you…. you Sick mother fucker. :-)

  • Thazzard

    Are you fuckin with us? WOW

  • blarg

    Beyond awful. I thought the track was fucked up and playing extra fast, but from the sounds of it… this is it? Sounds like a jame session gone wrong.