Decibel Flexi Series

In January of 2011, the heaviest music magazine in North America got half an ounce heavier, and the aftershocks are still registering around the world. With two explosive new tracks from Brutal Truth, Decibel launched its inimitable Flexi Series, in which loyal subscribers receive a new, ultra-limited vinyl flexi disc bound into the magazine every month. Each individual disc features exclusive music from the artists we’ve assiduously covered over an eight-year history quickly hurtling towards 100 issues. That means previously unreleased tracks, covers, live songs, demos, alternate takes, re-recordings and more!

With over 50 installments in the series—
featuring extreme metal icons as diverse as Napalm Death, Lamb of God, Municipal Waste and Torche—not to mention multiple sold out editions, the Flexi Series has enjoyed a cache befitting the rarest vinyl, reselling for astronomical amounts on eBay. Check out the library for yourself—every Flexi Series track to date is streaming on this page for your digital enjoyment. Although it’s obviously way cooler to collect.

A few issues with the flexi included are available each month through select indie record stores—as well as the Decibel webstore—but the best way to ensure that you get this highly collectible vinyl is to subscribe. Catch up now, while the latest brutality from your favorite band is still available.