STREAMING: Mörglbl “Brutal Romance”

By: Chris D. Posted in: featured, listen On: Wednesday, May 23rd, 2012


Most of the Deci-faithful haven’t heard of prog wizards Mörglbl, but I’m sure there are a few who know guitar maniac Christophe Godin, who’s somewhere between legends Allan Holdsworth, Mattias Eklundh (of the underrated Freak Kitchen) or Steve Vai. Or, somewhere between the groove-thrash of Pantera, the zaniness of Primus, and Holdsworth’s fusion genius. Sans voice, of course. That Godin himself calls Mörglbl “power-jazz-metal instrumental music” should give you an indication he doesn’t plan to sit comfortably in any genre. Heavy or jazzy.

Anyway, Under the Mörglbl (maybe pronounced Muurg-label) umbrella, Godin has assembled a total of six long-players—counting new album Brutal Romance—since 1998. He’s slowly building a name for Mörglbl by touring with Liquid Tension Experiment and the aforementioned Freak Kitchen. The dude also does a bevy of guitar clinics, where he lays down the wow from Jersey to London.

Enjoy “Brutal Romance”. Just put hand under jaw. It’ll help avert an expensive medical bill.

** Mörglbl’s new album, Brutal Romance, is out June 5th via Free Electric Sound. It’s available HERE.

  • Randi Penguin

    I love this track. I discovered Morglbl when someone told me that I was a dead ringer for Christophe. I wish I could play guitar like him!! Five stars definitely, My bank balance is going to suffer though – I’ll have to buy at least some of the back catalogue. Ho hum.