STREAMING: Fuck The Facts “Alone”

By: Chris D. Posted in: featured, listen On: Wednesday, September 21st, 2011

Fuck the Facts

There’s a quaint perception that grindcore is, in fact, two-dimensional. One (maybe two if you’re lucky) emotion — aggression — and the music follows accordingly. Of course, there are outliers to everything, but Ottawa, Canada-based Fuck The Facts proves that grindcore in 2011 doesn’t have to be like grindcore of 1986, 1987, or 1997. It can be chameleonic, a shape and color-shifting form recognizable for splitting myopic numskulls one second, unrecognizable a toe-tapping machine of melodically-inclined death the next. Like Fuck The Facts’ new track, “Alone”.

Perhaps, what Fuck The Facts are doing — the blending of sounds, influences (a blue guitar/piano bit in a grindcore tune?), and whatever the, uh, fuck they want — amounts to sacrilege. Pissing on the graves of forebears. Inversion of the true. Or smashing grindcore’s un-smashable pillars. Actually, who cares? “Alone” crushes all! Whether it’s the reflective prologue, the megaton post-prologue groove, the inevitable D Day-like assault, the post-D Day-like assault, the old-school death metal vignette, or the hardcore thrust, Fuck The Facts is grindcore evolved. Sure, there’s a bit of hyperbole in that last sentence, but when have the words grindcore + melodic = fantastic? Feel free answer in the comments section.

Anyway, without further ado, here’s Fuck The Facts’ streaming debut of “Alone”:
Fuck The Facts – Alone by Decibel Magazine

** Fuck The Facts’ Die Miserable is out October 11th, 2011 on Relapse Records. Pick up a physical copy here.

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  • post-felix

    First example that comes to mind is recent Napalm Death. I haven’t paid attention to FTF for a while, but this piques my interest indeed. 

  • Chrischevko

    i love fuck the facts  ………sexually

  • forcefed

    im so happy they always write music just for me. :)

  • Alexander iatemyself

    can’t fuckin wait for my cd. hate this early premiers…3 awesome song already and more than 2 weeks for a whole cd, FUCK!

  • Rohan Miles Vandenborn

    omfg. this is cool. powerful stuff

  • Lacunabliss

    Awesome stuff guys,, cant wait for the new album.

  • Smeagollum

    Oh tabarnak. Disgorge Mexico était la claque, j’pense qu’on a ici un bon follow up.