O’Brother Premiere Track From New Album

By: adem Posted in: featured, gnarly one-offs, heavy tuesdays, listen On: Tuesday, November 8th, 2011

Photo by Christy Parry

We can’t speak for our fellow Decibloggers, but our own goal for these weekly dispatches is to entertain, inform and occasionally enlighten. Beyond that, anything goes, just as long as it’s within the “extremely extreme” wheelhouse. So, today we’re offering up the premiere of a track from a band that we could hardly argue is “metal.” That said, O’Brother definitely have plenty of extreme influences, which you can witness for yourself below. We love “Malum,” the lead track on O’Brother’s soon-to-be-released debut album, Garden Window. If Radiohead’s Thom Yorke cut a record with the Melvins (never say never…), it’d probably sound a lot like this track—hypnotic, weird and heavy as fuck.

O’Brother: “Malum” by Decibel Magazine

Garden Window, which will be made available digitally on November 15 from Triple Crown Records/Favorite Gentlemen, has other heavy moments, but much of it veers toward post-metal, noise and indie rock, thus making the bludgeonous effort of “Malum” all the more impactful.

The band is currently wrapping up a tour with Thrice (dates below) and will be releasing the physical version of Garden Window in early 2012.

Nov 8: Mayan Theater, Los Angeles, CA
Nove 9: House of Blues, Anaheim, CA
Nov 10: House of Blues, Anaheim, CA
Nov 11: House of Blues, San Diego, CA

  • guest

    I’m super excited for this album, that song was sick!

  • http://twitter.com/OBROTHA Cesar Sanchez

    Best band alive for sure, they bring such ambiance, they play music like
    if they are trying to theatrically tell a story through a instrumental
    explosion of unique sounds creating an amazing atmosphere! They remind
    me of the way Pink Floyd portraits their music very well thought and so
    much indulgence of passion and creativity. O’ Brother’s music is rare
    and the poetic vocals behind the music is genius! One mistake bands do a
    lot is changing their unique sound trying to sound something they are
    not, maybe because they are afraid to give the consumer the same
    sounding album like the previous one, but what many don’t understand is
    that you can keep your style and always learn how to explore new heights
    using the amazing talents and minds behind the music. I hope this never
    happens with O’ Brother I pray! Spread that word of advice to my good
    friends. Thanks for coming to Houston!