STREAMING: new Evergrey tune “Wrong”

By: Chris D. Posted in: featured, listen On: Friday, January 28th, 2011

Evergrey Warehouse

To date, Swedish progressive metallers Evergrey haven’t had much Decibel ‘presence’. Maybe a review here, a review there over the course of our six now-infamous years on this silly planet. Will that change? Only Pontificator-in-Chief Albert Mudrian knows for certain.

But that hasn’t stopped Evergrey from infiltrating the Deciblog, where, like dreams, all things are possible. Just this week, the Wolvhammer dude, Heath Rave, bestowed the virtues of Pantera cock rock classic, Power Metal. Who’d a thunk it?! So, it’s a start we Decibel-ers are branching out past our comfort zones of Left Hand Path, Lost Paradise, and Reign in Blood.

Back to Evergrey. If you haven’t heard of them or have willfully ignored the Gothenburg-based outfit, well, we can give you a few starting points. The group’s 1998 debut album, The Dark Discovery, is really ace. Sort of Last in Line-era Dio rock brawn with Images and Words-era Dream Theater brains. 2003’s Recreation Day also benefits from some brilliant songsmithing. Granted, Evergrey’s very Euro. That should be a huge red flag to you heavy metal naysayers and grind-grumps, but for the rest of us — i.e., appreciators of things frilly and proggy (see Kevin Stewart-Panko’s orchestral metal piece in Decibel #77) — the Gothenburgers can almost do no wrong. Except for that pesky ‘A Touch of Blessing’ video.

As for Evergrey’s new album, Glorious Collision, it’s out in February. And it’s excellent. Here’s the audio to prove it.


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Frontman Tom S. Englund ‘splains the lyrical depth in ‘Wrong’. From the sounds of it, Mr. Englund’s getting old. We can appreciate that.

“The song ‘Wrong’ is about when you try to flee from the horrifying fact you were wrong where you were certain you were right! It’s about all the battles that you won but won wrongly. But most of all it’s about being able to re-value and change a mind that was already set.”

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Evergrey’s Glorious Collision is out February 22th, 2011 on Steamhammer/SPV. Order it here.

  • chucktf

    Great song, its abit from what Evergrey’s done in the past, but you can really tell its Grey! Can’t wait for the new album to hit stores so I can go and get it and listen to the whole disc.. Don’t worry I buy my music, cant take away from the people who busts their ass to give you a worthy metal album

    • Lee

      Yeah and what I have heard from their blogs the rest is crushing… this is quite “radio-friendly” compared the other snippets : )Excited!

      • chucktf

        Yes, I do agree with Greys music is becoming more radio friendly from their last album. It’s hard to tell if this is Grey’s turn to become more radio friendly or the labels. Either way Evergrey is a well over-looked band that deserves their props for what they’ve done. Great music nowdays are being ignored while abunch of teenybopping girls half naked singing about shit that doesn’t even matter… Then again thats MTV for ya.. Oh, wait, sorry MTV doesn’t play videos anymore.. Maybe they are doing us a favor for a change lol.. Nice hearing from ya Lee.

  • Nakhadana Gallagher

    WAW : Without words. REALLY IMPRESS ME! :) Love it! ^_^

  • Frank Serafine

    This is so good. For metalheads that aren’t allergic to melody.

  • Frank Serafine

    Evergrey never seem to disappoint

  • Lunashadows

    this is an awesome song I want to keep it

  • Clark Olson

    Solitude Dominance Tragedy is their best (IMO).

  • John

    The right link to their facebookpage:

    • Robkre23

      the keysboards are back

  • Paulorays

    Great song, as usual…

  • javi

    Fantastic as always!!! This band deserves much more !!!

    Stay grey!!!

  • Ibon

    Fantastic, This band is really BIG, waiting for the limited edition!!!
    and of course waiting for the band !! Don´t forget Bilbao !! Stay Grey!!

  • Lightningrider

    The interesting thing here is there’s some 10 people loving Evergrey and I’m pretty sure there’s only one or two on the forum who like the band.

  • Warrenfkist

    Really digging from 2:26 through 3:34!!!! Something seemed missing the last two cd’s and it feels like the Evergrey from old is back. Can’t wait to grab the cd!!

  • Gutim


  • Pain

    Whats up with the sound quality, seems even worse then the TORN album.
    And that album was almost impossible to listen to … sounded awful :/

  • Rickard

    Excellent !!

  • MARK


  • Danlcort7

    great sound

  • Caio Jorge

    Absolutely fantastic! All the instruments sound awesome!! It seems the changes only made this already magnificent band even better!!!

  • Foorzan

    Uhhh.. Am I the only one who thinks this is not that good? Evergrey lost their heaviness in the last 2 albums.. everything before that sounded awesome and gave me some of those “Auto-headbang” moments.. I remember seeing them for the first time when Recreation day was released and became an Insta-fan. Every album that comes out I hope for a success as good as Recreation day.. But they somehow always let me down a little :(