Inquisition frontman Dagon: “I’m not a Nazi.”

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Earlier this week, an article on a blog called Shamelessnavelgazing was posted claiming that U.S. black metal band Inquisition not only had ties to the white power and neo-Nazi movements, but were, in fact, Nazi sympathizers themselves. The strongest accusations came from Daniel Gallant, a rehabilitated white supremacist who claimed that Inquisition guitarist/vocalist Jason “Dagon” Weirbach and drummer Thomas “Incubus” Stevens, “loved the white power movement” and openly professed “admiration for Hitler” when he drove a tour bus the band traveled on several years ago.

After a highly-trafficked metal blog ran excerpts from the story with the accompanying headline “Black Metal Band INQUISITION Are Probably Nazis,” pretty much everyone in the metal community quickly formed a passionate opinion on the matter. Call us old-fashioned, but we thought it might be a good idea to actually ask Inquisition what was up with all of this. Weirbach spoke with Decibel’s Editor in Chief yesterday by phone. Let’s get right to it.

Are you a Nazi, and do you condone the singling out and persecution of non-whites as inferior beings?

Jason “Dagon” Weirbach: Absolutely not. I’m not a Nazi and I’m not out to persecute a particular race—or any race—white or non-white.

Have you ever met Daniel Gallant? If so, what was your relationship with him?

JW: First of all, I don’t know that person. I don’t know who he is. When I hear that name, I don’t know who he is. So, my common sense tells me, are you mentioning the name of the person who is an ex-Nazi that met me on that Canadian tour who made those comments?

Yes. That is the man who is accusing you of Nazi leanings and claiming that that you and your drummer Tom Stevens celebrated his swastika tattoo upon learning of it.

JW: Right. So, I’ll get right through all the b.s. OK, so now I know his name. Yes, I did meet him. Uh, I’m gonna guess somewhere… I think it was about 2008, maybe? Inquisition did a small, very small—we weren’t on the bigger circuit then—underground tour in Canada. Gyibaaw, a band formed of Native Americans from Canada, toured with us, and Gyibaaw supplied the transportation. In fact, it was a small, like, a shuttle bus that they use to take you from hotels to airports, that they got off of their res[ervation], and they provided it for the tour. And they were awesome guys; got along with them very well. And they also brought a driver on the tour. So, Gyibaaw provided the van—or shuttle bus—and the driver.

One day—this is something I have to explain; it’s very important—we were driving halfway through Canada somewhere. It was a hot day. And the driver said, “Whoa, here’s a lake where I used to swim when I was a kid. I’m gonna pull over here and dive in real quick, kinda take a quick bath in there,” you know? So, Tom [Stevens] and I, or Incubus and I, Inquisition, got out of the shuttle, Gyibaaw got out of the shuttle, our road manager… we all got out of the shuttle and walked towards the lake. None of us got into the lake except for that individual, he who wanted to bathe in there. So, he took his shirt off and he was just in shorts. He dove into the lake, and when he was coming out, he was getting close to me, I saw this enormous swastika, I think over his heart, over his left pectoral. And I looked at that and I told Tom, “Holy shit, dude. Is that what I think it is? What the…” you know? He goes… I think Tom’s reaction was, “Whoa.”

So, we left it at that. We left it alone because I was confused. I was thinking, “OK, there’s a band of Native Americans who set up this tour with us and that driver has an enormous freaking swastika over his chest, man.” And never did I ever think, “This is an ex-Nazi.” I’m just thinking, “Joe, it’s walking like a dog, it’s got to be one. It’s right there.” And there’s a lot of technology, man, these days to wipe those things off if you don’t want them anymore on you. So, I mean, you know, there’s even tape, there’s even Band-Aids or something, you name it. You really don’t want it on there, if you’re not that, then you don’t want to be associated 100 percent by having it tattooed on you.

So, anyway, getting to the point—which, all this is the point; you have to read into this and how it developed—so, anyway, you know, I wasn’t ignorant, I wasn’t like, “Oh, man!” I left him alone, he dried up, he put his clothes back on, and we all got back into the van. Um, when we’re in the van, my memory is fuzzy… I can’t remember if I asked him about the tattoo, or how it came up, but the bottom line is either I brought it up or somebody asked me something about his ideology or something. The bottom line is, his tattoos became a topic after he bathed in the lake and we all got back into the van. So, once the tattoo became a topic, I did ask him, I said, “Yeah, so what’s going on with that tattoo?” And he said… I believe he said something like, “I have more.” I’m like, “Really?” He said, “Yeah” and he started showing them. I think they were on his arm or something. And my exact reaction was, “Holy shit, dude. What the fuck?” You know? And then I think I called Tom over and I was like, “Dude, check this out.” And that’s exactly what we did, and Tom’s like, “Whoa.” You know? I mean, we’re not looking at tattoos of Mickey Mouse, right?

And so, when my reaction was, “Whoa,” well, either you’d be pro or con against it. Normally, you’re gonna have a reaction. I mean, there’s a lot behind those symbols, right? A lot of stuff that happened. And I’m not a sociopath, so I do have emotions, and uh, so, you know, it’s not like I was just an ice cube looking at these things. And I was confused, I was a little confused, but because I don’t like people judging me without knowing the facts, I never judged him. And I kind of put one and one together. I thought, “Well, okay, Gyibaaw set this tour up, they hired him, so either all of these guys are Nazis”—and I’ve heard of Native Americans sometimes not having a problem with it, because some Natives have been related to something nationalistic. So, I’m thinking, “Whoa, something obscure’s going on here”—or who knows? This is just a dude who once upon a time… anyway, he brought it up. He said, “I’m an ex-skinhead, and I’ve gotten away from that stuff. And I’ve even had death threats come my way.” And I’m thinking, “Really? No shit? Wow.” And it was a very normal conversation.

I think I was kind of cornered by then with questions like, “What do you think of the whole thing?” I heard this question come out from behind my head and I looked back, and it was one of the members of Gyibaaw: “Dagon…” So, since he saw me talking with the driver about his tattoos, he said, “Dagon, so what are your views on this whole thing about Nazism and national socialism?” And, look, this is… we’re talking 2008. I can’t literally go over every single thing I said. But I can honestly tell you that I never flat-out said I thought it was a horrible thing, or that I was against it, but never did I say I was with it and that I believed in it. What I have always told people is I understand it. I understand that when you look at history and what was happening at the time, whenever you put yourself in everybody else’s shoes—and if you’re smart enough, and you have… maybe common sense is not the word, but you have an understanding of why things happen in history and in humanity the way they do, it doesn’t matter how ugly it is to you or how great. It’s simple physics. It’s nature. Things happen. Earthquakes happen. You know? Bad, good—things happen

So, anyway, my guilt by association, I’m assuming, could be when I told the guy from Gyibaaw, “You know, yeah, I’ve known people in the movement indirectly and directly. I’m not a Nazi, but I’ve never … steered people away from Inquisition if they like Inquisition, if they support Inquisition.” And I’ll say it right here: If somebody is NS, or believes in whatever they want, and they like the music we’re doing, then they like it. And I’m not gonna create a campaign to keep them away from my band. I have a friend who’s a Christian—a good friend—he supports Inquisition. That’s where I’m at. You know? I don’t let these things intimidate me.

So, yeah, it was a loaded question, now I see, but in fact they engaged in the conversation by mentioning to me when I asked them, “What were the views of Native Americans on things that were socialistic or national socialistic or communistic?” And I’ll back it up. I mean, he explained to me vividly how on their tribe they have this… what they call a color wheel. And on this wheel there’s multiple colors. Each color represents a race of man. And how each race contributes to humanity working together. How one represented science, how one represented physical work, how… I asked him, in fact, to back this even more up, I asked him what did the color of the Native Americans represent, and he said, “Medicine. We brought medicine to humanity.” And the reason I go into these details is because it was an interesting conversation. I mean, you could talk political sciences all you want. Does that make you… does that make me Native American or something right away? No. You know, because I was asking them things that I thought was interesting.

So, all this stuff, as controversial as it is, is interesting to me. But it doesn’t mean that I’m out affiliated with a movement that is seeking to physically destroy any type of race, and I’m not out, you know, spreading fliers and propaganda of, you know … “do away with this and do away with that.” If I have done that through Inquisition, it’s a metaphor against religions. Black metal is a symbolic or metaphor of the free will, independent thinking, opening the mind to greater things than just looking straight into the religions of all cultures that men themselves have created. And that’s what it’s about. And national socialism, to a certain degree, is all the opposite of that. All of it. Right? So, I could keep going somewhere down there, but you may have other questions that… could kinda trail onto other things, so I’ll let you do that.

Can you tell me about your relationship with former Inquisition cover artist Antichrist Kramer? Is he, to your knowledge, a white supremacist? And if you knew that he was, would it affect your decision to work with him?

JW: Kramer was a very good friend of mine, uh, when I met him in 2003. The relationship of mine with him was a friendship through fan bases. He was a fan who contacted me with an interview, I believe, or I think, yeah… he sent me a magazine he made in 2002 or 3. And he was really into the South American black metal scene. In fact, I remember through him I learned about Goat Semen. Eventually the friendship grew, and I can’t remember how, but I found out that he drew. He did art. Back then, we did not have a stable artist, “stable” meaning I wanted to have an artist that I could have for a few years in-house that would create multiple album covers and shirt designs, like Slayer/Iron Maiden have done. And so I saw his artwork and I loved it, and I thought, “Wow, here’s a young talent undiscovered. Can we grab him?” And we started working together. Over the years, he started to get into powerelectronics and noise, and I later told him, “I’ve always been into this stuff,” and so our bond got even tighter because now we had even more stuff in common.

He is not a white supremacist. A white supremacist is a person who views their race—white—as supreme, and will not associate, absolutely, with no other race of any kind, other than his own race, which in this case would be white. He is not a white supremacist. Um, so, that covers my relationship to him, how I met him, and he did all our album covers. If I knew he was a white supremacist, truly, would I work with him? Well, there’s a fine line, because even though Inquisition is not a white supremacist band, it gets into the area of, well, here’s a friend who may have evolved into something that is not my business, but now is working for the band. So, for the band, of course, I would not have worked with him. We would not have… it would have been very difficult. It would have affected maybe our friendship or something, because people don’t like being judged, even though ironically we’re talking about everybody judging each other. And I want a career free of this kind of baggage and drama. I would call it drama.

So, it would have affected us, and clearly, to the point, had he been a white supremacist, of course we would not have worked with him. And I’ll repeat it: He is not a white supremacist. He has worked with Nyogthaeblisz, which is a Mexican-American black metal somewhat noise project. They’re not noise, but it’s a very extreme black metal. He works with Black Witchery, where the singer is half-Colombian like myself. He’s great friends with them. Uh, he was friends with Blasphemy. Blasphemy has an African-American, we all know about him, the guitar player, he’s a great guy. And I mean, you know, he’s not a white supremacist. What bothers me is that you can tell people all you want about Kramer not being white supremacist—they don’t want to believe it. Because they think that some white supremacists have the ability to be friends with other racists, but still have their own beliefs. But that’s not truly white supremacy, man. It is not.

The website that published the quotes from Gallant is concerned about the title of a song Inquisition released a decade ago called “Crush the Jewish Prophet.” The fact that it appeared on a record released by the German label No Colours also raised some eyebrows. Nothing about the lyrics to the actual song in question appears anti-Semitic, so can you explain why you choose to insert the word “Jewish” as a qualifier in the song’s title?

JW: The word “Jewish” is very controversial to some people. And black metal has always been about being controversial and being strong and being, for some people, offensive. I mean, you listen to Profanatica and they have some of the most offensive music against Jesus and Christianity in general. Okay? I think it’s all who says the word “Jewish.” I think it’s also who says the word “Jew,” and depending on how you say it, it’s taken right or wrong. Who the police are that regulate that, I don’t know. And all I’ll tell you is it added a very strong effect to the title visually and sonically, and I feel like I was in all the right because based on what history’s told me, Jesus was Jewish. Okay? He wasn’t Arabic, you know? He wasn’t French. He wasn’t Brazilian. He was Jewish. Now, he was a prophet. At that time, he was a prophet; he was a self-proclaimed prophet. That’s why supposedly, you know, he was killed. So, I really don’t know what the problem is. And so, it’s guilt by association. “Whoa, here’s a black metal band that’s on No Colours, singing about ‘Crush the Jewish Prophet.’”

I need to say something about No Colours that nobody in I think 15 or 20 years has told media, and this is what really really bothers me and tells me that people haven’t… a lot of people now that are complaining were not around in the early ’90s, when No Colours was my favorite label. You know, they released some excellent, classic stuff. No Colours was named No Colours because, when it started, CDs were beginning to be a hot thing in the black metal underground. Even though they’re not now, everybody that was printing CDs was printing color. It was kind of a big thing… it wasn’t a big-big thing, but people were starting to print everything in color. Back then, in the early ’90s, you had to pay… I believe you had to pay a little more to have things printed in color. Okay, so, it was kind of—kind of—a bit of a luxury to see things in color. And when bands printed in black and white, not all of them, the bands or labels, were printing in black or white to be cool or raw or kult or underground. They were doing it because they couldn’t afford to print in color. They would do basic runs of maybe 500 copies in black and white, one little square page with their cover, and a thanks list on the back, and that’s it.

The underground black metal scene started to get very big. You know, when bands like Satyricon, all those bands were releasing these great classics, Immortal, were starting to grow and they started coming out, Osmose, if you remember, the first releases of Osmose, most of them were just like kind of black and white, black and silver. Just two colors. So, the scene started to grow. And financially, there was a little micro-economy now going on. You started seeing these really nice releases coming out. But No Colours had this thing where they were gonna keep things black and white. They weren’t gonna print in color. And that’s why most of the early releases from No Colours were only black and white. And I thought, “Man, how’s this guy gonna keep going like this, you know?” I think Malicious Records was kinda like that, too. Just doesn’t exist anymore. And it was a cult factor. Like, we’re gonna keep things underground and raw. It was not about colored people. It was not about “no colors, races of people accepted.” It was not that. And I am totally blown away that nobody has pointed that out. Even back then, in the early days, we all knew this. It was common sense. Because I explained a little history to you of black and white vs. color covers, and his covers were still black and white. But eventually he caved in. A label has to stay afloat. And I’m sure bands started saying, “Hey man, we want… we have this art made, we want it color,” you know?

So, I mean, to prove that, he had black and white covers of bands that were not NS at all. I mean, yes, there’s that association of Graveland and everything, but if you look at all the lyrics of early Graveland, they totally were just Satanic, obscure, people would call them a Norwegian Satanic black metal rip-off. And I love the label. I mean, anybody who thinks the early No Colours releases were bad, I don’t know, something’s going on.

And something I need to add: We were signed to No Colours because No Colours was the only reputable label in the underground willing to sign us. They were the only label, in like 2003, that picked us up. Before that, we were with a little tiny micro-label of a friend in Colombia, and then a little tiny micro-label in the States who were working our record and only released like four releases or something. And then that label caved in. And I remember asking Mike Meacham, “Hey dude, what labels are out there? Who do you think honestly would sign us where our music would fit in, yet they have a good distro and can grow us?” He goes, “Dude, No Colours.” And I said, “You know, I’m thinking the same thing.” And I got a hold of No Colours. And he wrote back saying, “Oh, I always wanted to sign you guys, but I didn’t have your contact.” And so he signed us. And we never thought about, “Man, this is gonna hurt us.” And I wouldn’t have stayed away from it anyway. The label was killer, man. I saw them as another early Osmose Productions label.

Let’s address your 88MM side project. I know the significance of the name in terms of artillery used by the Germans in World War II, and beyond that, the number 88 has gone onto have significance in the neo-Nazi community in terms of a code for a “Heil Hitler” salute. Just explain to me the relevance of the name of that project.

JW: Correct. It’s literally that. It’s the round. It’s the howitzer round. Germans used it. I think, for the type of… I’ve always been into electronic music. And my favorite electronic music was always the ’70s, German, Tangerine Dream, early… you know, you hear this a lot these days. But I’ve been into it forever, since I was a kid: the early Kraftwerk and all the early Tangerine Dream, but I was also into noise. A lot of the, like, Brighter Death Now and Mz.412. And so, I thought, “What if I do, like, this mix of kind of like an electronic, sequenced, German-esque style ’70s electronic music with the current kind of real militant, strong, heavy, noise-industrial music, like mostly Brighter Death Now and Mz.412?” And I thought, “I’ll do that.” And I noticed that they always have numbers involved. Pretty much my favorite of all those bands was always Mz.412. And I noticed a lot of them would involve letters and numbers, and I thought, “Ah, how do I come up with a number?” And I remember thinking, I was like, “Maybe, uh, star names, like kind of what astronomers use, they have star designations,” and I thought, “Ah, that’s kinda cheesy. I don’t want that. I want something more brutal. Something that has strength behind it.”

And yes, it is what people—to a certain degree—think, but it’s not a white power, Nazi… nothing. I thought, “Well, shit.” One day I was watching, I think it was a documentary or I was reading books, you know, on all kinds of old military weaponry, and thought, “Whoa, 88 millimeter. Yeah. That’s, like, perfect. It’s like Mz.412’s kind of style of name.” And it’s a brutal name, you know? That’s exactly what it was. I mean, yes, it did cross my mind. I thought, “Oh shit,” about the 88 thing and what are people gonna think. And I thought, when it comes… I’m a purist in art, man, and I thought, “Well, I’m not gonna just cancel the idea because a few people might think, ‘Oh wait, that might be…’” No. Because it’s 88 millimeter.

And part of the theme… yes, I will say it clearly, part of the theme was using this mix of, like, weird cosmological, cosmic, spacey music with really harsh noise that accompanied themes of a very dark side of humanity. There were themes of the Holocaust. There were themes of Manson. There’s themes about astronomy. It doesn’t really carry one identity. I just wanted to do something that, yes, had some controversy to it, but very dark… I hate using the name “controversy,” because controversy is what people from the other side bring you. Or create. And it’s a psychological thing. But I just wanted something really dark.

And it’s not a very big project. I’ve only done like a couple tiny little releases. So, there’s not a lot of variety in the themes. On the second release, there’s some samples of, in fact, where England mentions, “Hitler is dead, he is now dead,” and the music is kind of celebrative-sounding. But there’s also a song that’s the opposite; it’s almost like, it’s Hitler speaking with the sequenced music going, where it kind of generates the sense of, “Wow, this great power”—and I don’t mean great—“but this massive power, they’re all in the works,” and then you hear the other song, and it’s “Hitler is dead, he is dead, this is London calling, Hitler is dead” with the sample I used. So, it’s very neutral. It’s controversial to those whose feelings are more geared to not liking or having anything to do with this stuff. And no more than, like, Christians viewing an inverted cross or something, you know what I mean? But I never thought it would stir up anything like this, honestly.

But you say yourself that you were aware that it would rub some people the wrong way, but you weren’t going to let that deter you from doing what you wanted to do. Can you safely say that it somehow even pushed you further, made you stronger-willed, like, “If it makes people mad, good”? Was that ever part of the process?

JW: Yes. Yeah. I’ve always had the assumption that, within the extreme music scene, that there were no rules, per se. That, you know, I know within heavy metal or noise or whatever, we have people of different races. We have people… I mean, look: My mother’s Colombian, okay? I have half-Latino blood. I have half-German blood. I mean, if that makes me bad, I don’t know. But I view the world sometimes the way I view myself, and sometimes we make those mistakes. We think, like, you know, “Well, this doesn’t offend me. It has some edge.” Of course, there have been things that have offended me. There’s noise music that talks about things that I won’t even bring up here that can be offensive to me. But I get it. I get it and, within the art itself, I’m not offended. I accept it. And that’s where I stand. And this is what happens, I mean, when you do this stuff.

And you’re right, you know? Bottom line, I’m thinking, “Yeah, I’m gonna spark some feelings here. This stuff has some edge. Some people might get offended, or will get offended.” So, did I expect it? Yes. But not within the scene itself. You know, I forget that. It’s like, within black metal, I always assumed—and, you know, I’m not a stupid guy, but I do forget sometimes that not everybody in black metal has this spirit of “the more extreme, the better,” or “the faster the song, the better.” The more this or the more that, the better. I’m not saying the more Nazi, the better. I’m just saying, when people push the limits, even if they’re getting to a fine line or something, I get it. People feed off of that stuff, regardless of what the scene is. But you’re not really targeting people within your own scene. OK? See, that’s the thing: I mean, like extreme death metal, extreme black metal, extreme noise, it’s extreme because some things are sugar-coated. There’s sugarless, diet, light everything.

But, here’s the thing: I guess on the side, I can say, you know, Inquisition has grown now, and we’re more exposed now to the mainstream, obviously. It’s no secret. And so now you start realizing that not everybody in heavy metal per se is in it for the same reason. Not everybody is an adrenaline junkie.

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        • Commie shit

          Eat shit, Pol Pot

  • TimTreadwile



    A Fie I Minions Squints Soots



    • Cambodian Thrasher

      Tim, are you from Montana?

  • Dave

    Clearly just about the German artillery round. God damn – at least admit to this shit.

    • Shitehawk

      To be fair to the cunt, he did say some of the shit was about the holocaust lol

    • Jeb

      You’re a fucking joke dude. An internet rebel rouser in the black metal scene. If you want to make a difference go join Antifa and contribute to Israeli oprhan Children charities, or work on a kibbutz.

    • Dave’sADouche

      Yeah, the howitzer round was used by the Germans during the Holocaust. Inquisition and 88MM have written about the Holocaust and other atrocities, just like plenty of other “shocking” metal bands (predominantly in black metal). Violent imagery and blasphemy are the lifesblood of black metal lyricism.
      At no point do they suggest that they sympathize with Nazis. It sounds like you desperately need them to be Nazis to feed your hate-boner.

    • Lugh Gnosis Kardias

      Did he make the video? If not, which I doubt, you have no evidence.

  • Kevlartorment

    Just how it goes in the community of metal. Nazis are conviced Dagon isn’t one and hate him for it. PC police are convinced that he is one and hate him for it.

    Nicely done, folks.

  • Philippos

    How is this relevant to today’s world. This shit happened YEARS ago. End of discussion. They should talk about how great their latest album is. For all who reads this comment. Listen to the latest inquisition album. It is the best black metal album to come out in the past 15 years.

    • SteakSauce


      • Philippos

        So basically you know the man. You hung out with him. And he came over your house. And gave you a birthday came correct. Ok if you know the personally like I do. Then you would know he is no nazi. With all this said. You don’t now shit. How would you like it if someone you don’t know calls you every name in the book. And says you have a small dick.


          You have a unibrow

        • BBQSauce

          If you didn’t see the heavy sarcasm in that post, you are more dense than a dying sun.

    • bob

      It’s good, but all of their previous albums were better. They are starting to repeat themselves. Too many riffs/fills/transitions have been used on previous songs.

      Best black metal album in the last 15 years is obviously Deathspell Omega’s “Si Monementum, Requires, Cirmcuspice”

      • Philippos

        That is another great release. I love this one. Master of macrocosmical black arts is a great song. My favorite inquisition song is Solitary Death in the Nocturnal Woods


      Hey, don’t you date your sister?

  • just some dude with an opinion

    I’m not a neo-Nazi, but clearly Dagon was once, at the very least, into the offensive nature of Nazi imagery. He should’ve just said that rather than trying to shift the blame onto others, and squirming away from his past. Because fuck the mainstream and fuck PC wussies. Black Metal is not for you. I mean, definitely fuck Nazis, too, because they’re the worst police and the biggest wussies of all, but also fuck explaining yourself because of some internet allegations. Also I’ll take a dude who’s into Nazi imagery over a dude who attacks his girlfriend with a tattoo gun and then releases an album a few months later called “True Traitor True Whore.” Actually, no because that’s kinda sick, too!

    What I have always told people is I understand it.
    I have always told people is I understand it. I understand that when
    you look at history and what was happening at the time, whenever you put
    yourself in everybody else’s shoes—and if you’re smart enough, and you
    have… maybe common sense is not the word, but you have an understanding
    of why things happen in history and in humanity the way they do, it
    doesn’t matter how ugly it is to you or how great. – See more at:
    I have always told people is I understand it. I understand that when
    you look at history and what was happening at the time, whenever you put
    yourself in everybody else’s shoes—and if you’re smart enough, and you
    have… maybe common sense is not the word, but you have an understanding
    of why things happen in history and in humanity the way they do, it
    doesn’t matter how ugly it is to you or how great. – See more at:
    I have always told people is I understand it. I understand that when
    you look at history and what was happening at the time, whenever you put
    yourself in everybody else’s shoes—and if you’re smart enough, and you
    have… maybe common sense is not the word, but you have an understanding
    of why things happen in history and in humanity the way they do, it
    doesn’t matter how ugly it is to you or how great. – See more at:

    • bob

      Leviathan is total garbage, but Whitehead did not attack his girlfriend with a tattoo gun or anything. All the charges against him were dropped by the prosecution because that girl was lying, and had a history of making false accusations.

      • Smith

        Yeah man it’s total shit they people keep dragging his name the through the mud I was actually there for the whole thing and that chick was insane. It all stems from some stupid party and her being wasted and jealous

  • Twat Hunter

    Who cares?


    You people are ALL ignorant plebs. Finger-waggers and PC hipster conformists, YOU are the reason black metal exists. It is YOUR demise which it celebrates. Such troglodytic reasoning in this day and age should not be allowed to exist because it degrades the potential for true revolutionary thought.

    • Joshua Deeds

      You should try and understand the word and what it means before you use it, “pleb”, Troglodytes are typically uneducated and lack critical thinking skills. Much like our modern day nazi.

    • Shiv

      You’re a nerd and your death will leave behind no legacy

  • Mortado

    I’ve known Jason since shortly before the recording of “Into the Infernal Regions…” and he has never said or done anything which would even suggest he has NS/Nazi leanings. You PC fools are just that.

  • frederick

    is a reality that these people are a pest not overcome the things that happens in history, such as may still be calling a number of queers Nazis who claim to be pure breed or better blood, knowing it was a chimera of a much more intelligent man that the same German inquisition emerged in Colombia under the black metal that is made in south america … regarding the “Nazis” who inhabit this territory dirty shit on their beliefs

  • Pingback: Inquisition frontman: ‘I’m not a Nazi’ | Metal Insider()

  • Mortado

    Also, here is some feedback from someone in the Vancouver scene (who will remain nameless to protect his privacy despite also not being a Nazi) which to some extent discredits the “Daniel Gallant” character. “Daniel Gallant? You know that no Skinheads even know who that phony is or was? I asked a bunch or A.R.M. ,Hammer skins, Rahowa guys , all the guys from the old street scene, I mean shit, we beat the living shit out of each other for 10 fucking years, you would think ONE of them would know who that guy is or was.Someone would remember him from prison, from those meetings they like so much , stomping around drunk all night,etc. etc.That guy is as fake as it gets.”

    • Imma wizard

      I hope you pronounced that name right when asking cause it supposed to be pronounced like “Daniel GAYLANT”

  • darkfather

    I bet you 10 bucks it was people affiliated with ANTIFA in Portland, Oregon. All they do is create trouble and harass people who “MIGHT” be Nazi’s or like WW2 things. They “out” people who don’t even bother people. They themselves are no better than the people they claim to be against.

    • Joshua Deeds

      antifa do not advocate the destruction of an entire race. Moron.

      • ass sucking leftists

        They just send bomb threats to venues and use violence against people they consider to be their opposition… Wait… Isnt that called totalitarism when you use force to strive you political beliefs? lol

        They are fucking jokes and a paradox.

        • Joshua Deeds

          Oh fuck off, Fascists want to kill entire ethnicity’s which you seem to have no problem with. Good thing you have an anonymous handle coward. People like you are scum.

          • I like you style

            “Good thing you have an anonymous handle coward” What great argument. Sorry, all of us dont use facebook or another social media shit. I should just make profile to satisfy your fetish to masturbate on to peoples FB pictures?

            “Oh fuck off, Fascists want to kill entire ethnicity’s which you seem to have no problem with”
            I didnt say that. Yet another great argument by trying to but words on my mouth.

            You seem not to have any idea what leftist activist are doing nowadays around the world. Fucking pagan metal bands get labeled as “nazis” had cause they have some rune on their band logo (case like for example Moonsorrow had on their Germany tour). They try to scare promoters and threat venue holders cause something dont please them. Terror tactics to pursue their shitty ideology about “peace and freedom” when last 50 years ultraleftists sects have killed more people in Europe than any social reject nazi skinheads.

            If that dont seem totalitarism and is acceptable then I guess being neonazi isnt that bad.

            Yes, nazis want to kill people but luckily the communism was so peace loving and they just hugged those 100 million people to death on last century. Stalin was so sweet. Che Guevara is so sweet. Also antifa jerkoffs wearing Che shirts are so sweet. Fashion from political murderer.

          • Barney Fyfe

            You have some major cognitive dissonance. Like any other idiot in the metal scene.

            Moonsorrow doesn’t have songs about killing mass amounts of people, neither does Falkenbach or Bathory. So don’t go equivocating things, like most Metalheads do.

            You’re so quick to defend nazis.. why the fuck do you care?

            Either way, antifa will show sensitivity with a brick to the face to inbreds.

            However that being said, facts do not match your bullshit you’ve posted. I don’t recall Antifa gassing an entire race of people. But you’re defending people who have. Are you a fascist?

          • jimmy

            No, but plenty of bands have lyrics about raping and killing women, Christians, Muslims, pretty much anything. Why are Jews so much holier than the rest? Why is Behemoth allowed to get away with a song called “Christians to the Lions” while Inquisition are getting shit on for “Crush the Jewish Prophet”?

            And before you mention the Holocaust, please don’t forget that Jews weren’t the only group targeted just because the media never tells you.

          • gsdfgdg

            Yes, they dont have that kind of lyrics but that dont stop the leftist idiots throwing shit on them.


            “You’re so quick to defend nazis.. why the fuck do you care?”

            Well, like you see from this case with Moonsorrow the “nazis” they claim to fight against arent really nazis. They just like to call everything they dont like nazis. This is why I care.

          • FascistPigandProud

            Brick to the face to inbreds? Pfft. Quit talking crap on the internet asshole. Nobody is afraid of dreadlocked wigger stoners who are bent on destroying their own heritage and countrymen. Ethnic people hate you more than we do which is really saying something because our hate runs deep for you.

          • Lugh Gnosis Kardias

            So everyone with an anonymous name is a coward? TOTALLY makes sense.

            I see you as scum because I have known a few metalheads that were racist, and not ONE of them ever did anything to hurt anyone. Antifa, on the other hand, have beaten and killed people because they see Runes or a Thors Hammer.

      • antifa = nazi , nazi = antifa

        both antifa and and nazis are useless dripping pussies full of shit. shut up both side!!!!. we don,t need your childish war , leave the scene!

        • Joshua Deeds

          I’m not antifa, I’m playing devils advocate, but clearly you’re an idiot incapable of using logic before you put things down on the interwebz.

          • Barking dog

            oh muh antifa, antifa and neo-nazis are same kind of asshole shitheads on different sides

      • Cecil b

        Judaism is a religion, not a race, moron

      • Lugh Gnosis Kardias

        Yeah, just spiritual/ancestral beliefs, not the same thing at all. Moron.

        Stay the fuck away from me and my family, I am more worried about someone like you harming me than any so called White Supremacist I have ever met (who, by Dagons standards, are not even really WS) hurting someone because they are a different race, and not because I don;t care, but because I see you and your kind as an actual threat. Moron.

  • Jeremy Pahl

    In the part about Dan’s tattoo.. I was there, and Jason ACTUALLY said, “sweet art!”

    • Jeb

      I was at your conception

    • Susan

      sure you were

      • Jeremy Pahl

        Well, considering. I was on the cross-Canada tour with Inquisition..because I’m in Gyibaaw, YES I was there.

        • 1337 Skeet

          Who cares if he said “sweet art!”? Is he supposed to tell the bus driver he’s a moron and then walk back home? You’re telling me you’ve never patronized someone before? If not – then you’re a dick dude.

        • Sonya

          in the 70’s when I saw Black Sabbath they said the same thing you kids all need to grow up! but this is awesome advertisement for Inquisition!!

    • Pussy Ass

      Hey didnt you assholes do Drudkh cover on your record and still you claim to be “distusted by nazis”?

    • You disgust me


      • Disgust goes on


    • Sonya

      Not nice to take items out of context!!! Oh BTW whenI saw Black Sabbath back in the early 70’s they said the same!!! and thanks for the free advertisement but you guys will need to grow up a bit!

  • Here’s Johnny

    why is this band getting all this publicity and on numerous tours? they fucking suck..and the vocals are the worst ive heard in black metal. done to death childish lyrics too.

    look to Belphegor if you want crushing death/blackened metal.

    • fuck you johnny

      Yes, Belphegor’s lyrics like some “fetish goat asshole zombie” are so mature.

      • Here’s Johnny

        those songs do have a sense of humour about them, they werent being totally serious with tracks like that. inquisition are serious with their nazi crap.

        anyway i was talking about the music of Belphegor crushes this crap rather than the lyrics.

        that ok, dickwad?

        • Johnny be good

          Where do you see “nazi crap” on Inquisition lyrics? There are none.

          “anyway i was talking about the music of Belphegor crushes this crap rather than the lyrics.”
          Yet you said: “done to death childish lyrics too.”

          Your text is so autistic and full of faulty information that even you yourself dont understand what you are saying.

          • Here’s Johnny

            i said if you want crushing black/death metal listen to Belphegor. what are you finding hard to understand? are you retarded?

            i never mentioned Belphegors lyrics or would i state they are pure poetry but i know they are probably better than “crush, crush crush….jesus!” lyrics like bondage goat zombie are definitely tongue in cheek.

            i said nazi crap because we are having a discussion on are inquisition nazis.

            so go and fuck off, alright?

          • Hahah

            You critize a bands lyrics and praise another band so we kinda assume Belphegor would have better lyrics but seriously they dont. They in fact have more childish lyrics. These lines are straight from their lyrics:

            “The goat of fukk With cock of fire”

            “Cock of flame – Butt fuck me – rip me in half -Golden shower- Bondage – Baptized in cum”

            So mature

            yes they do and that makes them a fucking joke band.

          • bob

            Belphegor fucking sucks. Entry level cereal box toy black/death

          • Here’s Johnny

            if this is entry level black/death must be doing pretty damn good then. i just used them as an example, they have far more talent than this black metal parody of a band –

          • FSDFsf

            I cant see them much touring or making headliness in zines so think everyone dont see their “talent”

          • bob

            That track you posted is generic, plastic garbage. There is no song in there, just every stereotype of idiocy in metal turned up to 11 for kids that just got out of their nu metal phase.

          • Here’s Johnny

            what a load of nonsense you talk

    • You humans are terrible

      They can’t be compared. Two waaaay different bands, and deathmetal? Where do you get that from? Inquisition’s fuckin’ BM. You and sooo many other humans on this planet of fuckin’ garbage and filth should be eradicated .. PERISH BENEATH, you waste.

      • Here’s Johnny

        fuck sake looks like the fans of this band are utter morons too.

        • SS officers fucked your granma

          You are so edgy and still so lever and intelligent. Our unique little snow flake. <3

          • Here’s Johnny

            ‘so lever?’ if you are going to insult my intelligence at least spell clever correctly.

          • You are truelly a great man

            Great answer. Maybe this brilliant argument about one letter missing will make him realize how goof he is. LOL how can someone miss hit a letter on keyboard?

          • Here’s Johnny

            well you seem to be mishitting even more than him. bad answer!

    • bob

      Inquisition mops the floor with Belphegor. Whether or not you like their music/vocals, at least the former can write a fucking SONG.

    • Sonya

      they have been around for ever:)

  • plopp

    This disgusting inhuman glorification of NS crime and hate which is used as a frontcover for 88mm whatever is the worst I’ve ever seen, at least it has nothing to do with ‘art’ or music in any way. Can’t see any kind of provocation,but wretched stupidity. HAIL ISRAEL, DIE NAZI SCUM!Greetings from ‘Germany’

    • LouisFerdinandCeline

      The only stupidity I can see is in your message, dumb ass. I also see that Germany has the same kind of idiots that we have in France : douchebags accusing everybody of being a horrible “nazi”, an “antisemite”. Fuck Off And Die, cunt !

  • aTrueFreethinker

    Even if they were NAZIS, why should it bother me at all?
    Every philosophy, every movement, every ideology has its pros and cons – nazism, fascism, communism, capitalism, democracy… included.
    Just open your eyes and THINK FOR YOURSELVES.
    How many of you have e.g. read Mein Kampf?

    And how many of you just repeat what you’ve been told at school and on TV?

    And please, don’t listen to black metal if you can’t bear it.

  • Anonymous

    So funny all of this is happening because he is was a foreigner who migrated from Colombia :^)

    • Sonya

      no once again facts are wrong jason my brother was born in redlands california he did not go to colombia until he was6 years old!!! there is a lot of history nobody knows 1 thing is for sure he is not a nazi !!! Lol!!! this is actually pretty funny to our family since we are very close knit but this is exactly what happens when you go mainstream

    • bob

      NO, he did NOT migrate from Colombia. Dagon was BORN in the United States. He lived in Colombia as a teen, then moved back to the Seattle area in the mid 90’s.

  • Peytr

    It’s all about who says the word. Yep. Here’s how Dagon/88mm said it in 2008 (from the FMP bbs) :

    • ASDADa

      I cant see racial slur here. Think he refers to that jews are cultural aspect rather than racial and you cant put under any racial category. But I agree with this. Jews and all other semite people suck ass.

    • Cambodian Thrasher

      They are over, tell you that much good luck performing at MDF this year haha

  • Isa

    Well, Dagon and Decibel, thank you for taking away five precious minutes of my life that I can never get back.

  • Madame Blavatsky

    Here’s the thing that cracks me up: the negative stereotype of Jewish people involves them being money-grubbing, conniving, duplicitous, etc. So what does it say about someone who embraces that view until someone dangles a fuckin’ dollar in front of them and they started backtracking and spinning shit so their label doesn’t drop them and they can make a buck? It says they’re a hypocrite, that’s what.

    Now, I don’t really have a dog in this (witch) hunt – I’m not an Inquisition fan. I fucking love Jews – really. As friends, as colleagues, as (former, sigh) girlfriends … But I don’t get all butthurt just because some dude in a band has an opinion I consider stupid, because this is black metal, after all, and if you can say one damn thing about it it’s that it’s probably not for people who can’t handle art that doesn’t support their worldview or are just sensitive to extreme viewpoints and modes of expression in general. Not to mention I’m a grown-ass man whose identity is not modeled on, threatened by, or affected in any way by the half-cracked beliefs of some dude in some band.

    I just don’t get the smokescreen. If he’s an anti-Semite, just say it. “I’m not a Nazi, per se, but that’s semantics, really. I hate Jews and masturbate thinking about the way Nazis killed them.” Or if he used to feel that way, but met some cool Jews and fuckin’ grew up, come clean and just say he changed his damn mind. Or don’t say a fucking thing, if it’s not germane to the band or whatever, and let the people who get ruffled by that shit walk. This mush-mouth double-talk bullshit is a lame attempt at spin, all in the service of chasing some small-potato payday. He’s the stereotype he supposedly hated, or hates.

    • 1337 Skeet

      What cracks me up is the illiteracy of the average reader of magazines. If you can’t see why it’s important for someone to defend accusations of being a Nazi, you need to get out of that cave that is your mom’s basement.

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  • please kill yourself kids!

    every fucking person on this blog and even that zine are just fucking the same as pissy groopies who wan to suck justin bieber dick. you all care about the musicians more than their music. who care if its mickey mouse or hitler himself who wrote the music, the only important shit is the music. they are nazis??, who cares, i will listen to them because the music is awesome, they are bdsm freak jews??, i’ll still listen to them because the music is awesome. they are gansta rappers who rape pre-teen??, i will still listen to them, because they can die for all i care, i only want the album. stop beign so anyoing smelly pussies who are shocked by every moves the artists do. its not about michael jackson, its about metal for fuck sake. fuck the metal scene, because all fucking metalheads are crying princess pussies nowadays. if you are shocked, LEAVE METAL, sell your instruments and go make some rap and make poses for shitty magazines. metal is becoming like pop music,FUCK OFF ALL OF YOU BRAINLESS GROOPIES!!!

    ps: by the way you nazis, pc , kult elitist moron and all of you can choke on my dick, you are so weak all of you childish cunts.
    R.I.P. real metal

  • Guest

    National Socialism is Political Satanism.

  • nef

    Lol, but Satanism if fine.. amiright. Ideological differences are a given for us all, so stfu and worship the intensity of the art. Not your style, go somewhere else. Inquisition is the shit. Elitists… eat a bullet or deal with a world that hates you for its own reasons.

  • Burt Bondy

    Mr. Dagon, what you’ve just said is one of the most insanely idiotic things I have ever heard. At no point in your rambling, incoherent response were you even close to anything that could be considered a rational thought. Everyone in this room is now dumber for having listened to it. I award you no points, and may God have mercy on your soul.

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  • Ash

    Inquisition are not nazis!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I once saw Dagon sign an autograph for a black dude and he didnt even give a seig heil to him.
    He also said that Hebdrik Mobus from Absurd looked like the dude from Revenge Of The Nerds.
    So that proves it!

  • Barney Greenway

    Vegetable rights and peace!

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  • Cambodian Thrasher

    Dagon better have some back up with him if he attends MDF haha

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  • Greg Spitzer

    Here’s your nazi guys, He seems full of hate towards his fellow Latino interviewer. Meet Jason Wierbach, take out all your “good” hate out on him if it makes you feel like a better person. He and Incubus will be touring the world this year including the main stage at MDF, so come on out and meet your new enemy. (I’ve met the guy’s, they don’t need back up)

    Entrevista INQUISITION Hellfest 2013:

  • shane bugbee

    dagon talks to me about nazis and hate and love and satan… two videos and a two hour interview, here:

  • 69

    Decible “magazine” doing everything they can to help sympathize with nazis. The only thing worse than a white nazi is a confused columbian nazi

  • truthhurts

    The joke is on you (69) hes not a nazi and you dont even know the guy and your judging him as one. Sounds like your the nazi or frustrated jew wanting to hate someone.

  • truthhurts

    Also he’s Colombian not columbian Einstein.

  • Demogorgon 88

    They are flat out like any other fake half ass NSBM band that exist…. They want the image without the title. THEY UTILIZE WARBIRDS WITH PENTAGRAMS or Swastikas in SHIT BEFORE THEY MADE IT BIG (because they didn’t think they would become big). Now that inquisition is a sell out band, they want to deny the truth. I love national socialism and only a Jewish person them self would go against their old ways for the Jewish dollar bills and status within the Jewish mainstream… Fuck INQUISITION! 14/88


  • Barking dog

    just fucking be what you be, be true to yourself

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