Converse x Decibel: Phil Anselmo Deep in the Heart of NOLA

By: andrew Posted in: On: Friday, November 16th, 2012


Everyone gets old. Most of us get bitter, bored and ignorant along the way. Phil Anselmo, legendary frontman of Pantera and Down, has unexpectedly proven a welcome exception. Now in his mid-40s, Phil has reinvented himself as extreme music’s cool uncle, fostering young boundary-pushing bands via his Housecore Records imprint while sacrificing none of the ferocity and rage that continues to drive his countless projects. In the latest installment of Converse x Decibel, the always candid Anselmo talks boxing, chronic back pain and finding inspiration in a new generation of metalheads.

  • Center for Ants

    “You lose ducks.”

  • lpi

    see! crocs are cool!

    • Guest

      nah, they’re not…but he makes them look as if they were! :p

  • Eduardo Berton

    what can you say about him? fuckin legend!

  • Diane Melin

    Love this man! Want to meet this man! LEGENDARY!!!!!

  • Diane Melin

    Love this man! Want to meet this man! LEGENDARY!!!!!

  • Melissa Rowe


  • Smith

    It’s rare he’s serious like this

  • Sarah Corcoran

    can’t wait for the autobiography

  • Abel Araya

    (Y) legendary¡¡¡¡¡

  • Alek
  • Scot La Syone

    Phil is just a cool guy..end of story..

  • Kellyanne Harwood

    Phil fucking rocks and then some…..!!!!!! but I’m fucking PISSED Down isn’t coming to Florida, my friends & I can’t afford to leave the state to see them. ~tears~

  • Ray Bloempot

    Betrayers! How can you even perform this way, his vocals are done for, and some retard is raping a solo masterpiece! PHILL WHAT THE FUCK???