Converse X Decibel: Nails Keep It Family-Friendly?!

By: andrew Posted in: On: Friday, May 16th, 2014


The first descriptor you would assign to the guy shrieking maniacally on our 13th favorite album of 2013 is probably not family man.  But Todd Jones of Nails is exactly that, and unapologetically so. In the latest Converse X Decibel video, we contrast the ear-piercing insanity of a Nails’ rehearsal with their frontman’s extremely levelheaded musings on fatherhood, being a solid husband and keeping your co-workers at arm’s length.

  • Max Power

    So, am I only one who lost a little respect for him when he said that he couldn’t let his co-workers find out what he does (the band) because it would be embarrassing?

    • VVilliam