Converse X Decibel: Floor Are Back and Super Chill About It

By: andrew Posted in: On: Wednesday, February 12th, 2014


Everybody’s pumped about doom-pop heroes Floor‘s big resurrection. Oblation will be their first full-length in 10 years! Decibel unveiled an already-sold-out “Hall of Fame edition” of the Floridian trio’s self-titled 2002 classic! Yup, everybody’s pumped except… Floor themselves. In the newest Converse x Decibel video, Steve Brooks, Anthony Vialon and Henry Wilson spend most of this critical, pressure-packed lead-up time just, you know, chillaxing. Brooks gets the Floor tattoo that Vialon conceived, and Wilson screws around with a bullwhip before busting out some cool bike tricks. This band couldn’t rule harder. Press play and get in the zone.

  • Christian Lembach

    Pre-order link plz.