Converse x Decibel: (Art) Space Is the Place for Wild Throne

On: Thursday, June 26th, 2014


They may be a young band, but Bellingham, WA prog-metallers Wild Throne are well aware of what got them where they are, and what will keep them there: community. That’s why their Converse x Decibel video is about not only explaining their influences, but their attachment to multifunctional art space Make Shift. Small town boys make good; we wouldn’t have it any other way.

Converse X Decibel: Nails Keep It Family-Friendly?!

On: Friday, May 16th, 2014


The first descriptor you would assign to the guy shrieking maniacally on our 13th favorite album of 2013 is probably not family man.  But Todd Jones of Nails is exactly that, and unapologetically so. In the latest Converse X Decibel video, we contrast the ear-piercing insanity of a Nails’ rehearsal with their frontman’s extremely levelheaded musings on fatherhood, being a solid husband and keeping your co-workers at arm’s length.

Converse X Decibel: Tiles and Tribulations with SubRosa

On: Wednesday, April 16th, 2014


By now you should be well aware of how highly we regard SubRosa‘s 2013 masterpiece, More Constant Than the Gods. So, featuring them in the latest Converse x Decibel video was a no-brainer. The Salt Lake City five-piece reveal the meaning behind MCTTG standout “Cosey Mo” (catch up on your Nick Cave lit), talk about the delight of dog-earing used books, and describe how frontwoman Rebecca Vernon’s “obsession with words and vocabulary” stems from intense Scrabble contests with her Grandma “Fluffy.” Press play and remember to use all seven tiles for an additional 50 points.

Converse X Decibel: Rotting Out Know More Than Squat About Punk Rock

On: Wednesday, March 19th, 2014

RO Awesome Pinata

If you’ve had the privilege of getting your bell rung at a Rotting Out show, the first thing you probably noticed when you stumbled to the side is, “Damn, that singer’s massive.” Indeed, Walter Delgado, who fronts the ferocious SoCal hxc five-piece, is an avid competitive weightlifter. In the latest Converse x Decibel video, Delgado explains what’s behind his vulgar display of power lifting, why it doesn’t necessarily make him more fit onstage, the value of stuffing one’s face with cinnamon rolls, and how not to get “stomped out” at an RO gig.

Converse X Decibel: Floor Are Back and Super Chill About It

On: Wednesday, February 12th, 2014


Everybody’s pumped about doom-pop heroes Floor‘s big resurrection. Oblation will be their first full-length in 10 years! Decibel unveiled an already-sold-out “Hall of Fame edition” of the Floridian trio’s self-titled 2002 classic! Yup, everybody’s pumped except… Floor themselves. In the newest Converse x Decibel video, Steve Brooks, Anthony Vialon and Henry Wilson spend most of this critical, pressure-packed lead-up time just, you know, chillaxing. Brooks gets the Floor tattoo that Vialon conceived, and Wilson screws around with a bullwhip before busting out some cool bike tricks. This band couldn’t rule harder. Press play and get in the zone.

Converse x Decibel: KEN Mode Account for a Bright Future

On: Tuesday, January 14th, 2014


We do the math with Canadian noise-rockers KEN Mode, as brothers Jesse (guitar/vocals) and Shane Matthewson (drums) explain the advantages of being raised by two accountants, in the latest Converse x Decibel video collaboration.


Converse x Decibel: Sledding and Ripping with Ruby the Hatchet

On: Tuesday, January 7th, 2014


You may not be familiar with stoner outfit Ruby the Hatchet, but they’re one of our hometown of Philadelphia’s finest on-the-rise bands. The psychedelic doombringers star in the latest Converse x Decibel conversation, and trust us: You’ll want to get in on the ground floor. Frontwoman Jillian Taylor handles a massive snake with the acumen of Saul “Slash” Hudson while the band discusses their appetite for creative destruction in lieu of predictable nightlife time-wasting.

Converse x Decibel: Emotional Breakthroughs With Noisem

On: Tuesday, November 26th, 2013


Baltimore whippersnappers Noisem unleashed a top 10-worthy record in last year’s ferocious death-thrash debut, Agony Defined.  So, we’re psyched to have them star in the latest Converse x Decibel collaboration, coincidentally just about the average length of any three-minute ripper on the album. Guitarist Sebastian Phillips talks about genre pigeonholing and frontman Tyler Carnes discusses how to infuse the death metal vokill experience with raw emotion.

Converse x Decibel: Black Tusk’s Custom Metalworks Getaway

On: Thursday, October 3rd, 2013


Savannah’s metal scene has enjoyed big-time crossover hype in the last couple years, thanks to the rise of Baroness, Kylesa and sludge trio Black Tusk. In the latest installment of Converse x Decibel, the southern gentlemen will blow your minds, exhibiting how through patience, dedication, trial and error, they’ve custom-built everything from full drum kits to used beer keg smokers.

Converse x Decibel: Anciients Go Over the Rivers and Through the Woods

On: Tuesday, August 27th, 2013


It’s getting closer and closer to best-of-2013 time (well, not for you, per se, here at the tail end of August, but for those of us about to complete assembling our November issue.) And it’s a good bet that Canadian stoner squad Anciients will get some props for their ripping, heartfelt debut Heart of Oak. For the newest installment of Converse x Decibel, we travel to the quartet’s home base of British Columbia to explore how the vast woodland environs influence their elaborate progressive compositions.

Converse x Decibel: Coliseum Find Art in the Heart of Kentucky

On: Wednesday, July 24th, 2013


Ever-evolving noise-punkers Coliseum are continuing to cross over to new audiences on the strength of this year’s fourth LP, Sister Faith. In this beautifully rendered latest installment of Converse x Decibel, frontman Ryan Patterson fesses up about not only the trio’s fascination with obscure cinema, but their unshakable bond with their hometown of Louisville.

Converse x Decibel: Doomriders Deal With Daddy Day Care

On: Monday, July 1st, 2013


Four-time Decibel cover stars Converge have an impressive array of side projects; the monstrous Nate Newton-led Doomriders are up there in terms of pedigree and general awesomeness. In the latest installment of Decibel x Converse, Newton talks about the forced maturity inherent in new fatherhood… before he and the boys rhapsodize about their dumbest tattoos! Growing up: not easy.