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  • Kellyrella691

    Would love to win some good headphones. These look sweet. @kellyrella691

  • Lou Strachan

    Nice one!

  • Claudia Mcgee

    sweet giveaways :)

  • Mario

    Must have Pantera!!!!

  • M’Kay


  • OneDayIn1991

    Type your comment- Wooooooooooooooooo!

  • Johnny

    Can I send from more than one e-mail account?

  • Michi

    Is the guiter still alive? : ( I mean… the guitar was underwater… still playable? : S

    • Burraydee

      Thats what I was wondering…

    • Mr. Asshole

      Who cares. Underoath sucks and that guitar is only worth selling to a 15 year old in skinny jeans.

      • Jewell9900

        you couldnt have had a better name Mr. Asshole ;)

      • me

        thats me! haha

  • Mts_14_12

    siiii yo la quierooooo :P

  • Tyman

    i bet its still playable

  • nancy reid

    Nice I can see me using these while boating !

  • Combds

    WTF there is a band called Tombs but its like COMBS!

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    Sweet case and a rocking site. Even if there wasn’t a giveaway I am following all ways possible. Keep up the good work

  • Robyni03


  • Patricia H

    Good luck everyone and happy holidays

  • nicola harrison

    fab prize x fingers crossed x

  • Harborofducks

    I want the fucking guitar!!!!

  • @teapot01


  • Lexigurl_17
  • TORE Recordings


  • Bethany Learn

    I RT’d via @Fit2b_Us

  • @teapot01


  • John

    So when does the contest end? Is it already over – who was the winner? :)

  • Loku

    can i still win ?

  • Jeepin713

    looks nice. can c myself running listening 2 powerful music 2 it.

  • Jacob
  • Nicole Coxon


  • sumerian demon

    RAD!!!!!!!!! Gnarly,,,,,:}

  • Jeremy Richardson


  • tom pimpare
  • Zach Moonshine

    fuck yeah

  • Blake

    Nice Axe!!!! wanna Play it!!! m/ Hail Belphegor Hail Sathan!!! m/

  • Christopher Martin

    Christopher Martin…BELPHEGOR RULE!!!

  • Elektrikchair

    Der Gestertreiber… I ‘ve no fuckin idea what it means But it makes the hair on my body rise up everytime I listen to it.. U guys rule.. m/ m/ Namaste from India.

  • Sergiofelipess

    belphegor people is one of the very good band the weight of the guitar are optimal and are extreme brutality, I hope to see them here in Brazil Novales

  • Alex Krivoshapov

    Best band ever

  • Joerg Michael Gehrke


  • Vit Varg

    When does the contest end?

    • AE

      yeah, when does it end????????

      • Vit Varg

        I don’t know, I hope soon ahahhaha I wish luck to all that are in the contest!

  • Mecharoach

    Okay, I entered…you can end the contest now. :)

  • AE

    when the fuck are you gonna announce the fucking winner!!!!?????

  • Vit Varg

    What the fuck happened to the Belphegor contest? Who is the winner?

  • Lunapatrick

    This is for the movie right?

  • Shawn Green8197

    I have been a super huge Pantera fan since day 1! i had partied with the band at hara arena in dayton ohio where they mustive loved to play because they played there frequently. to this day I have a poloroid picture from a show in the early 90’s of Phill and I. for sure withouta dought the fellas are and will be legendary in the metal scean, and the world will never forget DImebag and his one of a kind brand of shredding not to mention while kickin it with the guys I’m preatty sure Dimebag and Big Val blew up some dudes van raceing it through the back parking lot UnF*@#in Forgettable.I would’nt be a true fan or much of a man either if I did’nt give a real shoutout to Dimebag… Rest in peace Big Brother you may be gone but will never be FORGOTTEN !!!!!!

  • Patrick Beaston

    Seriously, when do we find out who wins it? I bet it’s the guy with 100 email accounts.

    • Albert

      Not for a bit. Contest was just posted!

  •ébastien-Vitale/688465488 Sébastien Vitale

    fucking awesome

  • Softhart73

    They suck, but I’d take a free guitar.

  • Piet

    Am I the only one who wants the bass? haha

  • Anonymous

    how to enter for the contest?? °o°

  • joe pennington

    i’ve been playing jacksons my whole life. nothing else compairs to the quality of these fine machines

  • Bmh2fast4u

    I already have one Jackson, this one would make a nice addition to the family!

  • Mrajiv74

    rajav, eexcellent…  & superb tonal  slapes specially. i was touched it  in Bombay at rahul srivatavand also watched from Blever felton.

  • Jeffrey Pryor

    if i win just send it to me so i can play it right away

  • Danny-Boy Sanertanut

    Jackson Guitar & Bass would defiantly  the best thing to have one in Repulse Bay Arctic Circle, Nunavut.
    I would love to have one of those and take a picture of it and show it to all the musicians in Nunavut…  

  • Nikola Obrenic

    Aww, Dave will be proud if you give that V to me :) 
    have a nice day ;)

  • Kidid Otnawsis

    I’m comming m/ rules bro..

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