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Greber: Not Named After a Goalie

By: kevin.stewart-panko Posted in: featured, interviews, videos On: Thursday, December 11th, 2014

deciblog - greber live

I'd like to take this opportunity to nip something in the bud: Cambridge, Ontario's Greber is in no way associated with, saluting, paying homage to, or actually even really aware of, former NHL goaltender Martin Gerber. The first indication should have been that the moniker as selected by the two-man sludge/doom monolith is spelt completely differently than the former Mighty Ducks/Senators/Maple ...

WOLFHEART IN A WOLF WORLD: “Routa Pt. 2″ Video Premiere

By: Jeff Treppel Posted in: exclusive, featured, videos On: Tuesday, December 9th, 2014


Finland and fire are the cheapest special-effects for a metal video. Wolfheart have both! Started as a solo project by Tuomas Saukkonen (ex-Before the Dawn, Black Sun Aeon, a whole bunch of others), it's since morphed into a full band effort. The video below comes from the upcoming reissue of his debut, Winterborn, so most of the people you see in the video below didn't actually perform on the ...

NSFW: Couch Slut’s Cover Conundrum

By: Posted in: featured, gnarly one-offs, videos On: Monday, December 8th, 2014


We're not at all shocked that a band called Couch Slut had trouble printing the artwork to their new album My Life As A Woman. And that's before we even saw the image -- a nothing-is-hidden illustration of felicitous fellatio too racy for ribald 70s tome The Joy Of Sex (check it out on their Bandcamp page). We've decided not to print it here, well, because we don't want our Mom to see the image ...

Your Daily Dose of Confusion: Activator’s “Sexy for Breakfast”

By: kevin.stewart-panko Posted in: exclusive, featured, videos On: Thursday, December 4th, 2014

deciblog - activator f

Some time ago, I introduced you to a new face on the NYC crossover scene, Activator (refresher course, here). At the time, they were on the eve of the release of their self-titled debut album. Since then, they have been relatively quiet, especially considering bands these days post every aspect of their musical and non-musical lives all over the interhole. That relative semi-silence has been ...

VIDEO PREMIERE: Pord’s “I’m Swimming Home”

By: Adrien Begrand Posted in: featured, videos On: Wednesday, December 3rd, 2014


One album that has snuck in under everyone's radar this fall has been Wild, the second album by French noise trio Pord. A rambunctious hybrid of modern noise, vintage AmRep skronk, and good, old-fashioned rock 'n' roll, it's a clever, incessantly catchy record that's sure to appeal to anyone who enjoys Decibel faves Wizard Rifle. Fortunately, for those who might have missed out on Wild's ...

Musk Ox: Video Premiere Part 2

By: Posted in: featured, tv, videos On: Monday, December 1st, 2014


Right before people started pulling up their carts to head home for Thanksgiving we premiered the first making of video from the Canadian neofolk project Musk Ox, the perfect accompaniment to the time of the year when the days get shorter and much colder. In case you missed it you can check it out here. Now that you're back at your desks at work and ten pounds heavier we're concluding the ...

Musk Ox: Video Premiere Part 1

By: Posted in: featured, tv, videos On: Wednesday, November 26th, 2014


What's a Musk Ox? Is it some sort of rare delicacy that your backwoods family member serves up at Thanksgiving Dinner? According to the sages at Wikipedia a musk ox is: an Arctic mammal of the family Bovidae, noted for its thick coat and for the strong odor emitted during the seasonal rut by males, from which its name derives. Alright then; it's a big creature that smells when it gets horny. ...

Fister Video Premiere: Not What You’re Probably Thinking…

By: kevin.stewart-panko Posted in: exclusive, featured, gnarly one-offs, videos On: Tuesday, November 25th, 2014

deciblog - fister

Lemme tell you a little story about how I offended a good number of folks in a room full of people I had just met or hardly knew. I know what you're thinking: "You're only going to tell us one story?" I know, right? Anyway, I was working. Seriously, a real job and everything. What I was doing is inconsequential, but suffice to say at the time of this incident, I was in a waiting/herding area ...

Much Better Than a Polar Vortex. Piss Vortex Interviewed

By: kevin.stewart-panko Posted in: featured, interviews, stupid crap, videos On: Thursday, November 20th, 2014

deciblog - PISS VORTEX_live-small

The band is called Piss Vortex. They hail from Copenhagen. And if I didn't feel the responsibility to inform you that they play some ferociously angry and chaotically bent grind, as you might imagine a band named Piss Vortex would, I might've just left things to those first two sentences and let you discover the caustic majesty of their colossal noise yourselves. Their self-titled, debut album ...

VIDEO: The Flight of Sleipnir’s “Beacon in Black Horizon”

By: zach.smith Posted in: featured, videos On: Thursday, November 20th, 2014


Back in October--on Halloween in fact--we streamed "The Casting" from V, the latest (and appropriately titled) effort from The Flight of Sleipnir. Even though the record isn't out until the end of the month, we're pleased to premiere the Colorado duo's video for "Beacon in Black Horizon", the eight minute-plus opus that closes out the record. Clayton Cushman and David Csicsely also dropped a ...