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When There’s No More Beer in Hell: Cross Examination Returns with Dawn of the Dude

By: kevin.stewart-panko Posted in: featured, interviews, listen, liver failure On: Thursday, August 21st, 2014

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This almost didn't happen. By 'this,' we mean the interview portion of our announcing the return-of-sorts of St. Louis' Cross Examination to the world of playing crossover thrash while balancing tens of beers on their livers. The quintet, after about six years of silence, has a new 7" out and available as of last month and recently just completed a run out west. You can stream Dawn of the Dude's ...

Decibrity Playlist: Lazer/Wulf

By: zach.smith Posted in: featured, interviews, listen, lists On: Thursday, August 21st, 2014


Despite teases here and there, it's now been five long years since the last Irepress record (yes, I realize this is a Lazer/Wulf playlist--I'll get there next sentence, I promise). Given that the group is one of my favorite acts around, it's high praise that stumbling upon Lazer/Wulf has helped satiate my craving for new material. Not only did the Georgia trio put out one of the most eclectic ...

STREAMING: Children of Technology’s “Future Decay”

By: Jeff Treppel Posted in: featured, listen On: Wednesday, August 20th, 2014


You want music that sounds (and looks) like one of the high-octane action scenes from the classic film The Road Warrior? Well, Children of Technology embrace the post apocalypse pretty enthusiastically with their dystopic D-beat punk attack. They even dress up like members of Lord Humongous's gang of marauders, which is way more awesome than dressing up like ponies or whatever the kids are doing ...

Inside The Shredder’s Studio #13: Carl Byers of Coffinworm

By: Posted in: featured, interviews, listen, lists On: Tuesday, August 19th, 2014

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Since their debut When All Became None was released about four years ago critics have struggled to find a moniker that fits Coffinworm. Are they blackened crust? Doom punk? Blackened death? Blackened tilapia? After a while all of these phrases begin to sound a lot like the Applebee's menu so we'll settle with the trustworthy "excellent." Coffinworm's second album IV.I.VIII was released ...

Throw Me a Frickin’ Label Hack: Finland’s Edge of Haze

By: Dan Lake Posted in: featured, interviews, listen On: Friday, August 15th, 2014


Because every day another band records another song.  Because 83% of those songs are unlistenable and you can’t be bothered to sift through the dreck.  Because metal is about not giving a shit and waking your own personal storm.  Because music is universal, expression is boundless, and even indie labels (whatever that means these days) don’t know everything, Decibel brings you Throw Me a ...

Decibrity Playlist: Young Widows (Part 2)

By: zach.smith Posted in: featured, interviews, listen, lists On: Thursday, August 14th, 2014

YoungWidows_by Amber Estes Thieneman_1 comp

Last week, we brought you the beginning of Evan Patterson's "dark country and folk" playlist. In two-and-a-half years of doing these, it's safe to say that his picks--most of which originated on 7" singles--are some of the more obscure, yet fascinating, we've encountered. While Part 1 tackled tracks from 1956 to 1963 (don't miss the fuzz on Marty Robbins' "Don't Worry"), Part 2 covers tunes ...

John Browne (Monuments) interviewed

By: Chris D. Posted in: featured, listen On: Monday, August 11th, 2014


** UK/US prog metallers---the 'djent' tag is now deprecated---Monuments have a new album out, The Amanuensis. If you can't pronounce 'amanuensis' or don't know what it means, well, guitarist/songwriter John Browne provides an explanation below. Now joined by ex-Periphery vocalist Chris Barretto, Monuments are stronger than ever. The Amanuensis is a more straight-forward effort, but it's no less ...

STREAMING: Uncle Acid & the Deadbeats “Runaway Girls”

By: Chris D. Posted in: featured, listen On: Friday, August 8th, 2014


One of the coolest bands on the planet are UK psych-rock-doom outfit Uncle Acid & the Deadbeats. Having come off a strong third album in 2013's Mind Control, Uncle A is poking their tweed 'n' weed heads out of the bong water long enough for the lucky among us to hear new tune, "Runaway Girls". Pivoted off the same early '70s Sabbath/fuzzball vibe, "Runaway Girls" sounds like a true late summer ...

STREAMING: Horrendous “Nepenthe”

By: Chris D. Posted in: featured, listen On: Friday, August 8th, 2014


"Traditional, classic death metal," is how guitarist/vocalist Damian Herring describes Horrendous. "Thrashing, ripping, yet melodic and churning with the weight of a thousand corpses; ready your minds for an aural assault that will twist your brain in the vat. You'll be tossed into the pits of depression, quartered between the subterranean watchtowers of hell and the jaws of Charybdis, and ...

Decibrity Playlist: Young Widows (Part 1)

By: zach.smith Posted in: featured, interviews, listen, lists On: Thursday, August 7th, 2014

YoungWidows_by Amber Estes Thieneman_1 comp

Given how well our last and only playlist from a Louisville native turned out courtesy of Coliseum's Ryan Patterson, we had high hopes for one from his brother and fellow Derby City dweller Evan. While the former focused solely on Killing Joke and caused me to listen to "Total Invasion" on repeat for months, the latter focused his energies on dark country and folk. Not surprisingly, Young ...