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Iris Divine Stream New Song

By: Dan Lake Posted in: featured, interviews, listen On: Friday, December 19th, 2014


Virginia prog-rock djentlemen Iris Divine are in the progress of releasing their second full-length record, called Karma Sown.  We say “progress” because, while the album was released digitally earlier this month at Bandcamp, the music caught some label attention and is being considered for official release.  We don’t have details for you right now (we just received this particular news ...

Happy Fucking Easter from the Wise-asses in Old Man Gloom

By: kevin.stewart-panko Posted in: featured, interviews, stupid crap On: Thursday, December 18th, 2014

deciblog - omg ape

So, I'm assuming you've all heard about the so-called prank wherein Old Man Gloom and Profound Lord sent out promos of their The Ape of God double album. Included within was new music that wasn't actually new music as it appeared on the official release of the album(s). if you want to read a more thorough dissection of the fun 'n' games, go here. Personally, I didn't get all riled up about it ...

Inside The Shredder’s Studio #15: Jeremy Wagner (Take 1)

By: Posted in: featured, interviews, listen, lists On: Wednesday, December 17th, 2014


When you invite a a published novelist to the shredder's studio expect a narrative. Such was the case with death metal veteran and Broken Hope founder Jeremy Wagner. Not only did Mr. Wagner visit the shredder's studio -- he provided your host with a near novella on the riffs that shaped him in chronological order. So, we'll be cataloging Mr. Wagner's lengthy sit down -- we'll just need to do it ...

Ex-DEP Jeff Tuttle: Onward and Upward

By: Dan Lake Posted in: featured, interviews, listen On: Friday, December 12th, 2014


Some of us recognize Jeff Tuttle as a recent guitarist with the Dillinger Escape Plan, where he tore ears and brain matter from 2007 until 2012.  Jeff has also been active as a filmmaker (see his new-ish video for a new Child Bite song here) as he continues his musical pursuits in Old Gods and Malo Konjche.  He has launched a killer website that unifies his work in multiple media, which you can ...

Greber: Not Named After a Goalie

By: kevin.stewart-panko Posted in: featured, interviews, videos On: Thursday, December 11th, 2014

deciblog - greber live

I'd like to take this opportunity to nip something in the bud: Cambridge, Ontario's Greber is in no way associated with, saluting, paying homage to, or actually even really aware of, former NHL goaltender Martin Gerber. The first indication should have been that the moniker as selected by the two-man sludge/doom monolith is spelt completely differently than the former Mighty Ducks/Senators/Maple ...

Decibrity Playlist: Primordial

By: zach.smith Posted in: featured, interviews, listen, lists On: Thursday, December 11th, 2014


Primordial dropped its eighth LP late last month, another stellar entry in an already impressive oeuvre. To celebrate, frontman Alan Averill (aka A.A. Nemtheanga) sent us a playlist that, as he describes, "might be something a little different." After perusing his picks, it's hard to disagree. We'll let him take it from here: "I always think too hard about lists, I think it's the rainman in me ...

Botanist’s Otrebor Interviews Pestilential Shadows

By: Etan Rosenbloom Posted in: featured, interviews On: Thursday, December 11th, 2014

Pestilential Shadows

I consider Botanist to be one of modern black metal’s great “projects.” Germinated by a solitary San Franciscan named Otrebor, it’s a band whose music is both utterly bizarre (floraphilic paeans from a misanthropic hermit, rendered only in drums, voice and hammered dulcimer) and emotionally devastating. This is all to say that when Otrebor tells us that the Australian black metal brood ...

Horrendous interviewed

By: Chris D. Posted in: featured, interviews On: Monday, December 8th, 2014


** 2014, the Year of the Horse. 2014, the Year of Horrendous. While Horrendous' previous full-length, The Chills, sent death metallers back to the grave (whatever that means), new album Ecdysis made the stateside trio a household name (admittedly small number) and a contender for top spots on Year End lists. Trust us, the word on the street (and in Decibel) is real. Like death. Ecdysis is death ...

Downfall of Gaia Tour Announced!

By: Dan Lake Posted in: featured, interviews, listen On: Friday, December 5th, 2014


German/Yank quartet Downfall of Gaia have returned with their latest attack on the status quo with Aeon Unveils the Thrones of Decay, the band's third complete full-length.  This is a late-in-the-year offering you'll want to pay some attention, as it gathers all shades of darkness, then both pets and pummels you with it.  It's occasionally sludgy, sometimes mournful, often blackly brutal, and ...

Stream “Bound In Stone” By Dimesland

By: Dan Lake Posted in: featured, interviews, listen On: Friday, December 5th, 2014


Two years ago, we tried to wrap our punk-savvy tech-death brains around Dimesland's debut EP, Creepmoon.  The task proved too difficult to complete, but we sure enjoyed trying.  Complex frustration/anger/love is one of the perks of freaking out on heavy music. Next week, the Dimesland crazies will release their full-length, Psychogenic Atrophy, which features this gem we're focused on ...