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Vocation of Unhappiness: The Deciblog Interview with Mark SaFranko

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Let’s clear away any confusion at the outset: Mark SaFranko is not someone’s father who has decided to moonlight in a metal band or one of the few remaining music talent scouts. SaFranko is an American author based in New Jersey who, for more than three decades, has lived a writer’s life and all it entails: bad jobs, stifled dreams and hard, unrecognized work. His Max Zajack novels, ...

2014: The Year In Guest Posts

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There are 52 weeks in a year. Give or take a few holidays and medical procedures that equals more than 100 blog posts annually when you have slots on Monday and Wednesday. There's literally no way anyone trying to make a living could create that much original content (although Decibel alumni and Invisible Oranges founder Cosmo Lee tried). So, you look out to the wider world of the extreme to ...

Tales From The Metalnomicon: J.W. Henley, The Reviling Scribe

By: Shawn Macomber Posted in: featured, gnarly one-offs On: Tuesday, December 23rd, 2014


Welcome to Tales From the Metalnomicon, a column delving into the vast world of heavy metal-tinged/inspired literature and metalhead authors... Good goddamn can Revilement/Sledge City Slashers vocalist J.W. Henley spin a yarn! The Taipei-based death metal vocalist's excellent debut novel Sons of the Republic is a fascinating study of the intricacies and tensions of the China-Taiwan ...

Tales From the Metalnomicon: Damon Root’s Heavy Metal Justice

By: Shawn Macomber Posted in: featured, gnarly one-offs On: Tuesday, December 16th, 2014


Today the Metalnomicon welcomes Reason senior editor Damon Root, one of the most thought-provoking, singular voices writing on the intricacies of American law today. He's also a metal/hardcore devotee and the original articulator of the Suicidal Tendencies litmus test for federal candidates, which, as we all know, has had a profound effect on our nation in several alternate dimensions. So, ...

NSFW: Couch Slut’s Cover Conundrum

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We're not at all shocked that a band called Couch Slut had trouble printing the artwork to their new album My Life As A Woman. And that's before we even saw the image -- a nothing-is-hidden illustration of felicitous fellatio too racy for ribald 70s tome The Joy Of Sex (check it out on their Bandcamp page). We've decided not to print it here, well, because we don't want our Mom to see the image ...

Fight Amp Studio Report, Part III

By: Chris D. Posted in: featured, gnarly one-offs On: Thursday, December 4th, 2014


By Mike McGinnis The point of no return. It's not always the easiest concept to absorb. But approaching that point during the production of a record is both frightening and cathartic. After about a year of writing and almost half a year of demoing and recording eight new songs, we're now approaching that point. We left off last time with Fight Amp directly in the midst of vocal tracking, ...

The Strange Case(s) of Decibel v. No Echo

By: Shawn Macomber Posted in: featured, gnarly one-offs On: Tuesday, December 2nd, 2014


So, No Echo is hands down one of the most eclectic, interesting music culture websites out there these days and over the course of past year its erudite, seasoned proprietors -- former Noisecreep editor Carlos Ramirez and Andrew Aversion -- have been kind enough to invite a few Decibel writers to contribute. Here is what transpired... Managing Editor Andrew Bonazelli wrote a sublime ode to ...

Cyber Monday Deal: Get a FREE issue of Decibel!

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We are but a month away from J.C.'s birthday bash. Time to crash the party, Decibel-style. Treat either yourself or the misanthropic metalhead in your life to a killer deal sure to sour the Christmas spirit. It's Cyber Monday once again, and today only, if you sign up for a 12-month or 24-month subscription to Decibel, you'll receive one extra issue for FREE. That's right, one extra ...

Fister Video Premiere: Not What You’re Probably Thinking…

By: kevin.stewart-panko Posted in: exclusive, featured, gnarly one-offs, videos On: Tuesday, November 25th, 2014

deciblog - fister

Lemme tell you a little story about how I offended a good number of folks in a room full of people I had just met or hardly knew. I know what you're thinking: "You're only going to tell us one story?" I know, right? Anyway, I was working. Seriously, a real job and everything. What I was doing is inconsequential, but suffice to say at the time of this incident, I was in a waiting/herding area ...

Clobberin’ Time: Sick Of It All On The Evolution Of Mosh

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This is the time of the year to acknowledge the things you're thankful for. One of the things we’re very thankful for is that we’ve been alive to experience multiple Sick Of It All shows. SOIA has long exported their brands of New York City hardcore to the world – as well as their intensely physical and unpredictable shows. A Sick Of It all show has always been an event, a place where ...