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Exclusive Cannibal Corpse Flexi Disc Now Available!

By: mr ed Posted in: featured, flexi disc, the decibel magazine tour On: Tuesday, April 23rd, 2013


They're three-time cover stars. They're Hall of Fame inductees for Tomb of the Mutilated. They're headlining our second annual Decibel Magazine Tour. It's safe to say we have an, um, uncharacteristically sharp affection for Cannibal Corpse. So, what better time for the living death metal legends to commandeer our Flexi Series than our special dB Tour issue? Prepare yourself for 29 nights of ...

Bon Appetit, Bitch!: F.K.Ü. Counts Down Elm Street’s Sickest Kills

By: Shawn Macomber Posted in: featured, listen, lists On: Tuesday, April 23rd, 2013


Swedish retro thrashers F.K.Ü. -- i.e., Freddy Krueger's Underwear -- cite "80's horror flicks and old copies of Metal Forces magazine" as the band's primary inspiration, and the band has spent over a decade now backing up that claim, encapsulating odes to Maniac Cop, Hellraiser, C.H.U.D., Motel Hell, and a bevy of other seminal horror splatterfests in sonic homages to Exodus, Nuclear Assault, ...

INTERVIEW: ARKHAM WITCH on Lovecraft, Live Evil 2013, and The Lamp . . .

By: jonathan.horsley Posted in: featured, interviews On: Monday, April 22nd, 2013


According to their Facebook page, UK doom/Heavy Metal quartet Arkham Witch's personal interests include, "Ales, Histories, Wars, Invocations and Audible assaults. Drinking as fuck!" And their description of their sound is pretty much bang on too. "Old School Heavy Metal/Doom infused with Lovecraftian horror, tales of mighty Barbarians and festering evil superstitions!" What's not to like there? ...

Tomi Koivusaari (Amorphis) interviewed

By: Chris D. Posted in: featured, interviews On: Monday, April 22nd, 2013

Amorphis 2013 Photo By Terhi Ylimäinen

The consensus seems to be “Amorphis is back.” Was process to create Circle any different from previous albums? The energy is palatable. Tomi Koivusaari: We started to think before recording this album that maybe we should change the process of making album this time, as the last four albums we did at same studio with almost same crew all the time. We needed change, not only to have something ...

Decibel Magazine Tour Issue Now Available!

By: mr ed Posted in: featured, the decibel magazine tour On: Friday, April 19th, 2013


Although we wish it was that easy, we didn't just snap our fingers and make Cannibal Corpse, Napalm Death, Immolation, three rotating support acts and eight regional openers materialize for the 2013 Decibel Magazine Tour. It takes careful consideration, foresight, finagling... and a touch of good old fashioned dumb luck to bring you the most explosive metal tour of the year. Go deep behind the ...

Throw Me A Frickin’ Label Hack: Seattle’s Giza

By: Dan Lake Posted in: featured, free, interviews, listen On: Friday, April 19th, 2013

GIZA Amp Promo

Because every day another band records another song.  Because 83% of those songs are unlistenable and you can’t be bothered to sift through the dreck.  Because metal is about not giving a shit and waking your own personal storm.  Because music is universal, expression is boundless, and even indie labels (whatever that means these days) don’t know everything, Decibel brings you Throw Me a ...

Still Havin’ a Good Time. An Interview with Soothsayer.

By: kevin.stewart-panko Posted in: featured, interviews, uncategorized On: Thursday, April 18th, 2013

deciblog - soothsayer troops

The news that rabid, unhinged, original wave thrashers, Soothsayer have returned may not mean much to anyone under the age of 35 who lived outside of southern Ontario or the band's home province of Quebec, but they're back and I for one am rather pleased at the news. Initially reconvening to play an old-school Quebec metal fest a few years back, the fire was re-lit under their old-school asses, ...

Decibrity Playlist: Woe

By: zach.smith Posted in: featured, interviews, listen, lists On: Thursday, April 18th, 2013


One of my favorite albums so far this year, Woe's Withdrawal, drops on Tuesday. To mark the occasion, guitarist Ben Brand sent along the following playlist that I'm pretty sure only he could adequately describe: "In honor of the transition into Spring, I want you all to start thinking about getting that garden growing. Inch by inch, row by row. Here is a sonic checklist that should turn your ...

Black Metal At The Pickle Barrel: A Night With Quorthon

By: Posted in: diary, featured, interviews On: Wednesday, April 17th, 2013


If you spend enough time on the Internet you begin to think that most readers visit sites just to stir the proverbial shit pot. But occasionally the Web will serve up something so delightful and unexpected that it validates the whole premise of connecting the world and equipping the population with tools to allow them to take a shot at amateur journalism (and art, fiction, poetry, politics, ...

Help Helms Alee Fund Their New Album

By: shane.mehling Posted in: featured On: Wednesday, April 17th, 2013


The best high school house party of all time disguised as an experimental rock band, Helms Alee is trying to Kickstart funds so they can record, package and self-release their third album, Sleepwalking Sailors. But the ladies and dude are coming at it from a different angle -- they're selling you the pre-sale of their third album, which simply hasn't been recorded yet. Having already ...