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Decibrity Playlist: Primitive Man

By: zach.smith Posted in: featured, interviews, listen, lists On: Tuesday, September 10th, 2013


The dudes in Primitive Man spent much of the summer on the road in support of their debut, Scorn. Like any other touring band, the Denver trio--which features drummer Isidro "Spy" Soto, vocalist/guitarist Ethan Lee McCarthy and bassist Jonathan Campos--has a batch of go-to tunes when it comes time to traverse the good ol' U.S. of A that they were kind enough to share with us (even broken out by ...

STREAMING: Vulture Industries “Lost Among Liars”

By: Chris D. Posted in: featured, listen, videos On: Tuesday, September 10th, 2013


If you were to ask Vulture Industries’ main-brain Bjørnar Nilsen where inspiration comes from, he’d probably say this: "We draw inspiration from all over but tend to give each part a good kick in the side to bend it a bit out of shape. If you draw a hexagon and put Tom Waits, Nick Cave, Devil Doll, ‘70s Alice Cooper, Mastodon and Screaming Jay Hawkins in each corner, you’d find us in the ...

Empty Flowers Song Premiere/Track By Track

By: Shawn Macomber Posted in: featured, listen, lists On: Tuesday, September 10th, 2013

empty flowers_band_2013

So Randy Larsen and Bernie Romanowski from long-running noisecore antiheroes Cable launched a new project a little while back called Empty Flowers to explore 90s-style smart, seething gut-punch post-hardcore. And the mix actually works! Really fucking well! The band's debut, Six, created some impressive atmospheres and undercurrents, but the sophomore release Five sees Empty Flowers truly hitting ...

INTERVIEW: Bill Steer of Carcass

By: jonathan.horsley Posted in: featured, interviews On: Monday, September 9th, 2013


There are a lot of hooks on Surgical Steel, but that has always been the case with Carcass; no matter how brutal it gets, it's always hummable. Has that been deliberate? “Well yeah, I’m glad you think that. Yes some of the music is difficult to the untrained listener but we do wanna have hooks; they are just not hooks in the accepted commercial sense. I’ve always maintained that just ...

Niklas Sundin (Dark Tranquillity) interviewed

By: Chris D. Posted in: featured, interviews On: Monday, September 9th, 2013


** Niklas Sundin and I first interviewed back in '93 after the release of Skydancer. Well, this year Skydancer, Dark Tranquillity's stunning debut album, turns 20. To honor how time has been kind to this stellar release, Niklas agreed to answer a few nifty questions. More importantly, Dark Tranquillity have acquired the rights to both Skydancer and its companion EP, Of Chaos and Eternal Night, ...

For Those About to Squawk: Waldo’s Pecks of the Week

By: andrew Posted in: a fucking parrot previewing new releases, featured On: Friday, September 6th, 2013


It’s been awhile, so let’s get into it, shall we? GORGUTS are back at it with Colored Sands, and lemme tell ya, it’s REALLY good. All the elements are there: death metal, tech metal, and there are some downright pretty moments. I mean, one can’t really touch some of the older chapters of this legendary band, but this thing moves, it shifts. Not only does it not sound like a pale ...

NFL PREVIEW 2013: Tommy Victor (Prong) on the NY Jets

By: andrew Posted in: featured, nfl 2013 On: Friday, September 6th, 2013

tommy prong

Yeah yeah yeah, the J-E-T-S, JETS! JETS! JETS! are the joke of the NFL media world. The silly, lap-banded, foot-fetishizing head coach with his man-boy crush on a crappy, metrosexual Rico Suave-like quarterback headline the comedy. Enter the new, Jay-Z-managed, prima donna quarterback, "fighting" for the starting job, adding a considerable amount to the drama. Yes, Rex Ryan blunders again and ...

Skeletonwitch Studio Video

By: Dan Lake Posted in: featured, videos On: Friday, September 6th, 2013


Anybody heard of "Kurt Ballou"?  The hairy dudes in this video here keep referring to him as if he's well known or somehow important, even relevant (!) to the current music scene.  Weird.  He twiddles knobs, people.  It's not like he's some badass guitar player or (ha!) songwriter in a legendary metallic hardcore band.  Let's keep things in perspective, shall we?  And has he even been ...

BREWTAL TRUTH: Drink This Now!

By: adem Posted in: featured, liver failure On: Friday, September 6th, 2013


Given the opportunity to write about craft beer every month in Decibel has been eye-opening. The idea that our "Brewtal Truth" column would have lasted more than four years (and counting) and even spawn a book—The Brewtal Truth Guide to Extreme Beers, out in November—is pretty amazing. Now it's time to bring a little "Brewtal Truth" to the Deciblog. Each week we're featuring a different craft ...

EXCLUSIVE PREMIERE: Akris “Row of Lights”

By: Shawn Macomber Posted in: featured, listen On: Friday, September 6th, 2013


Decibel invites you to start your weekend off right with this exclusive slab of epic, filthy-yet-strangely-beguiling sludge noise perfection from Virginia's own Akris. The song, "Row of Lights," is off the band's forthcoming full-length debut on Domestic Genocide Records. For further information visit Akris' official website and/or friend them on Facebook. ...