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TRACK PREMIERE: Nashville Pussy’s “Pillbilly Blues”

By: Jeff Treppel Posted in: featured, listen On: Tuesday, January 21st, 2014

nashvillepussy (3 of 9)

Finally, a track premiere from a band whose name I can pronounce! It's not a name I can say in polite company, but, you know, baby steps. Hard to believe these guys have been slinging their unique brand of shitkicker punk for nearly 20 years, but here they are, on full-length number seven and still telling tales of drug binges, wild sex, and other redneck misadventures. Up the Dosage feels a ...

STREAMING: Monument of Misanthropy’s “Anger Mismanagement”

By: Sean Frasier Posted in: exclusive, featured, listen On: Tuesday, January 21st, 2014


Last time we heard from Monument of Misanthropy, they were charging towards the completion of their IndieGoGo campaign to launch their debut album Anger Mismanagement. And guess what? MISSION ACCOMPLISHED. Go high-five a fellow metalhead in celebration. High-fiving your own reflection in a mirror will do in a pinch. So what does the metal community receive for their support? Try this on for ...

Professor Death Metal Strikes Back

By: Shawn Macomber Posted in: featured, gnarly one-offs On: Tuesday, January 21st, 2014


Not long ago we introduced you to Concordia University professor/extreme music lifer Vivek Venkatesh. Today the man we affectionately call "Professor Death Metal" graciously gives us a sneak peak at "From Pride to Prejudice to Shame: Multiple Facets of the Black Metal Scene within and without Online Environments," a chapter he co-authored with professor Jeff Podoshen, journalist David Perri and ...

That Time Monte Pittman Taught Madonna a Pantera Riff

By: jeanne.fury Posted in: featured, interviews, tours, videos On: Monday, January 20th, 2014

Madonna and Monte Pittman

Some time around 2008, the internet became flooded with YouTube clips of Madonna playing a Pantera song on guitar on her Sticky & Sweet tour. Naturally, portions of the human population became severely butt-hurt and decided such a false display of metal was blasphemous, so they took to the comments section of metal websites to air their many grievances. That'll show Madonna! Meanwhile, the ...

STREAMING: Nocturnal Breed “Speedkrieg”

By: Chris D. Posted in: featured, listen On: Monday, January 20th, 2014


The last time lead Nocturnal Breed headman Kenneth Svartalv (aka S.A. Destroyer) ushered his forces into war was back in 2007, just as world financial systems were crumbling under their own gluttonous weight. Now, some seven long-ass years later, S.A. Destroyer returns with the Breed in tow and V. Fineideath replacing A. E. Rattlehead on riffs and six-stringer Axeman I. Maztor returning from ...

For Those About to Squawk: Waldo’s Pecks of the Week

By: admin Posted in: a fucking parrot previewing new releases, featured On: Friday, January 17th, 2014


Still a little slow around here, if you know what I’m pecking about. But let's just dive into it, shall we? Culted release Oblique to All Paths on Relapse.  Culted are a file-sharing kind of group that never really all get into the same room. Amazingly, though, they’ve crafted an angry, nasty ambient drone/black metal/sludge amalgam that seems like they’ve been jamming this in the same ...

Your Regional Openers for the 2014 Decibel Magazine Tour Are…

By: andrew Posted in: featured, the decibel magazine tour On: Friday, January 17th, 2014


Carcass, the Black Dahlia Murder, Gorguts and Noisem aren't nearly enough. Here are the regional openers who'll kick off select dates of the 2014 Decibel Magazine Tour.   Maruta Tues, March 18 / Orlando, FL @ The Beacham Theater Founded in the swamplands of South Florida in 2005, Maruta have been blurring the lines between grindcore and technical death metal ever since. The band ...

BREWTAL TRUTH: Drink This Now!

By: adem Posted in: featured, liver failure On: Friday, January 17th, 2014

Photo by David Alvarez

Do not fear the can. The can is a beer drinker's friend. Especially when the beer is coming all the way from Maui. It protects and helps keep the product inside cool (metal chills faster than glass) and fresh. The folks at Maui Brewing Co. would be foolish to package their product any other way, due to the inherent difficulties in getting it from a tropical environment to North America. And the ...

STREAMING: French sludge-metallers DRAWERS new self-titled album

By: jonathan.horsley Posted in: featured, listen On: Friday, January 17th, 2014


Ladies and germs, courtesy of the good people of Kaotoxin Records, it is our great honor to host this online premiere of Drawer’s self-tilted sophomore album. Drawers are a five-piece outfit from Toulouse, France, who play sludge or a variant thereof; Drawers is really just big-riffed, amp-worshipping metal. This is sludgish metal. Indeed, calling Drawers honest-to-God sludge kinda shows ...

Did You See Them Live? Sam Black Church Documentarian Duncan Wilder Johnson Interviewed

By: kevin.stewart-panko Posted in: exclusive, featured, interviews On: Thursday, January 16th, 2014


The email came in from Ol' Man Mudrian a few days ago and it went, in part, like this: "Have you ever heard Sam Black Church? People from the New England area like to blow them incessantly, but people like me who "never saw them live" just think they accidentally invented nu metal. Either way, this is worth watching for what happens at the three-minute mark." Turns out the occasion is that ...