Scion A/V profiles Season Of Mist

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It’s no secret, the audio/vision division of Scion, henceforth known as Scion A/V, has given some amazing opportunities to bands with limited means. Arsis, Revocation, Enslaved, Immolation, Meshuggah, and so on have all benefited from the niche-market, passion-fueled benefactors at Scion A/V. Whether it’s a CD or a 12″, a car used as tour support or Scion A/V’s free Scion Rock Festival series—what promoter would book, say, Neurosis and let kids RSVP to see them for free?!—or the label profile series, there’s massive ups, regardless of what you think of corporate infiltration into underground music, to Scion A/V.

Today, we’ve got Season of Mist and a selection of the label’s artists up for profile. As a person involved with this series—I was the off-camera, off-audio interviewer to be up front—it’s great to see a label like Season of Mist and their dedicated staff get some high-level visibility. The series is broken into three parts, all of which are must-view material not just for fans of Season of Mist but for anyone curious or interested in independent labels, ’cause one is really like the others. They all have a diehard passion for underground music, the artists, and often do it with very little resources, compared to, say, any other entertainment industry. Interviewees are Season of Mist’s Michael Berberian and US Label Manager Gordon Conrad (also pictured above much to his dismay). Props to Season of Mist!

Rapid U.S. Expansion:

Growing the Label:

Superb packaging:

And what would any label be without the artists, right? Check out interviews with Black Sheep Wall, A Life Once Lost, Atheist, The Casualties, and the legendary St. Vitus.

St. Vitus:


A Life Once Lost:

The Casualties:

Black Sheep Wall:

To visit Scion A/V Metal’s site, click HERE. They have all kinds of cool stuff like premieres, Scion A/V radio, and downloads, like this awesome two-song freebie from St. Vitus and The Casualties. Click HERE to download.


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Live Evil Festival 2013 will take place on October 18th-20th at the Highbury Garage, London, with two UK exclusive shows from reformed NWOBHM elders SATAN and Ohio slayers MIDNIGHT already confirmed. With bands picked on the condition that they’ve featured in Fenriz of Darkthrone’s Band of the Week blog, Live Evil is resolutely, 100% fundamentally underground. And in lieu of quantum time-travel it’s arguably the only way to commute to the 1984-86 metal scene, where upon arrival you’ll no doubt attain a level of comfortable drunkenness that makes it feel like you are looking at the bands and fellow heshers as though you’ve been fitted with some sort of Betamax retina filter. Hey, someone might even give you a cassette demo, too.

Live Evil’s first two years saw debut UK performances from the likes of IN SOLITUDE and AURA NOIR. Check back to the DECIBLOG for interviews and further line-up announcements. For some video highlights of LIVE EVIL 2011 click HERE. Read more on LIVE EVIL HERE, and at the official LIVE EVIL 2013 site HERE.

As the organisers’ statement says: “Live Evil Festival is an International Heavy Metal Festival presenting the very best underground Black metal, Thrash, Speed, Death, Heavy Metal, Heavy Rock, Metal Punk and Doom bands from around the world. The bands who play it are all handpicked by Live Evil but using Fenriz and his Darkthrone ‘Band of the Week’ choices as an extensive but shortened list to keep quality high and eliminate external pressures. The festival is 100% committed to the fans and bands who play it.”

Young, dumb, and presumably full of the Dark Lord’s cum, Swedish thrashers ANTICHRIST will be playing Friday’s pre-show party upstairs at the Garage (tickets sold separately to the weekend ticket), where it’ll be nice to establish the Golgothan atmosphere before the weekend proper.

**Order tickets HERE
**Highbury Garage website

Now, here’s some action to get you in the mood . . .


CONTEST: Sickest Devourment Song Title Wins You The New Devourment CD

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Normally when we do a giveaway in conjunction with streaming media we talk all kinds of rubbish to get you to a link where, inevitably, you’ll email us and then wait an eternity to see if you’re a winner or a loser. Well, since we’re metalheads we’re all winners. Just some get free rad stuff from websites while others don’t. This time, however, we’re asking metalheads to contribute to win. That’s right, a little work for a little brutal death.

Think you have a sense of humor? Or maybe a some type of psychopathic perversion? Of course, it’s the former.

We’re asking you to email us the most offensive Devourment-esque song title. That’s right. Give us something like: “Fetus Juicer,” “Pedo-scatological Romance,” or “Gangling Menstrual Blood-Broth for Supper” (bonus if you can guess the band).

Two (2) lucky bastards will be sent the new Devourment long-player, Conceived in Sewage, if we pick their song as the most offensive, disgusting crap humans conjure up to win physical media.


Send us your psycho-social song title by clicking HERE.

After you submit your song title, have a quick listen to Conceived in Sewage. It’s what all the cool kids are doing today.

** Devourment’s new full-length, Conceived in Sewage, is out now on Relapse Records. It’s available HERE if you think you’ve got a fat chance in Hell to win one of two copies Relapse Records we’re giving away. Then again, if you like Hell who are we to judge?

STREAMING: Deathchain’s “Like Worms Upon The Lands” with LG Petrov

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For your streaming pleasure today we’re happy to premiere a song from Finnish death metal band Deathchain’s new album Ritual Death Metal. What makes this track special is that it features guest vocals from Entombed’s LG Petrov.

Learn more about Deathchain below and then stream “Like Worms Upon The Lands.” You can preorder the CD or the LP from Svart.

Finnish combo Deathchain have finished their sixth album “Ritual Death Metal,” which is set for release on Svart Records on April 5th. Keeping up with the band’s tradition to include the word ‘death’ or ‘dead’ in their titles, their name of their sixth full-length alone ‘Ritual Death Metal’ feels like a warning. In the wake of an already impressive ‘Death Gods’ three years ago, this new offering to the Ancients been recorded last summer with Swedish wünderkid Tore Stjerna in Stockholm in his world-renowned Necromorbus studio where most famously Watain but also Ondskapt, Funeral Mist and many others have sworn a pact with the Great Horned One. Guest starring on the album is one LG Petrov from Entombed, who provides vocals for the track “Like Worms Upon The Lands.” Cover art is by Babalon Graphics, other layout work by Costin Chioreanu of Twilight13 Media.

STREAMING: DRUID LORD “Hymns for the Wicked”

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Courtesy of the good people of Horror Pain Gore Death Productions, the Deciblog is honored to roll up with this exclusive album stream of Floridian doom quartet DRUID LORD‘s debut LP, Hymns for the Wicked. Hymns originally dropped on Hallowe’en, 2010, sold out on CD and vinyl, and is now up for reissue tomorrow (February 26th) through Horror Pain Gore Death. And although Hymns is a debut, the characters behind Druid Lord have enough scene miles on the clock—their number having played with the likes of blackened death troupes ACHERON and EQUINOX and Louisiana thrashers INCUBUS—to lend tracks such as “Gorgon Witch” and “Witchfinder” a genuine sense of patched-denim classicism and doom metal orthodoxy.

The press pack cites vintage Paradise Lost, Celtic Frost, Acid Witch (definitely in the schlockier moments) and of course Candlemass as influences, but there’s really no need to sign-post Druid Lord’s outlook; where they are coming from musically is pretty much self-evident from the song-titles. B-movie samples, fuzzed-out riffs, death growl poetry, Heavy Metal antiheroes with a Hammer Horror-esque back story (we’re looking at you, “Baron Blood”), Hymns has it all.

Order your copy here

While the band would ordinarily command you to kneel before the titular druid lord and die, and/or join the druid death cult and die, we have it on good authority that they’d let you off if you just press play. Time to fish out a cold one from the fridge; here is DRUID LORD Hymns for the Wicked*

Druid Lord – Hymns for the Wicked by Jonathan Horsley
[*In its entirety save for "Awaken by the Dead", which has succumbed to technical issues]

**Horror Pain Gore Death Productions on Facebook
**Druid Lord on Facebook

VON Premiere: “Hands of Black Death”

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Dark Gods: Seven Billion Slaves — the first volume of VON‘s Dark Gods trilogy — is still a few weeks away from release, but for those wondering what the soundtrack is going to be like down in the sulphur mines, Decibel has an exclusive stream this morning of the seething, sinister track “Hands of Black Death.”

From the press release:

Summon The Darkness…Dark Gods will rise! In the cold path of darkness, among the dread and pain deep within us, it is the will of the dark ones to enslave us. Dark Gods manifest around us, besides us, inside us. Seven Billion Slaves delves deeper into the cold and dark minds of VON. VON’s creator and mastermind VENIEN!!! has tapped into his inner psyche and has willingly summoned many dark tales and ruthless hymns for the world’s seven billion slaves.

*Pre-Order your digital copy of Dark Gods: Seven Billion Slaves right here.

*Check out VON perform live this summer

Doomstar Booking Agency & Von Records Presents
VON | Ritual of The Black Mass European Tour 2013

19-06-13 Schacht1 | Oberhausen, Germany
20-06-13 Baroeg | Rotterdam, Netherlands
21-06-13 DNA | Brussels, Belgium
22-06-13 Dokkum Open Air | Dokkum, Netherlands
23-06-13 The Garage | London, UK
06-07-13 UTBS | Berlin, Germany
*More Dates Coming Soon

TRACK PREMIERE: Pristina’s “The Motherfucker”

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Apparently 2012 was a pretty shitty year for Pristina vocalist/bassist Brendan K Duff, which would be pretty apparent even if it wasn’t in the press materials – you don’t name your album Hopeless•Godless when you’re pleased with life’s plentiful bounty. It’s not like his band was ever chipper, but their second album takes a particularly grim view of existence, as only metallic hardcore can. Still, his pain is our gain. Hopeless feels like 35 minutes of a guy pounding your face into the dirt while crying. Not particularly appealing to outsiders, but we all know why we listen to this stuff. “The Motherfucker” leads off this litany of bruises, and Decibel is pleased to ruin your day with a premiere of that track. “Enjoy.”

Here are the song’s lyrics. Sing along!

“My fucking life collapsing on me. The damage is done. New lows. The spiral continues down. Godforsaken depths. Tonight I destroy myself. Tonight I taste her shadow. Tonight I descend; and fade away to nothing. The needle finds the vein. The demon knows the way home (to me). Soul less. All things must end so must I. A requiem to the bastard. Forget I was ever here. There is no hope. There is nothing. There is no hope. None for me. Just let me go.”

*** Hopeless•Godless comes out digitally on February 26, courtesy of The Path Less Traveled Records. Get it here.

STREAMING: Imperium Dekadenz “Der Unweg”

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If we didn’t know otherwise, Imperium Dekadenz could be some new nu-black’n'djent band from California. The word “imperium” invokes something grandiose or powerful. The, uh, word “dekadenz” recalls band meetings where kids with improbable instrumental skill and unfortunate spelling capabilities meet. But that’s not the case at all. Actually, both cases are incorrect, as Imperium Dekadenz hail not from The Golden State but from Germany, and we can assume from their point of origin duo Vespasian and Horaz have better spelling skills than most Americans. Oh, and they’re not nu-black’n'djent. Far from it.

Formed in 2004 and quickly signed to Perverted Taste Music before joining the Season of Mist roster for 2010′s Procella Vadens, Imperium Dekadenz have pretty much cornered the market where it concerns despondent, atmospheric black. No, we’re not talking about DBM bands who croak about slitting wrists in bathtubs or how the planet’s nothing more than a maggot-infested hovel while enjoying high standards of European living, but rather how sad it is to sit in the middle of the Schwarzwald as the mists of autumn bring forth the earliest signs of nature’s death. It’s both literal and metaphoric. Heavy.

To celebrate the oncoming Imperium Dekadenz long-player, Meadows of Nostalgia, we’ve paired up with Season of Mist to bring you the mid-tempo, sad-sack song “Der Unweg.” So, find your own Schwarzwald, ’cause, hey, it’s Monday. And Mondays are always blue.

** Imperium Dekadenz’s new album, Meadows of Nostalgia, is out March 19th in the US on Season of Mist Records. It’s available for pre-order HERE. If you’d rather not wait, there’s plenty of other Imperium Dekadenz brilliance HERE for a few blackened ingots and a despair or two.

For Those About to Squawk: Waldo’s Pecks of the Week

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Wow! DARKTHRONE release The Underground Resistance on Peaceville, and holy hell, there’s actually singing-singing on it. This is going to be polarizing amongst their fans. It’s definitely a little bit of a left turn. This is standard fare for the former black metallers; you know, death rock riffs, proving that they are “troo” black metal. There are a lot of varying influences here as well, and that really shines through on this release without sounding passé. Nocturno Culto really proves his salt with his performance on this, showing his guitar skills are varied and creative at the same time. I dunno, can you beaking get over the vocals? That remains to be seen, really, and more than likely depends on the individual, but this is a good record, both sonically and musically; at least they aren’t treading the same ground like many of their peers seem to do. It actually SOUNDS like they had fun writing and recording this. 7 Fucking Pecks.

Keep on rotting. ROTTING CHRIST come at us with Kata Ton Daimona Eaytoy, whatever that means. This thing is kind of boring. Fans of the band will still like this. You know it’s their brand of black metal, but at times updating a sound isn’t that good for a band. There are chants, and some stuff like that mixed with parts that this bird brain can only describe as nu metal or just tacky. This has the production of a radio-friendly band, and the teeth of a newborn infant. This thing just pecking sucks. Season of Mist seems to excel in putting stuff like this out, and this fits right into their mold. Pass. 2 Fucking Pecks.

Well, the metal community mourns the loss of another great, and as this bird brain can’t sum it up, I’ll just repost the original release for this. There is a benefit comp for his family featuring Relapse artists, and it can be purchased here:

On Monday February 18, 2013 Relapse lost one of its own. Pat Egan, Relapse’s director of sales for the past 10 years, passed away after a struggle with Pneumonia and related complications. If you were lucky enough to know Pat, you will remember him as a fun, funny, hardworking, passionate lifelong metal-head who left an impression on EVERYONE he came in contact with. If you never got a chance to meet him, but you’re familiar with Relapse Records or some of the bands on the label, Pat was instrumental in the success of almost all of the bands and records Relapse has released over the past decade.

Pat touched so many bands and had his hand in literally hundreds if not thousands of records over the years. This compilation is a collection of just a small handful of some of the bands that Pat was most passionate about both personally and musically. Some of these songs are ‘classic’ Relapse songs, and some of them are brand new/unreleased songs that the bands wanted to give to help Pat’s family out.

Pat leaves behind a wife and a beautiful daughter who were both the lights of his life. All proceeds from the download of this compilation will go towards a college fund for his daughter Katie, a scholar and an athlete with a bright future ahead of her. All of the bands on this compilation have waived their royalties and Relapse is passing through all proceeds from the sale of the comp directly to Pat’s wife and daughter.

The compilation costs a minimum of $5, but you are welcome to donate more than that if you would. There is no limit on how much you can give.

On behalf of everyone here at Relapse, thank you for your donations. It will go further than you can imagine in keeping Pat’s legacy alive.

Pat, you will be missed.

Limited Edition LOCK UP Flexi Disc Available

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We last heard from grindcore supergroup Lock Up in the summer of 2011, when they finally delivered long-awaited third album Necropolis Transparent. Since it might take Shane Embury (Napalm Death), Nick Barker (ex-Cradle of Filth), Tomas Lindberg (At the Gates) and Anton Reisenegger (Pentagram) another nine years for a proper follow-up, we figured it’d be prudent to secure them for the Decibel Flexi Series now.

The living legends banged out the vicious “Infinite in Its Nothingness” exclusively for Decibel. Their rare and exceptional contribution is available on maroon on white plastic in limited quantities right here.