For Those About to Squawk: Waldo’s Pecks of the Week

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Okay, I’m back for a bit. Let’s just get into it, shall we?

CARCASS released Surgical Steel this week after a decade or so of relative inactivity. I’m really digging this. The front end of the record is loaded with more of the heavier songs, so some fans may find the latter half tedious, as it has more melodic songs a la Heartwork. This birdbrain thinks the whole thing is worthwhile, as the guitars really carry a clarity and punch. Some of the earlier tracks could easily have come from the Necroticism cutting room floor (although they don’t sound like throwaways). The real hardcore grind fans will more than likely be disappointed with this, as it is heavy and there are blast beats, but it’s most definitely not Reek. But lemme tell you, it’s most definitely not Swansong. Hey, how about Parrotsong? That’s a good title. Good comeback, boys. 8 Fucking Pecks.

What a barnburner ULCERATE’S latest effort Vermis is. Your ol’ boy Waldo doesn’t typically like tech-metal, but this thing is moody, brooding at times, and mean as peck. It’s always been my feathered opine that Destroyers of All was a much-overlooked death metal record, and hopefully this will bring them to the forefront. There really are jarring events on this, but this is where the record excels. Some tech bands favor clean precision, but Ulcerate prefer to make a loud, dark, mean cacophony of noise and chaos. To describe this record as a tidal wave is almost an understatement; it most certainly is a force of nature. Kick this shit and kick it LOUD. 9 Fucking Pecks.

Can a parrot yawn? Well, I kinda did. I fell asleep faster than someone putting a cover over my cage when I heard SATYRICON’S self-titled release. Not that this is bad—it’s not at all—just REALLY predictable. But you all should know that all parrots aren’t really into black metal at all. The problem here that that this record takes too few risks and just seems like it’s treading water. The production is glossy and way too slick, but hey, Hot Topic fans need to listen to something too, amirite? A lot of this really kind of comes off same-samey and almost seems as it’s one song strung out over multiple tracks. I’m sure fans of this band won’t be disappointed; as I said, it’s not bad, just kind of bland, like a glass of warm milk. 4 Fucking Pecks.

Get to Know Crossover Thrash Freaks Activator

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deciblog - activator photo

Activator is a relatively new four-piece from New York playing New York-styled crossover/hardcore/thrash in a New York state of mind. Their self-titled debut album was just released a couple days ago and features all the stuff 80s and 90s Lower East Side dreams were made of all lovingly caressed by a modern thrashing edge. Feel free to assault your ears with two preview tracks at the ass end of this ridiculous interview I conducted via email with this band of very good sports.

Introduce yourself/selves. What would you say is your worst habit – the one you’ve been trying unsuccessfully to change for years?
Shannon: Shannon Moore, frontman/vocalist. As faulty as I can be, I’m not sure how to single out my worst habit. The bad things about me are usually also the good things about me.
Jared: Jared Drace, guitar. As you can see, Shannon’s worst habit is not being able to give a straight answer. Mine is probably telling the truth.
Willie: Willie Paredes, bass. The worst habit that I can’t break has been showing up for Activator rehearsals and shows all these years. Every time I think I’m out, they pull me back in.
Sunny: Sunny Leejean, I play drums and have a habit of ramping our songs up to just under warp-speed during our shows, that and candy.

You’re a band from New York City that plays New York Hardcore. Isn’t that a little on the obvious side? Isn’t there at least one transplanted beardo living in Williamsburg you couldn’t find to form a band Pitchfork would go on to describe as “the future of indie rock”?
Shannon: I’m pretty sure none of us really identify Activator primarily as a New York Hardcore band. But no, we couldn’t find a “beardo transplant living in Williamsburg” that was willing to rehearse in Manhattan. I mean, I guess you can call Sunny a transplant, but I don’t think he’s physically capable of growing facial hair.
Jared: I think we’re more of a metal band trapped in a hardcore band’s body, our influences are all over the place from thrash to NYHC to punk rock to soul to classic rock to prog metal, etc. That said, if you couple the fact that my facial hair is coming in pretty good after about two years of non-shaving, along with the droves of friends telling me to move from Manhattan to Brooklyn, there may just be an outside chance that Activator becomes the future of indie rock.

Why the name Activator? Does your moniker hold any specific meaning or significance?
Shannon: The name Activator doesn’t really have any significance at all. It sort of started as a joke between myself and Jaleel Bunton from TV on the Radio about a certain way funk musicians played music. I kind of wanted to incorporate that nastiness into a metal band. But mostly I really just didn’t want the typical metal or hardcore name consisting of negative overtones or disease, etc. I just wanted a name that didn’t mean shit.
Jared: I was doing this little acoustic-comedy thing called Rooftop Quality around the time I met Shannon and he already had the name Activator, so once we started hitting it off musically, he said to me, “We can either call it Activator or Rooftop Quality,” thus Activator as we know it was born.

deciblog - activator cover

What the hell is happening on the cover of your new album? Why is the murderess waiting around to be found out by transit cops? In reality, considering the justifiably paranoid seriousness with which New York polices the transit and public works systems, how long do you think before this chick gets nabbed by the law? If Unsane can’t even do a subway car blood bombing, then c’mon?!
Jared: If you really look at it closely, you’ll see that the woman isn’t even real, she’s actually just some “killer” street-art. The murderer is meant to be unknown or up to the listener to decide. Our friends at Version Industries came up with the whole concept after repeatedly force-listening to the album. I’d like to think the dead body had something to do with the rats with the glowing eyes. Also, we have a neat little sound-designed intro at the beginning of the record that kind of ties in with the image and the rats and the subway and the violence. We’re obviously big-time conceptualists.
Shannon: Shout out to Chris Spencer and Vinnie from Unsane. Why we never did a show together is beyond me, but I totally blame it on Chris.

Obvious question: who’s your favourite band from the 80s and 90s eras of NYHC?
Shannon: Bad Brains and Cro-Mags are pretty much the status quo. But I had serious love for and influence from Leeway, Sheer Terror, Into Another, Maximum Penalty, Gorilla Biscuits, pretty much any band Mike Dijan was in because he has some pretty nasty riffs. Burn and Quicksand too, if you can count them as hardcore.
Jared: I kind of missed out on the heyday of’ 80′s NYHC, was more on the GNR/Aerosmith tip back then, but obviously started appreciating all the bands Shannon mentioned after the fact. As far as the 90′s go, I saw Fury of Five at the local dive in my hometown Mt. Vernon, NY in ’95 and the singer, who was this hulked-out monster, handed me a demo after their set and I just thought it was the heaviest thing ever, even compared to all the Death Metal I was jamming to at the time. From there I got into a bunch of those next-generation hardcore bands and still very much enjoy the early stuff from 25 Ta Life, Merauder, VOD, Fahrenheit 451, District 9 and No Redeeming Social Value. I guess looking back, it was kind of a dim time in the scene as compared to the ’80s, but I thought there was some good music and shows happening.
Willie: The 80′s, Cro-Mags. The 90′s, none.

Tell us about your forthcoming album. How long did you work on it? How long did it take to record? How did you get a motley combo of Jim Williams and then Matt Snedecor involved?
Shannon: It took forever. I can’t remember how long it took to write and record it but it was a pretty lengthy process. Jimmy actually is a good friend of ours and played drums for us for a little while in 2008/2009. I really liked the idea of doing the vocals with him because for one he’s a vocalist himself in Maximum Penalty, secondly because he was already familiar with our material from being in the band & finally that he’s honest to a fault and is somewhat lacking in tact, so I knew everything he said had merit.
Willie: I met Matt in 2003 at the Hit Factory where my old band Natural Selection was recording. We hit it off immediately & have been boys ever since. Also, I’m one of the owners of Brooklyn Tattoo and have been tattooing him for almost as long as we’ve known each other. Knowing the Activator album was looming, I may have forgotten to charge him for few ink sessions in an effort to get him on board.
Jared: The recording process started in 2011 with the recording of the drums at Jimmy’s Night Owl Studios in Manhattan, then we did the guitars & bass with Matt over a few sessions at his place in Jersey. Lastly, we went back to Night Owl to do the vocals. The mix took the longest amount of time as it was a massive undertaking for Matt to make some cohesiveness out of tracks that were recorded in different studios by different people. Also, I kind of went crazy with notes and revisions on all my guitar tracks, solos, harmonies, etc., sorry Matt! Finally we had Alan Douches at WWSM in upstate NY master the album earlier in the year. Definitely an unorthodox way to go about making a record, but I think we did alright with the money and resources we had available. We’re eternally grateful to Jimmy and Matt who made us a pretty sweet record, and who have never met in person.

Do you think you’d be able to outbid me if the grand prize was a Crumbsuckers reunion show in the victor’s basement?
Shannon: Good question. But no one in the band has a basement so that victory is yours. Hopefully we’re invited.

Who, at the height of their powers, do you think would win in 1) a fist fight and 2) a Ralph Macchio/Steve Vai/Crossroads-styled axe-slinging competition: Cro-Mags or Merauder?
Shannon: 1) John Joseph alone is one of toughest dudes I’ve ever met. 2) There are different versions of both bands. First version I would probably give to Merauder, guitar-battle wise but after that you have Rocky George and now A.J. Novello and I can’t really see anyone fucking with either one of those guys, forgive me Jorge! R.I.P SOB
Jared: We played with Merauder at Santos Party House a while back and they had a replacement drummer that was driving in from Philly who had never played with or even met them before and they crushed! About a year earlier I saw them open for one of Willie and I’s favorite bands ever, The Haunted, at BB Kings, in what was a super-awesome yet criminally under-attended show. Around 1996 my guitar teacher took it upon himself to show me some of those beginning arpeggios from that epic Macchio/Vai Crossroads solo once he started to sense I knew was I was doing, needless to say I could barely play a hacked-up version of it. Wait, what was the question?

Do you own a copy of the Project X 7”?
Shannon: This sounds like a trick question. But no, I wasn’t particularly interested in Project X even though Walter was involved. But that’s kind of a rare and hard to find 7″, at least I think it is.

Your drummer was born and raised in Russia, I’ve been informed. What are the major differences between life over there vs. over here? What kind of culture shock did he experience after coming to NYC? What do you know of/has he told you about the hardcore/crossover scene over there? Do they still talk about Chernobyl as much as we do?
Sunny: Haha, the culture-shock wasn’t too bad, but I was really surprised that it was so hard to find open-minded metal musicians until I joined Activator in 2009. Nobody talks about Chernobyl anymore I guess because it’s in Ukraine and it’s not Russia anymore.

Your singer is/was involved with the hip-hop world. In what capacity and what would you say are the most hilarious differences between the two scenes?
Shannon: To be honest. The indie rap scene is largely made up of people who are really into both genres. So I didn’t really see that much of a difference. Most of the EL-P shows have mosh pits and band shirts just like any other rock show. As far as what’s hilarious about them both is that it’s just another form of nerd culture.

Did you ever roll your ankle walking across the floor of CBGB’s? Were you brave enough to use the “facilities” without wearing a biohazard suit?
Shannon: I’ve rolled way more than my ankle at CBGB. For a brief moment they made pizza and it was usually under-cooked I thoroughly remember eating a slice and seriously having to take a shit. But there was noooooo way I was gonna take a shit in there. There wasn’t even a door.

Best “Porcell” band?
Shannon: I would like to say Gorilla Biscuits but I don’t think he was in it long enough to be called a Porcell band. I guess I’ll go with Judge.
Jared: I think Shelter was the headliner of that Fury of Five show in Mt. Vernon, so I’ll say them.

What’s next for Activator once the album is released?
Jared: We’re doing an album release show October 3rd at Union Pool in Brooklyn, currently ironing out the line-up for that and we’ll probably have some more shows in the area plugging the record in the months to come. We’ll see how people respond to it once it’s out there which will probably dictate the majority of our future plans. Aside from that, probably just start working on the next one.
Shannon: Hopefully someone besides us will like our record. I guess we’ll have to figure out the rest from there.

Activator on the interhole: here

Decibrity Playlist: God Is An Astronaut

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It’s hard to believe (for me, at least) that God Is An Astronaut is already into its second decade as a band. In fact, the Irish post-rockers just dropped their seventh full-length, Origins, earlier this month. The record marks a return to Rocket Girl, which also happened to license the first album I heard from these guys, 2005′s All Is Violent, All Is Bright. Pat O’Donnell (The Fountainhead) not only produced the band’s latest effort, but joined the newly-minted quintet on vocals, guitar and keyboards for the recording while co-writing many of its songs with GIAA guitarist/co-founder Torsten Kinsella. So O’Donnell was in prime position to fill us in on some tracks that he and his cohorts were listening to and inspired by during the recording of Origins. While we hope to see them back in the States soon, you can still feel free to listen along here.

Can’s “Future Days” (from 1973′s Future Days)
40 years old and still sounds so fresh! I’ve always loved Can for their innovative approach to making music. This track constantly twists and turns with its hypnotic rhythms, woven melodies and clever use of sounds. Truly a seminal work for its time, still relevant and still one of the tracks I always go back to.


Radiohead’s “Pyramid Song” (from 2001′s Amnesiac)
I could have chosen any track off the Radiohead album In Rainbows but instead chose this track from the much maligned album Amnesiac. From the piano intro, the soundscapes become apparent and the mood moves along with such a cool groove. When we were recording “Reverse World”, I kept thinking about this track and how it evolved and resolved.


Led Zeppelin’s “Kashmir” (from 1975′s Physical Graffiti)
Yes, an obvious choice, but obvious for many good reasons. During the recording of Origins, we always talked about riffs and we also spoke about our fusion of styles. On the track “Calistoga”, you can hear Torsten’s rock background fused with my more atmospheric leanings. “Kashmir” has all of this and more. Also, really love the orchestration, it’s a monster of a track!

The Jimi Hendrix Experience’s “If 6 Was 9″ (from 1967′s Axis: Bold As Love)
When I was a kid I saw the film Easy Rider and always loved the scene with this track in it, so atmospheric. I’ve always loved music that has a cinematic quality to it and the guitar intro of this track really puts you into a space and then blossoms into full blown psychedelia.


Nine Inch Nails’ “Something I Can Never Have” (from 1989′s Pretty Hate Machine)
This one’s for Torsten! He’s always been influenced by Trent Reznor’s work, especially his unsettling sounds and use of dynamics. NIN takes you on a real roller coaster ride. On Origins we sometimes felt like we were sculpting sound rather than just playing guitars and keyboards.


Tinariwen’s “Tenhert” (from 2009′s Imidiwan: Companions)
A beguiling and intriguing track with a haunting quality. I’m fascinated by their mix of North African rhythm, traditional vocals and blues guitar. It flows and develops in a way that makes it impossible to stay still. If your body doesn’t sway to this mesmeric fusion of styles, then you have no soul!

Mise en page 1

*Photo by Derval Freeman

**Order a copy of Origins here.

***We update one Spotify playlist for each new Decibrity entry, so feel free to subscribe to that here.

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“Best of” Meshuggah
Barren Earth
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STREAMING: In Solitude “Pallid Hands”

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It might be a calculated risk on Albert Mudrian’s part to feature Swedish upstarts (OK, they’ve been truckin’ since 2002) as cover stars on the new issue of Decibel (available HERE), but looking back on previous cover icons his choices have proven, largely, correct. Though it’s easy to point fingers and say, “Hey, this band on that label and they have a new album out and that’s why they’re on the cover,” well, cover decisions aren’t always so linear. They can be difficult or emotional decisions. Case in point: Paradise Lost (available HERE). A band with a long history but almost zero U.S. label involvement until their recent pact with Century Media. Albert could’ve gone with another cover, but he went with his emotions.


Which is why I’m pretty stoked on the Swedes getting the November 2013 cover. They have an “it” factor. Not just ’cause they’re Swedish (and I’m biased by being part Swede), but ’cause they get it. They’re involved in the music to be involved in the music. There’s very little pretense (from my end at least) as to why they rule on record and they give an excellent story in J. Bennett’s In Solitude treatise on the band. Plus, any band that joins Repulsion on stage for a cover of Bathory’s “The Reaper” (see HERE) is A-OK in my tome of tomes.

So, it’s with absolute pleasure and forthright support that I (rather Decibel) present new In Solitude cut, “Pallid Hands.” Time to revel in digital flesh.

** In Solitude’s new album, Sister, is out October 1 on Metal Blade Records. It’s available for pre-order HERE. Choose your bundle and wait for October to fall.

Let’s help Jason Becker

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becker flyer v11

The folks who work hard to bring you the extremely extreme each week might be cantankerous but that doesn’t mean we don’t look out for our fellow man.

Case in point: the gifted guitarist Jason Becker, who was struck with with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS), which most readers know as Lou Gehrig’s disease. The disease is horrifying: it kills nerve cells that control muscles and eventually robs the affected of the ability to walk, speak and breathe.

Becker wasn’t supposed to live past 25. Yet here he is at 44, still fighting and hoping for a breakthrough. Let’s do our part to help kick this disease.

Our Bay Area friends should consider attending a benefit for Becker tomorrow night (Sept. 19th) at Bimbo’s 365 Club in San Francisco. There will be a special screening of a documentary on Becker’s life to benefit Jason and ALS research. You can learn more on the flyer above and purchase tickets here. Scott Ian of Anthrax and his wife, Pearl, will provide the music.

Friends and readers outside of the Bay Area — you can help, too. Please consider making a donation to The ALS Association.

TRACK PREMIERE: Domovoyd’s “Lamia”

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Domovoyd band photo by Rainer Paananen

I have no idea what a “Domovoyd” is (presumably something in Finnish or maybe a type of mushroom), but a lamia is a creepy snake person thing, and there are some definite serpentine tendencies to their music. It coils around your cerebral cortex, then sinks its fangs right into the pleasure center and injects 200 mL of psychedelic venom straight to the source. I hear Monster Magnet’s more demented trips in here, along with Sleep’s epic dronescapes and Electric Wizard’s occult trance, but mostly I hear people unafraid to venture out into the frontier of the mind’s eye. That’s the kind of weirdness I can get behind. “Lamia” offers the perfect gateway to that experience, and there’s another 47 minutes of magic beyond that on Oh Sensibility, their full-length debut. In fact, just posting one track is kind of cruel. The first hit is free, but the rest will cost you. And you’ll want the rest.

***Oh Sensibility comes out October 11 on Svart in both CD and LP. You can preorder the CD here and the LP here. Meanwhile, check them out on Facebook here or download their first couple EPs for free on Bandcamp here.

EXCLUSIVE: WARBRINGER “Hunter-Seeker” lyric video

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As you may or may not know, Californian next-gen thrashers Warbringer will be dropping album number four—IV: Empires Collapse—on Oct 29th through Century Media. The band have been on the road pretty much constantly since 2011’s Worlds Torn Asunder, and in that time have augmented their lineup with guitarist Jeff Potts and bassist Ben Mottsman, both plucked from Pittsburgh thrash crew Mantic Ritual.

IV: Empires Collapse marks Mottsman and Potts’ debut on record, and was recorded under the watchful eye of producer Steve Evetts (The Dillinger Escape Plan/Sepultura), and mixed by Brett Eliason. Courtesy of the good folk at Century Media, here is an advance lyric video for “Hunter-Seeker”. Not only should this give you a flavor for the roughhousing on offer throughout IV: Empires Collapse, but it will surely help all those rivetheads looking to take their audience participation to a whole new level beyond just screaming “HUNTER-SEEKER” into John Kevill’s face before executing a perfect wedge-monitor backflip.

Musically, you should know what to expect from Warbringer by now; the core of their sound is an uncooked mix of Teutonic and Bay Area thrash, but with weird atonalities and punked-up parts. Evetts and Eliason have kept Warbringer dry and raw, which is what you should want and expect from any thrash band worth their salt. Kevill describes “Hunter-Seeker” as a “ripping thrasher”, and the Deciblog sees no reason to argue with that. Enjoy.

**Warbringer on Facebook
**Warbringer are touring the U.S. supperting Overkill and Kreator. Dates below:

10/30/2013 Soundstage Baltimore MD
10/31/2013 The Trocadero Philadelphia PA
11/1/2013 The Palladium Worcester MA
11/2/2013 Club Soda Montreal QC
11/3/2013 Opera House Toronto ON
11/4/2013 Altar Bar Pittsburgh PA
11/5/2013 Al Rosa Villa Columbus OH
11/6/2013 Mojoes Joliet IL
11/7/2013 Granada Lawrence KS
11/8/2013 Gothic Theater Englewood CO
11/9/2013 In The Venue Salt Lake City UT
11/11/2013 Rickshaw Theater Vancouver BC
11/12/2013 El Corazon Seattle WA
11/13/2013 Hawthorne Theatre Portland OR
11/14/2013 Fillmore San Francisco CA
11/15/2013 The Grove Anaheim CA
11/16/2013 Marquee Theatre Tempe AZ
11/17/2013 Sunshine Theater Albuquerque NM
11/18/2013 Trees Dallas TX
11/19/2013 Backstage Live San Antonio TX
11/21/2013 Diamond Pub & Billiards Louisville KY
11/22/2013 Empire West Springfield VA
11/23/2013 Stage 48 New York City NY
11/24/2013 Stage 48 New York City NY

STREAMING: Inquisition “Darkness Flows Towards Unseen Horizons” (Lyric Video)

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Lyric videos are a bit of a mystery. They probably started with pop music on major labels for no other reason than to have a video on Youtube for nerdballs to copy/paste into lyric sites (with typos) as a way to pump up their online cred factor. Well, folks, lyric videos have, fittingly I might add, filtered down to the underground, where voices roar, grunt, and growl. If lyric videos had a place, it’d be with death, black, thrash, doom, and whatever metal. That way you can read the difference between “All I Had I Gave” and what you thought you heard in “All The Head I Gave” (sorry, Crowbar).

Anyway, we have the good cosmic fortune of premiering the new lyric video for Inquisition’s “Darkness Flows Towards Unseen Horizons” off new album, Obscure Verses for the Multiverse. Now, if you’re familiar with Inquisition, no need to read on. Just click play. If not, Inquisition is a two-man black metal project of celestial origins (actually, originally Colombia now Seattle), where blast beats, sick riff configs, and gurgling vocals are the order of the day. In short, Inquisition is the best band you’ve never heard if you’re in the latter camp. If you’re in the former, they’re certainly better than Werewolf Bloodhoof, who’ve been huge on the forums lately.

** Inquisition’s new album, Obscure Verses for the Multiverse, is out October 25th on Season of Mist. It’s available HERE in a few different horizon-burning versions. And by different, we mean digibooks bound in cow leather. And goat leather. In clear and black vinyl as well. And in a box on CD.

INTERVIEW: Ben Ward of Orange Goblin

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Prior to the release of 2012′s A Eulogy for the Damned, the Deciblog met up with Orange Goblin and found a band that was pretty much a long-standing institution turned part-time concern. Breaking bread over a table henged with pint glasses of cider and beer, the English quartet were talking about making their first studio record for five years, riffs and inspirations and all that sort of thing. But also they talked about how band business was tantamount to a holiday away with the boys. These were guys with jobs, wives and kids, who made everything else fit around Orange Goblin’s touring schedule and vice-versa.

Fast forward a year or so and it’s all change. The Deciblog is in the Red Lion in Leytonstone, (whose location is only relevant to Decibangers outside of London’s transport Zone 3 because this was the pub where Paul DiAnno first met Steve Harris) and vocalist Ben Ward is gearing up for a full headlining tour of North America, telling us all about how they all quit their jobs to do all this full-time.

How is Joe getting on after wrecking his achilles—will he be fit for the tour?
“Yeah, I think so. He’s got the cast off and is in one of those plastic, Robocop-style boots, which is just protecting the tendon, making sure he doesn’t bend it too much. But it’s meshed back together again, and by the time we head to America, I think he is going to be absolutely fine. He’s going to have a little bit of physio.

In Person Aural Devastation: Author & Punisher Live

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Decibel has made no secret of our love for the idiosyncratic have-to-see-it-to-believe-it one-man doom behemoth Author & Punisher. And these insane videos from the band’s recent performance at the Fillmore basically speak for themselves. So…further comment is probably unnecessary. The new record, Women & Children, is available here. Bonus: The Lynch-ian video for “Terrorbird” after the jump.