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Thirteen is generally considered an unlucky number, which is why we’re foisting it upon you, dear reader! Giving is (occasionally) better than receiving, particularly for sadists, i.e., your holly jolly hellraising homeboys at Decibel. So, today only, sign up for a 12-month or 24-month subscription to Decibel and receive one extra issue for FREE. That’s right, one extra installment of North America’s premier monthly metal magazine is on us! (No code necessary.)

But this one-day sale ends at midnight tonight (EST), so click here to order now!

STREAMING: Bastard Sapling’s “Cold Winds Howled Across The Desolation”

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Since the Decibel faithful are about to enter a restful trance of their own thanks to pounds of turkey, pumpkin pie and stuffing (or tofurkey for all our vegan readers) we thought it was the right time to introduce a new track from Bastard Sapling’s Dragged From Our Restless Trance. Streaming below is “Cold Winds Howled Across The Desolation.”

The band has also attached an appropriately grim track-by-track roundup. Stream the song below and check out the beautiful vinyl pressing by Forcefield Records here. I’m not sure what these guys are doing for Thanksgiving so you might want to keep with the plans to visit the parents.

Prophecy Born From Dismal Terrain
Are the hallucinations/visions/dreams you suffer from actual glimpses into the future? It’s up to you to decide.

Cold Winds Howled Across The Desolation
This was inspired by the idea of being cleansed of your flesh suit, witnessing humankind’s ignorance, in some kind of celestial embodiment. Alone and desolate..Nothing left on earth but ash and cold regretful souls. Lots of downers and booze, to be honest.

The Apex Of Suffering
Destroy the human race, destroy yourself. Nothing less, nothing more

Beyond The Void Of Life
From a dark place this one. Sore subject to say the least. Buy the record and read the lyrics! Maybe you feel the same!

Get in touch with Bastard Sapling.

Obscene Extreme Sails To America!

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For 14 years, extreme hate-thunder has rained down from the blighted Czech sky every July, under the Obscene Extreme banner.  In 2013, the organizers are seriously upping the ante, and we here at Decibel get to formally welcome Obscene Extreme America!  It’s in Mexico!  (Yeah, against the protestations of xenophobes all over the United States, there are actually two whole continents called the Americas.)  The Obscene Extremers are also throwing ludicrously loud parties in Indonesia (Obscene Extreme Asia) and in Australia (Obscene Extreme… um, Australia), but we’re focusing on the unholy ravaging of the New World and the revenge Montezuma will inevitably wreak on the boatloads of leather-clad invaders this coming March.

Check out the official announcement below of the first three confirmed performances:  Phobia, Dying Fetus, and Macabre.  For more info, get over to the fest’s website.  For less info, go back to the porn that hopefully popped up while you were wasting time on this blog.


Uncompromisingly brutal death metal kings DYING FETUS will play OBSCENE EXTREME AMERICA!!!  Get low for the kings of beatdown death metal, the uncompromisingly brutal DYING FETUS.  As open in their hardcore influences as their love technical death metal and grindcore, the Maryland bruisers’ 2000 album ‘DESTROY THE OPPOSITION’ defined death metal in the 21st Century and planted the band’s sonic boot right in your face, and despite line-up changes there’s been no slowing of the pace since with 2012′s eye-wateringly tight ‘REIGN SUPREME’.  Get ready to pick up some bruises and lose some teeth at OBSCENE EXTREME AMERICA!!!


Furious & raw grindcore punks will destroy stage at OEF America!!! PHOBIA!!!  Few bands represent the US grindcore scene better than PHOBIA, and that’s why there’s no better band for the first ever OBSCENE EXTREME AMERICA.  The Orange County grind punks have worked with labels as defining as SLAP-A-HAM, RELAPSE and WILLOWTIP, and released splits with bands as diverse as CORRUPTED, PLUTOCRACY, GADGET and EXTINCTION OF MANKIND.  Furiously political and unflinchingly hard working, these DIY tour dogs are rarely off the road, and fifth full-length, 2012′s ‘Remnants Of Filth’, isn’t some music school bullshit that lives in the studio ? it’s raw and unpolished, punk-as-fuck grindcore as it’s meant to be.


First band for OEF America – American assassins MACABRE!!! First show in Mexico since 1994!!!  Infamous redneck murder squad MACABRE are making their eagerly anticipated return to Mexico for the first time in nearly two decades at Obscene Extreme North America, armed with a barrel full of new tunes courtesy of 2011′s ‘Grim Scary Tales’.  One of the bands credited with influencing the formative shape of grindcore itself with their individual and idiosyncratic mix of punk, death metal, thrash and twisted nursery rhyme melodies, the Illinois three-piece are more than just a murderous carnival ride from hell, they’re pioneers.

Festival Venue >>>


28, 29 & 30 MARCH 2013

NUNS VALLEY – La Marquesa – Edo De Mexico



In the middle of the road linking Mexico City to Toluca, is a wooded area known as La Marquesa, part of the huge National Park Miguel Hidalgo y Costilla. This park was established by presidential decree on September 9, 1936 and it was here that took place the Battle of Las Cruces, during the War of Independence, one of the bloodiest battles waged by Miguel Hidalgo y Costilla against the Spanish, who defeated.

The site covers an area of 1760 hectares, is covered with forests of fir, cedar and oak. Its climate is temperate-humid with heavy frosts in winter, the average temperature is 12 ° C.

The Silent Valley, VALLEY OF THE NUNS (VALLE DE LAS MONJAS IN SPANISH, WHICH WOULD BE OBSCENE’S AREA), Friendship Valley, Rabbit Valley and Valle de Salazar, are some of the main plains that make up this park and are ideal for horseback riding, riding motorcycle, cycling of mountain and make picnics.

The significant elevations of the park are: Las Penas Barron, The Tepehuisco, Three Rocks, Las Palmas and Pena Torcida, perfect for practicing climbing and rappelling.

The Sierra de las Cruces awaits diverse landscapes, natural viewpoints, large ridges, peaks and dense forests.


The Marquesa, is located east of the state capital of Mexico and to the west of Mexico City, on the border between the two entities.

To reach the park, take the Highway 15 Mexico-Toluca, free or fee, to the park. There are 22 kilometers of which will have to travel in a time of 25 minutes.

If you wish to travel by bus, move to the metro station Observatorio on the pink line number 1 to board a truck and lead you into the park.


Hundreds of Mexican families gather on weekends to enjoy a fun day in the countryside in this wooded area. The Marquesa has very significant elevations that are ideal for mountain climbing, rappelling and hiking.

In the park there are walkers, table benches, barbecues, rustic childhood games, shelters, information booths, kiosks, toilets and countless regional establishments that sell food. You can also paddle boats, horse riding, minibikes and gokarts.


Since its birth in 1999, over 500 bands have played Obscene Extreme festival from almost every corner of the world, bringing with them a horde of diehard extreme music fans from across Europe and beyond to its home base in the Czech Republic.

What brings fans to Obscene Extreme is more than the cross selection of new and old underground grindcore, crust, punk, death metal, thrash metal, hardcore and everything in between, but the incredible atmosphere, the real DIY ethic and the true spirit of community. It doesn’t matter where you’re from or who you are, everyone is the same when they’re in the pit!

For over a decade people have travelled the globe, driven across continents and slept in airports and railway stations to make it to Obscene Extreme, and now Obscene Extreme is coming to you – rolling into Mexico, Indonesia and Australia like the United Nations of Grind.

5 Reasons the Obscene Extreme World Tour is Going to Blow Your Mind:

1. Truly underground – Obscene Extreme is one of the only truly underground festivals to unite big, genre-defining bands, and small, cult bands.

2. Vegan-friendly – Whatever you do or don’t do, believe or practice, you’re welcome at Obscene Extreme.

3. Low ticket price – No massive booking agent or energy drink mega-festival bullshit, Obscene Extreme is affordable for everyone.

4. No shitty rules, no shitty security – Stage diving, stage invasions and more, all welcome. Obscene Extreme treats you like people and doesn’t stop you having fun.

5. Grindcore carnival – Wear a gasmask, dress as a goregrind banana, Obscene Extreme is more than a festival – it’s a party!

Welcome to the Obscene Extreme family!!!

Obscene Extreme 2012

CONTEST: Municipal Waste’s Best Contest. Ever.

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There’s some indication that nuevo thrash gods Municipal Waste are, to put it mildly, a tad nutty. Case in point, the Richmondians’ near-takeover of the Deciblog. Search for Municipal Waste in our handy dandy search mechanism and not one but FIVE pages turn up. Inside those five pages you’ll find the Waste with long dong porn legend Ron Jeremy, riding Seattle’s Space Needle like a pony, zany self-penned tour blogs, a stream of the group’s Toxic Waste 7″ (clutch!), yet another stream of Municipal Waste’s “Religion Proof” flexi disc sickness, and, to top it off, a coverboys appearance in dB #89. Hell, they’ve even managed to squirm their circle pit riff-centric selves into Decibel’s 100th Issue Celebration Show on January 19th in Philly.

So, now that Decibel has turned into Municipal Waste’s, uh, “dumping ground” (sure to be a so-called Superfund Site by end of 2013), we have no choice but to host the best Municipal Waste contest in like ever. No choice. They’ve already threatened to call Emilio Estevez to release an unlimited broadcast license to the Men at Work film, which is almost like promising to break Geneva Conventions for human cruelty. We naturally capitulated.

In the best contest ever, one lucky Wastoid will win:

1. MUNICIPAL WASTE “The Fatal Feast” CD
2. MUNICIPAL WASTE Shirt – Size Medium
3. MUNICIPAL WASTE 10” Single (limited to 500)
4. Napalm Death “Utilitarian” CD
5. Napalm Death Shirt – Size Medium
6. Exhumed Shirt – Size Large
7. Dayglo Abortions “Live 2011″ CD
8. Dayglo Abortions Shirt – Size Large
9. Dayglo Abortions Girlie Shirt – Size Small
10. The Dwarves “We Only Came to Get High” 7”
11. Attitude Adjustment “The Collection” CD
12. Attitude Adjustment “No Way Back” CD
13. Attitude Adjustment Shirt – Size Large
14. Speedwolf “Ride With Death” CD
15. Speedwolf Shirt – Size Medium
16. Vektor “Black Future” CD
17. Vektor “Outer Isolation” CD

Why? Don’t you worry. How? Oh, just send us an email HERE.

Oh, lest we forget (cue Bolt Thrower’s …For Victory, please), Municipal Waste, Napalm Death, Exhumed, Dayglo Abortions, Speedwolf, Attitude Adjustment, and the Dwarves are on tour now. If you missed it, well, you’re a Lääz Rockit riff. But there are tour dates remaining. Go, have fun, and tell your kids how you did the “toxic waste” dance, which is a derivative of the “toxic waltz” dance.

11/21/12 Buster’s – Lexington, KY
11/23/12 Kingdom – Richmond, VA
11/24/12 Tremont Music Hall – Charlotte, NC
11/25/12 J.J.’s Bohemia – Chattanooga, TN
11/26/12 Zydeco – Birmingham, AL
11/27/12 Siberia – New Orleans, LA
11/30/12 Terminal West – Atlanta, GA
12/01/12 Orpheum Theater – Tampa, FL
12/02/12 Grand Central – Miami, FL **Barge To Hell Pre-Party**
12/3-7/12 Barge To Hell Cruise

** Visit and like Municipal Waste on Facebook.

GIVEAWAY: Win a Machine Head Epiphone Guitar!

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Before we get to all the details of this amazing giveaway—a free guitar!—from the generous folks at Roadrunner Records and Epiphone, we want to wish Machine Head mainman Robb Flynn a very speedy recovery from his recent hernia surgery. We know he’s anxious to get back out on the road and resume the tour with Dethklok, All That Remains and Black Dahlia Murder once he’s back on his feet.

In the meantime, the next best thing to seeing Machine Head on tour is the band’s latest Roadrunner CD, Machine Fucking Head, which came out a week ago today. You can order the “Deluxe Digital Edition” here, which not only includes four bonus tracks, it comes with an immediate MP3 download of the B-Sides and Rarities digital EP. That’s what we like to call a double bonus.

Now to get to the details of the giveaway. One lucky winner will be selected at random from the entries received, and they will be sent this amazing Robb Flynn Love/Death Baritone Flying V from Epiphone. Entering is easy, but only one entry per person is allowed. You need to send your name, address, email and phone number here, and be sure to put something like “Machine Head Guitar Giveaway” in the subject line. You do not want to miss out on this amazing opportunity. How often do we give away guitars around here, anyway? Pretty much never. This is epic.

Great Moments in T-Shirt History: When Pig Met Pug

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A couple weeks back ANIMAL New York posted a brilliant video entitled PUG DESTROYER featuring pugs taking lead vox on a death metal track. That alone would have been awesome enough, but then along came the actual Pig Destroyer and, as is their wont, the band took things to the next level. The result? A crazy limited edition T-shirt to benefit the good people at Pug Rescue of Florida — a move that will almost certainly serve as fodder for conspiracy theorists who have long divined a pug-centric subtext to Pig Destroyer material such as, say, “Rotten Yellow” or “Starbelly.”

Whether we’ll ever see a snout-less, squish-faced upstart trotting into the sound booth at PDHQ to give Katherine Katz or Richard Johnson a run for their guest vocal money remains an open question, but in light of recent developments I reached out to Blake Harrison with a few related patience-trying, pretty much asinine queries, which he handled with typical aplomb and good humor. A condensed version of that chat follows below.

Animal New York is clearly excited that the band reached out after their Pug Destroyer video went viral. Are you guys animal lovers? (Excepting pigs, naturally.)

I am, at least. My favorite is a French Bulldog named Brutus that I dog-sit. He gets so excited he pees when he sees me.

Any actual pug owners in Pig Destroyer?

I used to own a pug named Captain Gingersnaps.

Is there any concern that by introducing what is generally agreed to be the most adorable dog breed to the Pig Destroyer merchandising universe might irreversibly soften the band’s image? If so, is there a plan in place to release something uber-extreme or exceptionally ugly to counter this design in the near future?

No, not at all. Everyone knows we’re big softies. We will however release something of a repugnant nature. Pun intended.

After the Pug Destroyer video was there any discussion in the band about bringing on a pug to occupy the role typically filled by a bassist or perhaps as an assistant for your work?

No, we have a human member of Hatebeak in the band [and] we didn’t want to insult his clearly superior intellect and level of creativity.

This T-shirt design is obviously based on the traditional purebred pug. Do you have any thoughts on the mixed breeds currently gaining popularity — e.g. puggles, chuggles, frugs, japugs, porgie-poos?

What in the hell is a porgie-poo? Mixed breeds are cool. You know, muggle dogs.

Has the transition from Pig to Pug been at all difficult? After all, these are very different adversaries, the tactics to destroy one presumably being totally different to what is necessary to destroy the other. For one, with pugs you’ve got to will yourself beyond the adorableness barrier — no small feat…

Pigs and pugs are adversaries? Who knew? We will destroy all pigs [and] pugs, too — although the cuteness of the pug is undeniable.

Which of these monikers, to your mind, best suits the pug: Terrifyer, Prowler in the Yard, or Natasha.

Prowler In The Yard. You know, like shitting and pissing the yard.

Were there any particular designer breed/punk rock collaborations that inspired you back when you were coming up?

I like Mosh Pit Bull

Finally, what message do you hope kids in the scene today take away from this shirt?

Pugz Not Drugz

Pig Destroyer plays the Decibel 100th issue celebration show in Philadelphia on January 19. The band’s latest album, Book Burner, is out now. Follow the band on Facebook and Twitter.


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Incantation need no introduction, surely, so let’s keep this brief and to the point. The Pennsylvanian death metal kingpins release their ninth album, Vanquish in Vengeance, on November 27th through Listenable Records. This is Incantation’s first LP since 2006′s sulfurous Primordial Domination, and considering death metal’s new wave of old-schoolers have grown evermore reliant on the Incantation canon for inspiration, it is a timely reminder from the old masters that, when it comes to articulating blasphemy and striking the appropriate mood for the End of Days, there is no one better. Vanquish… was recorded at Mars Recording Compound with Engineer Bill Korecky, and mixed/mastered by Dan Swanö at Unisound.

Listen to Vanquish in Vengeance below; pre-order it HERE.

Bassist Chuck Sherwood had this to say about the album’s themes:
“The concept of our world so enslaved by monotheistic dogma that only a rebirth, with nothing but distain for the previous, would be tolerated. The lyrical content is the vehicle of this ideology from modern to ancient history combined with the occult/pagan views and the rage we as a band hold for those religions and their followers who’d refuse to acknowledge their own failure. Let this vortex we offer permeate and enlighten or shun and obliterate.”

And guitarist Alex Bouks was good enough to email us over his track-by-track take on the album that marks his full-length debut with Incantation.

“Invoked Infinity”
For this one, I wrote most of the riffs. They were written at a state of complete anger and a hate that consumed me at the time. This song and a few other riffs on the record were written around December 2011. It was a dark time for me, and I channeled all of that energy into the music. I think it is a great opener and it hits you unexpectedly. It actually reminds me of something that could have been on the Diabolical Conquest album. Sadistic!

“Ascend into the Eternal”
I wrote all of the music and lyrics for “Ascend…”. Lyrically it deals with the journey to find the hidden truth—to achieve Godhead! Musically this has a lot of different elements. This was written in about a hour with me and John [McEntee, guitar/vocals] sitting down, putting our ideas together. It came together very easy. I really like the ending doom part. It is very uplifting and ethereal—it really complements the lyrics very well.

“Progeny of Tyranny”
One of my fave tracks, written by John. Some signature McEntee riffs all over this song. I get a very black and disturbing feeling when listening and playing this. The ending vocals John does are full of drama and absolute darkness, and have a bit of our Necrovore influence.

“Transcend into Absolute Dissolution”
This was one of the last songs written for the record, and another fave from the dark doom riffs written by John. Takes me back to the Mortal Throne… record a bit.

Mid-paced and some atmospheric parts here. Reminds me of the ever-rolling abyss. When it was time to do my solo I thought what would Gino Marino (Incubus (FL)/Nocturnus) do? Chaotic demon screaming leads indeed! And I think it came out well.

“Vanquish in Vengeance”
Chuck came up with the first riff. A very unorthodox pattern and very Incantation. Also I really like the solos me and John did on this. The first solo is done by me and the ending one by John. This was one of those songs Frankenstiened by John. Riffs all written by the three of us, and arranged by John—another sadistic, ripping track!

“Profound Loathing”
The first song written for the album; as we were ending our last rehearsal for an upcoming European Tour, John came up with some of these riffs. We just started jamming on the vibes of the riffs. It was the start of the inspiration for the record. I had to redo my guitar solos about six times for “Profound…”. Kyle [Severn, drums] kept brutally shutting me down on every solo I did. I just could not get capture the vibe. Finally, after much stress it just happened, and i thank Kyle for that; sometimes you just need to be pushed to get the best performance out of you.

“The Hellions Genesis”
Another musical collaboration between John, Chuck and myself for the riffs, the song was originally inspired by Chuck’s intro bassline. This has a lot of mid-paced black doom to sadistic speed!

“From Hollow Sands”
Another song that came together very easily and quickly. Musically, it was written by myself and Chuck—very short and to the point, pure death metal! And it has some great lyrics and vocal lines by John.

“Legion of Dis”
At the moment, this is my favorite track on the record. The music was originally written by John as a musical interlude that was about two to three minutes long. But that all changed once we got into the studio; it turned into 12 minutes. This was all recorded live and directed by Kyle. Chuck penned the words inspired by the wraith of God Dis. The song leaves you with visions of doom and darkness, no hope! A perfect ending.

STREAMING: De Magia Veterum “The Deification”

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Maurice de Jong (aka ‘M’ or ‘Mories’) must’ve lived a tortured life or have continually horrific dreams, ’cause his musical output is absolutely disconcerting. I would point to his insanely prolific (and celebrated) outfit Gnaw Their Tongues (or Cloak of Altering), but this time it’s his near-decade old project De Magia Veterum, an industrial-powered, chaos-inclined black metal-ish machine. Having been birthed in 2003, De Magia Veterum is from de Jong’s other mind—he seemingly has more than one—but is nonetheless connected both in theme and approach. Whereas “bands” like Thorns or Mysticum come off as cold and calculating, de Jong’s musical output is (sort of) real and unhinged. Like a beast plugged into Hell’s outlet, pulsating, frothing and electric with malign intent.

With four full-lengths, the most recent of which is the saturnine The Deification, De Magia Veterum isn’t “music” for commuting to work or a pre-meeting hype-up. It’s intense, almost nonsensical. Entropy for losing one’s collective shit or delving deep into personal calm waters. In fact, even for the most metal (or sonically intrepid) among us, De Magia Veterum’s The Deification will get a Bolt Thrower-played-for-grandma response, for it has no true relational center.

Normally, Mondays are for soaring, inspirational sounds, but not today. No, sirs. De Magia Veterum is about to disrupt your precious little Ki. To take the comfort out of your blindingly banal routine.

** De Magia Veterum’s new album, The Deification, is out now on Transcendental Creations. It’s available HERE. Or you can try to get the In Slaughter Natives discography on eBay, which might cost you an arm, a leg, and your first born rugrat.

For Those About to Squawk: Waldo’s Pecks of the Week

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ftays nov

You know, it’s that time of year. I can’t do a Thanksgiving-themed blog because I’d get really sick of the turkey references and have to punch myself in the beak.

INCANTATION are back after six years with Vanquish in Vengeance. It’s brutal, it’s death metal, it’s heavy, there are picked riffs that go into heavier parts, the vocals are raspy and tough, and there are solos. Never one to give into trends, they have been plying their trade for 20 years now. This is pretty good; you know, nothing crazy. You’re certainly not going to be blown away, and fans of this will dig it. The production is even halfway decent, as every instrument is clear and distinct, although there’s something in the production that takes a lot of the bite out of this. This is death metal to a “tion,” that’s for sure, and this is not Onward to Golgotha, but fair. 6 FUCKING PECKS.

Another band that’s back at it, SINISTER, hailing from the Netherlands, has been around for 20 years, and like the aforementioned Incantation, their sound and vibe hasn’t changed much. There are blasts, some melodic death riffs and guttural vocals. The Carnage Ending is cool–again, not awesome. It kind of get same-y after a little, and one kind of wonders why they’re bothering at all. It’s definitely not the Sinister of old; the riffs, while good, don’t really sink in and grab you, and come across as bland after a couple of listens. Do yourself a favor and listen to Cross the Styx. This is a little more thrashy and less “brootal” than any American counterpart, but very much a death metal record. 5 FUCKING PECKS.

Let’s stay in the same vein here, SACRED REICH, the Arizona thrashers of yore, release Live at Wacken. Always coming across as a fourth-tier thrash band, this DVD/CD proves it. The riffs are staler than can be, and the energy level is almost nonexistent. I mean, who wants to sit through an entire set just to hear “Surf Nicaragua”? They never really were a terribly exciting band, and had some good songs, but really, c’mon.
Apparently original drummer Dave McClain, now of Machine Head, stated “My kids need their dad more than the fans need a new Sacred Reich record,” and he’s right. This type of thing is what bands do when they get back together, play a festival or two and want to milk the last remaining pennies out of the metal community. 3 FUCKING PECKS.

CONVERGE to Headline Decibel’s 100th Issue Celebration Show!

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After much fevered online speculation, we’re finally ready to announce the headliner of Decibel‘s highly-anticipated 100th Issue Celebration Show! Four-time cover stars, Hall of Fame inductees for 2001 classic Jane Doe and constant presence in our Top 40 Albums of the Year feature any time they release an album, the mighty Converge will join Pig Destroyer, Municipal Waste, Repulsion, Tombs and Evoken at Philadelphia’s Union Transfer for this incredible one-off show on January 19.

Tickets for the 100th Issue Celebration Show are going fast, but for now are still available here, cheap, fast and easy. Remember that every attendee will receive a free, exclusive  Pig Destroyer flexi disc, which will not appear in the magazine.