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For Those About to Squawk: Waldo’s Pecks of the Week

By: andrew Posted in: a fucking parrot previewing new releases, featured On: Friday, July 29th, 2011

waldo 7 29

Every other Friday, Waldo the African Grey Parrot, frontbird of thrash-grind immortals Hatebeak, will get you caught up on the week’s latest “extreme” releases. Que pasa? Your boy Waldo here, telling you about THE BEST—and I mean THE BEST—upcoming releases this next couple of weeks. Everyone that’s a fan of the old-school should check out BEHERIT’s At the Devil’s Studio. ...

Something for the weekend: Vastum’s sexy NWOSDM Q&A, The Redux

By: jonathan.horsley Posted in: featured, interviews On: Friday, July 29th, 2011


Until interviewing Bay Area old-school nasties Vastum for dB #82, I thought metal's attitude to man's carnal desires extended just to the more is more philosophy of take it when you can get it, and like Skid Row's Sebastian Bach was probably right when he said that sex addiction is one of the healthier addictions, with the caveat, "Unless you're like fucking a light socket or something!" Hey, ...

Interview: Ides of Gemini

By: kevin.stewart-panko Posted in: featured, interviews On: Thursday, July 28th, 2011


For years and years, we’ve heard bands and musicians who’ve had their work slighted and slammed by the press defensively proclaim that so-and-so journalist should have his/her opinion taken with a grain of salt, or discounted entirely, because they’re not musicians themselves. That metal’s press corps should actually shut their pie-holes because they’re able to write coherent sentences ...

Wine Up – Beer Down

By: frank.lemke Posted in: featured, liver failure, stupid crap, uncategorized On: Thursday, July 28th, 2011


Alright, enough with the PBR and Bud already. It’s a bit juvenile to still be drinking beers like your in high school. Are you having another TV party tonight or what? You can still hit your wife with a chalice, so maybe it’s time to grow up some and sophisticate yourself with a nice bottle of merlot. (I like to pronounce the ‘T’ at the end. It’s less pretentious that way.) ...

Celebrate Jared Southwick’s Life in Indy, Sept. 3rd

By: shane.mehling Posted in: featured, listen On: Wednesday, July 27th, 2011


As with many artists, Jared Southwick's passing has been a tragedy both emotionally and financially. His family are not only dealing with the loss of a loved one, but shouldering the burden of unpaid medical expenses. So Saturday, Sept. 3rd, Jared's friends and fans have put together an amazing show to further pay tribute to him and aid the Southwicks. From Bob Fouts: "just in case people are ...

Dave Matrise’s (Jungle Rot) Top 5 Best Things About Wisconsin

By: Chris D. Posted in: featured, lists On: Wednesday, July 27th, 2011


5. Summerfest Summerfest: Biggest Outdoor Music Festival that is held in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. The Fest brings in over 100,000 people in a day. It has many types of music playing every day, with over 100 stages. It brings in all the heavyweights from metal to country, even R&B and hip-hop. Summerfest has something for everyone to see... And hear. 4. Winter Snowmobiling Winter time ...

Don’t Mess With Leslie West

By: adem Posted in: featured, heavy tuesdays, tours On: Tuesday, July 26th, 2011


Leslie West will never be known as the "Eric Bedard of heavy rock." The former Mountain guitarist/vocalist, who's now well into his 60s, is apparently un-fucking-stoppable. Mere weeks ago the brother, who is diabetic, had to have emergency surgery to amputate one of his legs just below the knee. For most 60-something guitarists that would spell the end of the line. Guitar-hero career over, right? ...

River Runs (Lipstick) Red: Marissa Martinez on the Path Keith-Mina Caputo Need Not Walk Alone

By: Shawn Macomber Posted in: featured, gnarly one-offs, interviews On: Tuesday, July 26th, 2011


So after managing to squeeze out only one record since reuniting nine years ago -- the massively underrated Broken Valley -- Life of Agony is apparently disbanding, sadly, and Keith Caputo has seized upon the opportunity of the band's farewell tour to brashly announce her most controversial transition since briefly morphing into Whitfield Crane during the late Nineties: A gender reassignment from ...

Kings of Comedy: Gentlemans Pistols’ guide to British sitcoms.

By: jonathan.horsley Posted in: featured, interviews, uncategorized On: Monday, July 25th, 2011

Gentlemans Pistols 01

Avowed rock atavists Gentlemans Pistols aren't the sort of chaps to limit their appreciation of British pop culture to the pressed rat and warthog of '60s/'70s classic rock. Catching up with vocalist/guitarist James Atkinson and drummer Stuart Dobbins after they've had a post-festival night battering the ale seemed as good a time as any to tell the Deciblog about their love of British comedy. ...

24-Hour Contest: Learning to Beer with Metallica in N.Y.C.

By: jeanne.fury Posted in: contest, featured, liver failure On: Monday, July 25th, 2011


If metal was a mother, beer would replace breast milk. The folks at esteemed N.Y.C. drinking establishment Idle Hands Bar in the fragrant East Village neighborhood know this very well. (Do your beer gut a favor, and follow them @IdleHandsBar.) They're teaming up with the brewmasters at Harpoon and Speakeasy to bring you Learning to Beer with Metallica. Beers will be paired with songs from Ride ...